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2008/09 new and revised courses submitted to UPAC 
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Programs list 2008/09

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Course      DescriptionUPACA1UPACStatus
MUSC 204new music course05/08/09 See 2009/10 list
MUSC 203new music course05/08/09 See 2009/10 list
ECON 410change of credits05/08/09 See 2009/10 list
ECON 398course review/change of credits05/08/09 See 2009/10 list
ECON 397change of credits05/08/09 See 2009/10 list
ECON 202replaces ECON 10205/08/09 See 2009/10 list
ECON 1004-yr course review05/08/09 See 2009/10 list
CMNS/JRNL 300new x-listed course: Advanced Practice of Journalism05/08/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 100Remove statement: Students w BUS 102 cannot take BUS 100 or BUS 202 for further credit05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 143Remove Math requirements05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 144Prerequisite: BUS 143. Remove Math course reqs and BUS 162 recommendation05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 145Remove course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 160Computerized business applications and MIS requirement.05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 162Prerequisites: MATH 140 addition to requirement option list05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 202Business experience not required-remove recommendation to take BUS 10005/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 203BUS dept permission not required05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 221Remove course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 223Prerequisite: BUS 12005/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 224Prerequisite: BUS 12005/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 227Prerequisite: BUS 120, (BUS 160 or CIS 110), BUS 144 or 145, BUS 162, BUS 100, CMNS 12505/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 245Prerequisite change: remove 15 credit requirement05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 247Remove BUS 144 or 145 w C+ or better and (BUS 160 or CIS 110); C+ or better in Math 12 or Applications of Mathematics 12, or MATH 109 w B or better05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 305Open to all students05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 307Prerequisite: BUS 20305/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 308Prerequisite: BUS 30405/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 309Prerequisite: BUS 20105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 314Prerequisite: BUS 201 (remove BUS 304)05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 320Prerequisites: BUS 120 and BUS 30105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 324Prerequisites: BUS 120, BUS 221; and BUS 223 or BUS 22405/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 325Prerequisites: BUS 120; one of BUS 221, 223, 224, CIS 145, or CIS 14605/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 326Prerequisite change to: BUS 120, 162, and 24705/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 327Prerequisite change: open to all students05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 338Remove acceptance to BBA or Accounting certif requirement05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 346Open to all students05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 347Open to all students05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 349Prerequisite changes to: BUS 162, 144, and 30105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 350Prerequisite change: from  MATH 115 and 106 to  MATH 141 and MATH 10605/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 370Pre- or Co-requisite: BUS 201 or BUS 20305/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 390FRemove course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 390JRemove cuorse05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 390KPrerequisite change: add BUS 22105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 400Prerequisite change: Remove BBA/BBA Aviation acceptance requirement05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 403Prerequisite change: BUS 349. Remove BBA /BBA Aviation acceptance requirement05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 406Prerequisite change:  BUS 20105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 407Prerequisite change: BUS 04 /Acceptance into BBA05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 408Prerequisite changes: BUS 203 OR pre- or co-requisite BUS 408. Acceptance into