Luanne Yellowfly

Contact Information

Luanne Yellowfly, BA, (Calgary); MA, (UBC)

Anthropology/Sociology Instructor

Office: A3455 CEP Campus, D3061 Abbotsford Campus


Telephone: 604 - 504 -7441, local 2436 (Chilliwack); 4257 (Abbotsford)

Areas of Interest

  • Worldviews on environment and human relationships with nature
  • Human relationships with animals ant the social role of animals in human societies
  • local Aboriginal affairs

Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • ANTH 211 Aboriginal Peoples in BC: Contemporary Issues
  • ANTH 268 Culture and Environment
  • ANTH/LAS/SOC 388  Minority Indigenous People of the World
  • ANTH/SOC 468 Environment and Society
  • SOC 101 Introductory Sociology
  • SOC 210 Social Problems of Canadian Society
  • SOC 289 Sociology of Animals in Western Society

Brief Biography

Luanne was born and raised in Chilliwack... local kid. She started teaching at UCFV in the mid 1970's after becoming a single parent, at that time UCFV was still Fraser Valley College. In the early 90's Luanne started to work again in the local Sto:lo community.

In her other life she says she would prefer to be with horses: "They usually listen a lot better"


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