Faculty MicroLecture Series Videos

2012 Complete MicroLectre


Past MicroLectures by Discipline (2 minutes each)

Natural plan growth regulators in berry crops or how to manipulate plants - Tom Baumann

Maternal Influences on Offspring Behaviour - Greg Schmaltz

Business Administration
Colleges and universities: How do we tell them apart? - Fiona McQuarrie

Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies
Race-making in the cooridors of academia - Satwinder Bains

Increasing the participation of marginalized cultural groups in the Abbotsford community dialogues: Applying the 9P Planning model - Marcella LaFever

Old Systems, New Challenges: Youth Justice in Vietnam - Terry Waterhouse
Marijuana Grow Operations - Darryl Plecas
Homicide Recidivism in Canada - Jesse Cale
Domestic Violence: Differentiating Partner From Family-Based Events - Amanda McCormick
Extra judicial measures through diversion: It's the law! - Annette Vogt
Program participants' perceptions of BCLC's coluntary self-exclusion program: Results of a longitudinal study - Amanda McCormick

Early Childhood Ecudation
Enhancing Education Outcomes With Foster Children - Maple Melder-Crozier

Immigration and Trade Links in Canada - Ding Lu
Sovereigh Debt - Is Greece the First Domino to Fall? - Vladimir Dvoracek

Canadian Children and the First World War - Susan Fisher
Joel Barlow's Poetry of History - Helene Littmann
Right Writing? A Naming and Frequency Study of Valued Features - Nadeane Trowse
New Sensibilities in World Literature: Our Pacific Northwest & South Asia - Trevor Carolan
Trade, Travel & Translation: Southeast Asia in the Early Modern English Imagination - Melissa Walter
Signs of change - What linguists could learn from biology - Jamin Pelkey
Heores in limbo: A comparative study of the heroic action and inaction in the Greek epic: The Illiad and the Sanskirt Epic The Mahabharata - Rajnish Dhawan

Geography Matters: The Example of Maps and Land Claims - Ken Brealey
Inquiry-based Learning Within a Paleoecological Research Program - Jonathan Hughes
Healthcare is Child's Play - Garry Fehr
Climatology in today's world - Lionel Pandolfo
Modeling the impact of land cover change on water quality in the Fraser Valley using GIS - Scott Shupe

Imagining War: Cultural Constructs of Comba - Chris Leach
British Columbia's War, 1939-1945 - Scott Sheffield

Indo-Canadian Studies
There is a Canadian Diaspora in India. Eh? - Satwinder Bains

Kinesiology and Physical Education
Exercise and the Brain: Does it Make a Difference? - Michael Gaetz
What is Movement? - Graham Fletcher

Mathetmatics and Statistics
Distributional integrals- Erik Talvila

Philosophy and Political Science
Depression Doesn't Cause You to Feel Bad: The Confusion of Cause and Effect in Mental Disorders - Peter Raabe
The Privy Coucil, The Constitution, and the Politics of Judicial Review - Hamish Telford

Personality and Facebook Use - Ron Laye

Social Work & Human Services
Representations of Aboriginal People in the News- Robert Harding
Service Learning for the University - Adrienne Chan
H1N1 pandemic planning and response of field education programs: The experience of Social Work field coordinators in Canada - Lucki Kang
Intergenerational experiences in Aboriginal education: My family - Gwen Point

Teacher Education
Assessment as, for, and of learning: Student teachers empowered to maximize student success- Sheryl Macmath

Visual Arts
From Page to Screen: The Emerging Phenomenon of Videopoetry - Tom Konyves
Remote Garden - David Floren
Thinking Images - Kenneth Newby

Writing Centre
Genre theory as it predicts the success or failutre of genre usage - Nadeane Trowse

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