BBA05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 410Remove Administration degree (?)05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 415Prerequisite change:  BUS 227. Add or BBA Aviation05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 416Prerequisite change:  BUS 20105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 417Prerequisite change:  BUS 20105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 418Prerequisite change:  BUS 20105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 419Prerequisite change:  BUS 20105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 420Add BUS 261 as requirement05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 423Prerequisite change: BUS 320 recommended05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 425Prerequisite change: add BUS 321 & 327 as requirements05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 430Remove 4th yr reference05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 433Prerequisite change:  BUS 30105/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 434Prerequisite change: remove BUS 301 requirement05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 435Prerequisite change: remove BUS 301 requirement05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 443Prerequisite change: Open to all students05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 449Prerequisite change  BUS 301 05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 450Remove course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 451Remove course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 452Remove course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 453Remove course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 463Prerequisite change: Open to all students05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 470Prerequisite change: Open to all students. Remove 4th-yr reference05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BUS 492Prerequisite change: Open to all students05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
MAND 210New course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
ENGL 317New special topics course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
PHIL 300New course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
BIO 326New course05/01/09 See 2009/10 list
CMNS 375 (replaces CMNS 275)Course number change05/01/09See 2009/10 list
AH 321 (currently AH 320d)New course: Canada, Contact Zone04/24/09 
See 2009/10 list
AH 312New course: Studies in Baroque Art & Architecture04/24/09 
See 2009/10 list
AH 311Prereq/description change04/24/09 
See 2009/10 list
AH 310New course: Studies in Medieval Art04/24/09 
See 2009/10 list
LAS 206 (was LAS 201)
x-list w SCMS 206
course changes: Politics in Art in Latin America04/24/0905/22/09
SCMS 206 (x-list w LAS 206)new course04/24/0905/22/09Published
SCMS 300New course: Eating & Thinking: Food in Global Society04/24/09 
See 2009/10 list
SCMS 375    New course (Picturing India)04/24/09   
See 2009/10 list
SCMS 325Prerequisite change04/24/09   
See 2009/10 list
BIO 499New course04/03/09 See 2009/10 list
BIO 497New course04/03/09 See 2009/10 list
BIO 409Course changes04/03/09 See 2009/10 list
BIO 408Coure changes04/03/09 See 2009/10 list
BIO 307Prerequisite change04/03/09 See 2009/10 list
BIO 210Prerequisite change04/03/09 See 2009/10 list
ENGL 216New course04/03/09 See 2009/10 list
ENGL 099Prerequisite change04/03/0905/22/09Published
ENGL 071/081/091Prerequisite changes04/03/0904/27/09Published
ANTH 250New course: Language and Culture03/27/09 See 2009/10 list
MATH 4884-yr rev w changes03/27/09 See 2009/10 list
MATH 3504-yr rev w changes03/27/09 See 2009/10 list
MATH 330        4-yr rev w changes03/27/09 See 2009/10 list
GDS 311/GEOG 398New cross-listed courses-International Internship03/27/0904/24/09Published
BUS 405New course-Business simulation03/27/0904/24/09Published
CAP 140discontinue03/13/0904/24/09Published
CAP 120discontinue03/13/0904/24/09Published
MATH 072discontinue03/13/0904/24/09Published
MATH 061discontinue03/13/0904/24/09Published
MATH 051discontinue03/13/0904/24/09Published
CMNS 251, 312, 325, 345, 351prerequisite change02/27/0904/24/09Published
CMNS 365New course-Grant & Proposal Writing02/27/0904/24/09Published
CMNS 360Course name and content changes02/27/0904/24/09Published
HCA 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 120, 130, 131, and 132course code change02/27/0903/27/09Published
BIO 2034-yr rev w changes02/20/0905/22/09Published
MAND 302New course02/20/0904/24/09Published
MAND 301New course02/20/0904/24/09Published
JAPN 302New course02/20/0904/24/09Published
JAPN 301New course02/20/0904/24/09Published
