Undergraduate Education Committee (UEC)

2009/10 to 2011/12 new and revised courses submitted to UPAC/UEC

Courses list

Programs list 2009/10 to 2011/12

Course      DescriptionPre-UPAC/ Pre-UECUPAC/UECStatus
COMP 350Course review with changes06/15/12See 2012/13 list
CIS 110/
BUS 160
Course review with changes06/15/12See 2012/13 list
AGRI 410New course: Directed Studies06/15/12See 2012/13 list
AGRI 310New course: Directed Studies06/15/12See 2012/13 list
CHEM 325New course: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory06/15/12See 2012/13 list
CHEM 321Change to credits, hours, and course content (removal of lab)06/15/12See 2012/13 list
PNUR 156Changes including credits and hours06/15/12See 2012/13 list
BUS 499New course: Applied Project06/15/12See 2012/13 list
BUS 377New course: Management of Cooperatives06/15/12See 2012/13 list
COMP 455Course review with changes including title and prereqs06/15/12See 2012/13 list
COMP 361Course review with changes including title and pre/coreqs06/15/12See 2012/13 list
CIS 370Course review with changes including prereqs06/15/12See 2012/13 list
CIS 270Course review with changes06/15/12See 2012/13 list
DHYG 221Changes including course number (formerly DHYG 121)05/18/1205/23/12Published
DHYG 215Combination of DHYG 110 and DHYG 120 into new course05/18/1205/23/12Published
DHYG 203New course: Health Promotion and Prevention05/18/1205/23/12
DHYG 201Changes including course number (formerly DHYG 101)05/18/1205/23/12
DHYG 270Changes including course number and credits (formerly DHYG 160)05/18/1205/23/12Published
GEOG 470Review with changes including prereqs05/18/12See 2012/13 list
GEOG 346Review with changes05/18/12See 2012/13 list
GDS 100Revisions05/18/12See 2012/13 list
GEOG 398/
GDS 311/
SOC 398
Changes including credits and total hours05/18/12See 2012/13 list
GDS 340New cross-listing with GEOG 34005/18/12See 2012/13 list
GEOG 340Changes including cross-listing as GDS 34005/18/12See 2012/13 list
GEOG 412New course: Environmental Geography Practicum05/18/12See 2012/13 list
GEOG 318New course: Water Resources Management05/18/12See 2012/13 list
GEOG 460Review with changes including prerequisites and total hours05/18/12See 2012/13 list
PNUR 156Change to credits and total hours04/27/12See 2012/13 list
CHEM 113Change to prerequisites04/27/1206/22/12Published
CHEM 110Change to prerequisites04/27/1206/22/12Published
CHEM 407New course: Undergraduate Chemistry Directed Studies or Research04/27/1206/22/12Published
CHEM 451Change to prerequisites04/27/1206/22/12Published
MATH 440Changes including prereqs and total hours04/27/12See 2012/13 list
GDS 363New cross-listing with SOC 363/ANTH 363/LAS 36304/27/1204/24/12
SOC 363/
ANTH 363/
LAS 363
Changes including title, prereqs, and new cross-listing as GDS 36304/27/1204/24/12
SOC 250/
GDS 250
Changes including title and prereqs04/27/1204/24/12
GDS 220New cross-listing with ANTH 22004/27/1204/24/12
ANTH 220Changes including title, prereqs, and new cross-listing as GDS 22004/27/1204/24/12
BIO 340Review with changes including prereqs04/27/1206/22/12Published
BIO 350Review with changes04/27/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 484Review with changes04/13/1204/24/12
GEOG 483Review with changes04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 482Review with changes04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 480Review with changes including total hours04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 421Review with changes04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 402Review with changes including prereqs04/13/12See 2012/13 list
GEOG 308Review with changes04/13/1205/23/12Published
GEOG 253Review with changes including total hours04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 105Review with changes04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 242Review with changes including prereqs04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 433Review with changes04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 300Review with changes04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 454Review with changes04/13/1205/23/12Published
GEOG 452Review with changes including title and prereqs04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 311Review with changes including prereqs04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 250Review with changes including title, credits, and total hours04/13/1206/22/12Published
GEOG 360Review with changes04/13/1205/23/12Published
GEOG 241Review with changes04/13/1206/22/12Published
GERM 202Course review with changes including prereqs and total hours04/06/1204/24/12
GERM 201Course review with changes including total hours04/06/1204/24/12
PUNJ 101Course review with changes including total hours04/06/1204/24/12
MATH 450/
STAT 450
Cross-listing as STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 370/
STAT 370
Cross-listing as STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 270/
STAT 270
Cross-listing as STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 488
(STAT 488)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 470
(STAT 470)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 431
(STAT 431)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 430
(STAT 430)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 420
(STAT 420)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 402
(STAT 402)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 350
(STAT 350)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 331
(STAT 331)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 330
(STAT 330)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 315
(STAT 315)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 272
(STAT 272)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 271
(STAT 271)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 106
(STAT 106)
Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
MATH 104 (STAT 104)Relabeling from MATH to STAT03/30/1205/23/12Published
CIS 262Review with changes03/30/1206/22/12Published
