Human Research Ethics Board

Meeting Dates 2013/14

Meetings are at 4 p.m. Thursday Week 4 of the UFV meeting schedule.
NOTE: Starting April 2014, submissions are now due at 12 noon on the Monday the week before the meeting.

Meeting Date 2013LocationItem Submission Deadline
August 29 (optional) C124 August 21
September 26    B133 September 18
October 24 B133 October 16
November 21 B133    November 13
December 12* B121 December 4*
Meeting Date 2014LocationItem Submission Deadline
January 30 B133 January 22
February 27 B133 February 19
March 27 B133    March 19
April 24 B133 Mon April 14
May 22 B133 Mon May 12
June 19 B133 Mon June 9
Aug 28 A225 Mon Aug 18

*The December meeting is scheduled one week earlier due to Christams holidays.

Requests for ethical review must be received by the Human Research Ethics Board ( by noon on Wednesday, one week prior to the meeting.

Researchers will be invited to attend a portion of the meeting in order to answer questions or concerns as this facilitates the approval process.

Important Note: Not all protocols need to go through a full HREB review. Please submit your project to at any time and the Chair and Vice-Chair will determine if it can be delegated. If you plan to have a course reviewed, please submit it as early as possible to ensure it is ready for the coming semester.

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