CMNS 115Prerequisite change02/13/0902/27/09Published
CMNS 125Prerequisite change02/13/0902/27/09Published
CMNS 155Prerequisite change02/13/0902/27/09Published
CMNS 165Prerequisite change02/13/0902/27/09Published
CMNS 175Prerequisite change02/13/0902/27/09Published
ENGL 105Prerequisite change02/13/0902/27/09Published
NURS 1034-yr review w changes02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 106New course02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 1204-yr review w changes02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 2034-yr review w changes02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 2054-yr review w changes02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 2064-yr review w changes02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 220New course02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 3034-yr review w changes02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 3064-yr review w changes02/13/0904/24/09Published
NURS 4034-yr review w changes02/13/0904/24/09Published
RLST 380New course: Religion, Nature & Science02/13/0904/24/09Published
MATH 052
(replaces MATH 051)
New course: Fundamental Mathematics I02/06/0903/27/09Published
MATH 053
(replaces MATH 051)
New course: Fundamental Mathematics II02/06/0903/27/09Published
MATH 062(replaces MATH 061)New course: Fundamental Mathematics III 02/06/0903/27/09Published
MATH 063 (replaces MATH 061)New course: Fundamental Mathematics IV02/06/0903/27/09Published
MATH 075 (repalces MATH 072)New course:
Intermediatel Mathematics I 
MATH 076 (replaces MATH 072)New course:
Intermediate Mathematics II
MATH 270course changes02/13/0905/22/09Published
MATH 141New Course: Calculus for Business02/06/0903/27/09Published
MATH 140New Course: Algebra & Functions for Business02/06/0903/27/09Published
BUS 314Remove BUS 304 as prereq01/30/0904/24/09Published
BUS 406Remove BUS 304 as prereq01/30/0904/24/09Published
BUS 416Remove BUS 304 as prereq01/30/09   Published
CYC 101 (replaces CYC 201)Course number change & new prereq to program01/30/0904/24/09Published
CYC 202New course: Aboriginal Perspective of CYC Practice01/30/0904/24/09Published
CYC 302New course: Child and Youth Perspectives on Mental Health and substane Misuse01/30/0904/24/09Published
CYC 402New course: Community & Interdisciplinary Relationships in CYC01/30/0904/24/09Published
CYC 310A/CYC310BCredit allocation change to practicum01/30/0904/24/09Published
CYC 410A/CYC410BCredit allocation change to practicum01/30/0904/24/09Published
212 & 121
Change course number to AGRI 212/name change
discontinue 121
AGRI 124Change contact hours/amend learning outcomes01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 254 & 134 Change course number to AGRI 254
discontinue 134
AGRI 256 & 139 Change course number to AGRI 256
discontinue 139
AGRI 204 & 153 Change course number to AGRI 204
discontinue 153
AGRI 211 (now 311)Discontinue01/30/0902/27/09Pubilshed
AGRI 311New course: Sustainable Soil Management01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 222 (now 321Discontinue01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 321New course: Dairy Production & Management: Science and Practice01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 223 (now 323)Discontinue01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 323New course: Fruit Crop Production: Science and Practice01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 224 (now 324)Discontinue01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 324New course: Greenhouse Production: Science and Practice01/30/0902/27/09Pubilshed
AGRI 227 (now 327)Discontinue01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 327New course: Nursery Production & Propagation: Science and Practice01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 228 (now 328)Discontinue01/30/0902/27/09Pubilshed
AGRI 328New course: Forage Crop Production: Science and Practice01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 231 (now 331)Discontinue01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 331New course: Dairy Production & Management: Science and Practice01/30/0902/27/09Published
AGRI 371 & 271New course  371
discontinue 271
SOWK 404Addition of word in description01/23/0903/27/09Published
SOWK 491Prerequisite change01/23/09 See 2009/10 list
SOWK 311Prerequisite change01/23/09 See 2009/10 list
GEOG 116New course: Introduction to Geology01/23/0903/27/09Published
GEOG 396*
cross-listed w GDS 310
New x-listed courses: Global Development Studies: Canada Internship01/16/0904/24/09Published
GDS 310*
cross-listed w GEOG 396
New x-listed courses: Global Development Studies: Canada Internship01/16/0904/24/09Published