BIO 330Review with changes including prerequisites03/30/12See 2012/13 list
ECON 360New course: Labour Economics03/23/1206/22/12Published
ECON 207New course: Introduction to Strategic Thinking03/23/1206/22/12Published
MATH 322Changes including prereqs and hours03/23/1205/23/12Published
BIO 220Review with changes03/23/1205/23/12Published
BIO 335/
GEOG 335
New course: Methods in Freshwater Ecology03/23/1205/23/12Published
CRIM 435Change to prereqs03/23/1203/30/12Published
POSC 352New cross-listing with SOC 35203/02/1203/30/12Published
SOC 352Change to prereqs and new cross-listing as POSC 35203/02/1203/30/12Published
PHYS 352Changes including prereqs03/02/1205/23/12Published
PHYS 481Changes including prereqs03/02/1205/23/12Published
FREN 230Changes including hours03/02/1204/24/12
PHYS 325Change to prereqs03/02/1205/23/12Published
PHYS 232Change to prereqs03/02/1205/23/12Published
CRIM 321Change to prereqs03/02/1203/30/12Published
BIO 106Review with changes02/24/1205/23/12Published
COMP 315Discontinuation of coursen/a03/02/12Discontinued
CIS 496Discontinuation of coursen/a03/02/12Discontinued
CIS 495Discontinuation of coursen/a03/02/12Discontinued
CIS 492Discontinuation of coursen/a03/02/12Discontinued
CIS 393Discontinuation of coursen/a03/02/12Discontinued
GEOG 317New cross-listing as BIO 31702/24/12See 2012/13 list
BIO 317New cross-listing with GEOG 31702/24/12See 2012/13 list
BIO 443New course: Island Ecology Field School02/24/12See 2012/13 list
BIO 442New course: Tropical Field School02/24/12See 2012/13 list
BIO 441New course: Coastal Ecology Field School02/24/12See 2012/13 list
BIO 440New course: General Field School02/24/12See 2012/13 list
BIO 498New course: Advanced Biological Topics02/24/1205/23/12Published
BIO 496New course: Advanced Biological Topics02/24/1205/23/12Published
POSC 420New course: Seminar in Political Theory02/24/1205/23/12Published
PHIL 120Review with changes02/24/1204/24/12
PHIL 110Review with changes02/24/1204/24/12
CIS 485Changes including prereqs02/24/1205/23/12Published
CIS 386Changes including title and prereqs02/24/1205/23/12Published
COMP 360Revisions02/24/1206/22/12Published
POSC 484New course: Selected Topics in Public Policy 02/17/1203/30/12Published
POSC 483Changes including prereqs02/17/1203/30/12Published
POSC 482Changes including prereqs02/17/1203/30/12Published
POSC 481Changes including prereqs02/17/1203/30/12Published
POSC 480Changes including prereqs02/17/1203/30/12Published
GD 374Changes including title, prereqs, and hours02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 317Changes including title02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 216Changes including hours02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 204Changes including title and prereqs02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 361New course: Portfolio Development for Graphuc and Digital Design02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 202New course: Interactive Design02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 369Changes including title, hours, and prereqs02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 358Changes including title, prereqs, and course number (formerly GD 258)02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 231Changes including title and prereqs02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 203Changes including title and prereqs02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 161Changes including title02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 159 (was 158)Changes including title, prereqs, and course number (formerly GD 156)02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 157Changes including title02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 154Changes including title, hours, and prereqs02/17/1203/02/12Published
GD 101Changes including title, hours, and prereqs02/17/1203/02/12Published
PHYS 412Changes including course number (formerly PHYS 322)02/17/1203/30/12Published
PHYS 312Changes including course number (formerly PHYS 222)02/17/1203/30/12Published
PHYS 225New course: Waves and Introductory Physics02/17/1206/22/12Published
FREN 319Changes including prereqs and hours02/17/1204/24/12
FREN 315Changes including prereqs and hours02/17/1204/24/12
DHYG 262Revisions02/10/1203/02/12Published
MATH 225Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ENGL 208Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ENGL 381Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Not approved by UEC; See 2012/13 list
ENGL 378Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Not approved by UEC; See 2012/13 list
ENGL 377Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Not approved by UEC; See 2012/13 list
ENGL 317Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Not approved by UEC; See 2012/13 list
ENGL 315Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Not approved by UEC; See 2012/13 list
ENGL 313Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Not approved by UEC; See 2012/13 list
ENGL 303Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Not approved by UEC; See 2012/13 list
ENGL 302Change to prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Not approved by UEC; See 2012/13 list
ADED 210New course: Foundations of Adult Education02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 470Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 446Revisions02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 420Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 410Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 405Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 390Changes including title and prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 380Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 370Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 365Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 360Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 350Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 340Changes including title and prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 320Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 310Changes including prereqs02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 472Revisions including course title and number (formerly ADED 330M)02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 408Revisions including course title and number (formerly ADED 330N)02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 407Revisions including course title and number (formerly ADED 330F)02/10/1203/02/12Published
