Department Research Ethics Committee (DREC)

Terms of Reference

Definition and Scope

All student‐directed undergraduate research proposals that qualify as research as defined in the UFV Research Ethics Policy #54 must be subjected to the review of a standing Departmental Research Ethics Committee (DREC).

See Policy #54

  • Section 1 B(1) Article 1.2 b.
  • Section D(1.1) c.


The composition of the DREC is at the discretion of the department, so long as:

  • the department maintains a written policy for the composition and procedures of its DREC and  provides copies of same to the UFV REB
  • the DREC includes at least three members, at least one of whom must have experience in research and ethical review of research proposals, or in the alternate is able to consult with the UFV REB in setting general guidelines or handling contentious decisions
  • the DREC review decision is made by a committee of at least two members of the DREC, but does not include the instructor of the course under consideration
  • in the event that the department cannot provide at least two members over and above the instructor of the course under consideration, then it must enlist a member from another DREC

Research Evaluation Procedures

Departmental procedures may vary to suit any needs unique to the relevant department so long as the DREC makes provision for:

  • students obtaining informed consent from all research participants
  • students providing adequate protection of all participants with regards to privacy and confidentiality
  • students fully informing their subjects if the data are to be made public,
  • securing of all consent forms and information gathered for three years, or any other period of time that may be required as a matter of law, whichever is the greater
  • ensuring that any and all research conducted by, for, or in the department, and involving human subjects be subjected to ethical review

Record Keeping

DRECs must provide the Chair of the REB with the following documentation for approval prior to data collection:

  • minutes of the face‐to‐face DREC meeting or complete email thread of electronic meeting
  • complete Student Request for Ethical Review and all supporting documents (consent form, checklist for minimal risk, agreement letters, etc.)
  • recommendation of approval to the REB
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