ENGL 401New course: Rhetoric and Democracy in the English Speaking World01/09/0902/27/09Published
ENGL 108New course: Introduction to Literature01/09/0903/27/09Published
BUS 464New course01/09/0902/27/09Published
BUS 462      4-yr review w changes01/09/09 See 2009/10 list
FILM 366/
VA 366
New course: Documentary Video Production19/12/0805/22/09See 2009/10 list
CRIM 3354-yr review w changes12/19/08 See 2009/10 list
CRIM 3304-yr review w changes12/19/08 See 2009/10 list
CRIM 3204-yr review w changes12/19/08 See 2009/10 list
CRIM 3114-yr review w changes19/12/08 See 2009/10 list
CRIM 3104-yr review w changes12/19/08 See 2009/10 list
PHYS 3254-yr review w changes12/19/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 1314-yr review19/12/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 2334-yr review12/19/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 2424-yr review12/19/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 4704-yr review12/19/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 4804-yr review12/19/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 4824-yr review12/19/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 4834-yr review12/19/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 4844-yr review12/19/0802/27/09Published
GEOG 2704-yr review w changes12/19/0802/27/09Published
ENGL 331New course: Victorian Poetry & Poetic Theory12/05/0802/27/09Published
CHEM 110    4-yr review w changes12/05/0801/30/09Published
CHEM 114  4-yr review w changes12/05/0802/27/09Published
BIO 201Prerequisite change12/05/0802/27/09Published
BIO 325Pre/corequisite change12/05/0805/22/09Published
History 400 coursesPrerequisite wording change to all 400 level courses12/05/0801/30/09Published
HIST 2414-yr review w changes12/05/0801/30/09Published
HIST 412New Course: Louis XIV & his Court at Versailles12/05/0802/27/09Published
MACS 221Course changes12/05/0812/19/08Published
CMNS 155Course changes incl. title11/28/0812/19/08Published
BIO 422New course: Special Topics in Biology11/28/08 Withdrawn
ECP 065New course: Workplace Success & Oral communications11/28/0812/19/08Published
ECP 066New course: Workplace Numeracy & Problem Solving11/28/08  12/19/08Published
ECP 067New course: Workplace Reading & Document Use11/28/08  12/19/08Published
ECP 068New course: Workplace Computer Use & Writing Skills (UUP)11/28/08  12/19/08Published
ECP 069New course: Introduction to Portfolio Development 7 Lifelong Learning (UUP)11/28/08  12/19/08Published
ANTH 112Change to 2nd-year course: ANTH 21111/21/0801/30/09Published
ECE 242Revisions11/14/0801/30/09Published
HIST 242Four-year course review11/07/0801/30/09Published
HIST 314Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 340Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 381Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 396Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 397Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 398Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 399Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIS 415Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 430Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 454Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 456Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 464Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 486Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 487Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 489Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 490Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
HIST 499Four-year course review11/07/0812/19/08Published
CMNS 212/
MACS 212
Title and prerequisite changes10/31/0812/19/08Published
BIO 403Course changes: credits and total hours10/31/0801/31/09Published
MACS 212/
CMNS 212
Title and prerequisite changes10/31/08 Published
CRIM 281Four-year review: Course - Field Work Practicum10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 250Four-year review: Course - Customs and Immigration Law10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 230Four-year review: Course - Criminal Law10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 220Four-year reivew: Course - Research Methods in Criminology10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 214Four-year review: Course - Selected Topics10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 213New Course - Directed Studies10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 212Four-year review: Course - Women, Crime, and Criminal Justice10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 211Four-year review: Course - Indigenous Peoples, Crime, and Criminal Justice10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 210Four-year review: Course - Youth Crime and the Youth Justice System in Canada10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 203Four-year review: Course - Peace Officer Use of Force10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 202New Course - Physical Fitness Training II10/24/0804/24/09Published