ADED 305Revisions including course title and number (formerly ADED 330O)02/10/1203/02/12Published
KPE 366Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
KPE 371Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
KPE 362Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
KPE 270Changes including prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
KPE 455Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
KPE 450CChange to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
CRIM 281Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
ANTH 210Changes including title02/03/1203/02/12Published
ANTH 222/
MACS 222
New cross-listed course: Popular Culture02/03/12See 2012/13 list
MACS 337/
SOC 337
New cross-listed course: Taste and Culture02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 141Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 140Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 106Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 322Change to prerequisites02/03/12Resubmitted
MATH 270Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 265Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 255Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 221Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 211Change to prerequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
MATH 118New course: Life Science calculus II02/03/1203/02/12Published
SOWK 450Changes including corequisites02/03/1203/02/12Published
COMP 490Revisions02/03/1205/23/12Published
COMP 445Revisions02/03/1205/23/12Published
COMP 351Revisions02/03/1205/23/12Published
CIS 390Revisions02/03/1205/23/12Published
CIS 341Revisions02/03/1205/23/12Published
CIS 190Change to prerequisites02/03/1205/23/12Published
ESL V83Review with changes02/03/1203/02/12Published
ESL V73Review with changes02/03/1203/02/12Published
ESL T85Review with changes02/03/1203/02/12Published
ESL FLMReview with changes02/03/1203/02/12Published
FREN 219Changes including hours and prerequisites02/03/1204/24/12
FREN 325Changes including title02/03/1204/24/12
SOC 340Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 135Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 125Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 124Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 123Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 121Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 120Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 115Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 114Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 112Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 111Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 110Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 106Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 105Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 104Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 103Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 102Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 101Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
PNUR 100Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
MATH 460Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
MATH 451Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
MATH 320Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
MATH 302Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
MATH 235Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SLA 215Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SLA 207Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SLA 206Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SLA 205Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SLA 204Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SLA 203Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SLA 202Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SLA 201Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CRIM 430Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CRIM 415Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CRIM 393Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CRIM 280Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CRIM 160Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
COMP 250Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
COMP 138Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
COMP 100Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 298Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 297Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 296Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 294Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 293Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 280Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 194Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 193Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 191Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 146Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 135Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
CIS 115Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
BIO 405Discontinuation of coursen/a02/03/12Discontinued
SOWK 404Review with changes01/27/1202/03/12Published
SOWK 311Review with changes01/27/1202/03/12Published
HCA 131Changes including credits and hours01/27/1202/03/12Published
HCA 130Changes including credits and hours01/27/1202/03/12Published
HCA 120Changes including credits and hours01/27/1202/03/12Published