CRIM 201New Course - Physical Fitness Training I10/24/0804/24/09Published
PSYC 305, 306, 343, 351, 355, 357, 360, 367, 370, 375, 383, 385, 386Prerequisite amendement (KPE 301)10/24/0811/21/08Published
GEOG 454New course: Geospatial Data Analysis and Modeling10/24/08 See 2009/10 list
PHYS 083Course: Preparatory  College Physics 110/31/0802/27/09Published
PNUR 111Course: Healing II content change10/17/08 Published
PNUR 110    Course: Health II content change10/17/08 Published
GEOG 250    New course: Introduction to geographic techniques02/22/0804/25/08Published
FD 384Course level change: Advanced Pattern Drafting II10/10/0811/21/08Published
FD 382Course level change: Advanced Construction II10/10/0811/21/08Published
FD 364Course level change: Collection and Portfolio Development10/10/0811/21/08Pubilshed
FD 396New course: Advanced Surface Design10/10/0811/21/08Published
FD 397New course: Advance Machine Knitting10/10/0811/21/08Published
FD 398New course: Advanced Weaving10/10/0811/21/08Published
FD 320New course: Fashion and Culture10/10/0811/21/08Published
FD 371Course revision: Surface Design II10/10/0811/21/08Published
FD 290Prerequisite change10/10/0812/19/08Published
ENGL 170Prerequisite change10/10/0812/09/08Pubilshed
ENGL 150Prerequisite change10/10/0812/09/08Published
ENGL 130Prerequisite change10/10/0812/19/08Published
ENGL 120Prerequisite change10/10/0812/19/08Published
ENGL 115Prerequisite change10/10/0811/21/08Published
ENGL 109Prerequisite change10/10/0811/21/08Published
ENGL 382Course change: description/textbook list10/10/0801/31/09Published
ENGL 380Course change: description10/10/0801/30/09Published
ENGL 245Course changes: title and description10/10/0801/30/09Published
ENGL 321New course: From Enlightenment to Romanticism10/10/0801/30/09Published
MATH 125Prerequisite change10/10/0812/19/08Published
MATH 106Prerequisite change10/10/0812/19/08Published
BIO 415Prerequisite change10/10/0812/19/08Published
JRNL 235/
MACS 235
New course: Introduction to Journalism in Canada10/03/08  12/19/08Published
MACS 230Course name change: MACS 230: Cultural Industries in Canada (formerly Introduction to Communication Media)10/03/0812/19/08Published
PHYS 111Pre/Co- requisite change09/26/0811/21/08Published
GEOG 340New course: Geographies of Poverty and Development09/26/0811/21/08Published
CRIM 1514-year review, with changes09/26/2801/30/09Published
CRIM 1294-year review, with changes09/26/2801/30/09Published
CRIM 1054-year review, with changes09/26/2801/30/09Published
CRIM 1044-year review, with changes09/26/2801/30/09Published
CRIM 1034-year review, with changes09/26/2801/30/09Published
CRIM 101    4-year review, with changes09/26/2801/30/09Published
CRIM 1004-year review, with changes09/26/0801/30/09Published
PRLG 250New course: Paralegal Practicum10/10/0811/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 240 (formerly PARA RES02)New course: Legal Research and Writing II09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 235 (formerly PARA TORT2)New course: Torts II09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 230 (formerly PARA RES01)New course: Legal Research and Writing I09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 225 (formerly PARA LITG2)New course: Litigation II and its Alternatives09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 220 (formerly PARA CON02)New course: Contracts II09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 215 (formerly PARA ADM01)    New course: Administrative Law09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 210 (formerly PARA TORT1)New course: Torts I09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 205 (formerly PARA INS01)New course: Insurance Law09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 200 (formerly PARA LITG1)  New course: Litigation I09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 155 (formerly PARA CORP1)New course: Corporate and Commercial Law09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 150 (formerly PARA CON01)New course: Contracts I09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 145 (formerly PARA CRIM2New course: Criminal Law and Procedures II09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 140 (formerly PARA PROP1)New course: Property Law09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 135 (formerly PARA WILL1)New course: Wills and the Probate Administrative Process09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 130 (formerly PARA IPR01)   New course: Intellectual Property Law09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 125 (formerly PARA CRIM1    New course: Criminal Law and Procedures I09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 120 (formerly PARA FLAW1)New course: Family Law09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 115 (formerly PARA EV01)New course: Evidence09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 110 (formerly PARA IT01)    New course: Information Technology and the Legal System09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 105 (formerly PARA OFC01)New course: Legal Office Procedures    09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
PRLG 100 (formerly PARA INT01)New Course: Introduction to Law    09/19/08
11/21/08See 2009/10 list
TRD CAD04Course discontinued09/12/08 See 2009/10 list
TRD CAD03Change to course hours09/12/08 See 2009/10 list
TRD CAD02Change to course hours09/12/08 See 2009/10 list
TRD CAD01Change to course hours09/12/08 See 2009/10 list
HIST 4844-year review09/12/0811/21/08Published
HIST 2644-year review09/12/0811/21/08Published
HIST 1024-year review09/12/0811/21/08Published
IPK 277New course: Indigenous Art: Stories and Protocols09/12/0809/26/06Published
GEOG 421New course: Borderlands08/15/0811/21/08Published
KPE 481New course: Applied Ethics for Allied Health and Human Performance Professionals07/11/0811/21/08Published
KPE 461New course: Vitamins and Minerals: Applications to Sport and Disease07/11/0811/21/08Published
KPE 460Course review07/11/0811/21/08Published
KPE 360Change to prerequisites; course review07/11/0811/21/08Published
FD 345New course: Textile Traditions of Indigenous Peoples in Canada06/20/0808/25/08Published
AGRI 103Change to pre/co-requisites04/18/0805/23/08Withdrawn
COMP 256Change to prerequisites03/28/0804/25/08Published
COMP 155Change to prerequisites03/28/0804/25/08Published
COMP 150Addition of note Re: equvialency to COMP 15203/28/0804/25/08Published
JRNL 300 /
CMNS 300
New course: Introduction to the Practice of Journalism (cross-listed)03/28/08
FD 180Revisions03/07/0805/23/08Published
GEOG 402Change to prerequisites; revisons02/08/0811/21/08Published
ECE 282Revisons - note; was actually new course02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 281Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 269Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 260Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 243Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 224Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 223Revisions02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 213Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 160Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 132Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 130Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 125Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 124
 (1 of 2)
ECE 124
 (2 of 2)
Four-year review10/31/0801/30/08Published
ECE 123
(1 of 2)
ECE 123
 (2 of 2)
Four-year review10/31/0801/30/09Published
ECE 122**(see 01/25)Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 103Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
ECE 102Revisons02/08/0801/30/09Published
CIS 1004-year review with changes02/01/0802/29/08Published
ECE 135Revisions-note: was atually a new course01/25/0801/30/09Published
ECE 133Revisions-note: was actually a new course01/25/0801/30/09Published
ECE 122* (changes amalgamted w 02/08 submission)Revisions01/25/0801/30/09Published
ECE 120Revisions01/25/0801/30/09Published
ECE 101Revisions01/25/0801/30/09Published
ECE 100Revisions01/25/0801/30/09Published
AH 341/
FD 341
Change to prerequisites01/11/0809/26/08Published
AH 340/
FD 340
Change to prerequisites01/11/0809/26/08Published
VA 160Change to course name01/11/08 See 2009/10 list
DHYG 262Change to credit/no-credit11/23/0702/01/08See 2009/10 list
FD 192Change to prerequisites11/23/0709/26/08Published
FD 182Change to prerequisites11/23/0709/26/08Published
EDUC 334Cross-listing with TESL 33302/02/07 See 2009/10 list
TESL 333Cross-listing as EDUC 33402/02/07 See 2009/10 list
EDUC 310Cross-listing with TESL 31002/02/07 See 2009/10 list
TESL 310Cross-listing as EDUC 31002/02/07 See 2009/10 list
EDUC 301Cross-listing with TESL 30002/02/07 See 2009/10 list
TESL 300Cross-listing as EDUC 30102/02/07 See 2009/10 list
EDUC 311Cross-listing with TESL 31102/02/07 See 2009/10 list
EDUC 303Cross-listing with TESL 30302/02/07 See 2009/10 list
EDUC 302
Cross-lisitng with TESL 302
 See 2009/10 list
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