HCA 114Changes including credits and hours01/27/1202/03/12Published
HCA 112Changes including credits and hours01/27/1202/03/12Published
BUS 339Change to prerequisites01/27/1203/02/12Published
BUS 245Change to prerequisites01/27/1203/02/12Published
BUS 149Change to prerequisites01/27/1203/02/12Published
BUS 145Change to prerequisites01/27/1203/02/12Published
BUS 143Change to prerequisites01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL WG84Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL WG74Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL RV58Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL RV48Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL L87Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL WG64Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL WG54Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL WG44Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL S76Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL S56Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL S46Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL RV68Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL R80Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL R70Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL P65Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL P45Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL MU47Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL DR47Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL BU75Review with changes including prerequisites01/27/1203/02/12Published
ESL BU55Review with changes01/27/1203/02/12Published
POSC 494New course: Directed Studies in Public Policy01/13/1203/30/12Published
POSC 493New course: Directed Studies in International Politics01/13/1203/30/12Published
POSC 492New course: Directed Studies in Canadian Politics01/13/1203/30/12Published
POSC 491Review with changes including title and prereqs01/13/1203/30/12Published
POSC 490Review with changes including title and prereqs01/13/1203/30/12Published
POSC 310Review with changes01/13/1203/30/12Published
POSC 120Review with changes01/13/1203/30/12Published
POSC 110Review with changes01/13/1203/30/12Published
POSC 100Review with changes01/13/1203/30/12Published
HSC 410Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
HSC 312Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
HSC 310Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
HSC 212Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Approved for publication; pending updated course outline; See 2012/13 list
HSC 210Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
HSC 116Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
HSC 113Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 406Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 403Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 401Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 307Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 306Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 304Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 303Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 301Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 230Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 220Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 206Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 205Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 204Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 203Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 202Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 201Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 120Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 106Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 105Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Published
NURS 104Change to prerequisites01/13/1202/03/12Approved for publication; pending updated course outline; See 2012/13 list
BIO 417
(was 425)
Cross-listed with GEOG 41701/13/1202/03/12Published
GEOG 417Review with changes including title and new cross-listing as BIO 41701/13/1202/03/12Published
GEOG 419/
BIO 419 (was BIO 435)
New cross-listed course: Paleoecology01/13/1202/03/12Published
ESL WG34Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL S66Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL RV38Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL S36Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL P55Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL MSCReview with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL IB29Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL IB19Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL CWE40Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL CWE30Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL CMSReview with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL CB77Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL CB60Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
ESL CB50Review with changes01/13/1203/02/12Published
KPE 350Change to prerequisites01/13/1203/02/12Published
KPE 302Change to prerequisites01/13/1203/02/12Published
TUTR 150Discontinuation of coursen/a12/16/11Discontinued
TUTR 140Discontinuation of coursen/a12/16/11Discontinued
TUTR 130Discontinuation of coursen/a12/16/11Discontinued
TUTR 120Discontinuation of coursen/a12/16/11Discontinued
TUTR 110Discontinuation of coursen/a12/16/11Discontinued
CMNS 165Discontinuation of coursen/a10/28/11Discontinued
CMNS 099Discontinuation of coursen/a10/28/11Discontinued
GD 204Change to prerequisites12/16/1102/03/12Published
GD 203Change to prerequisites12/16/1102/03/12Published
GD 231Change to prerequisites12/16/1102/03/12Published
GD 156Change to prerequisites12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 258
(was PN 138)
New course: Preceptorship12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 257 (was PN 137)New course: Transition to Preceptorship12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 256 (was PN 136)New course: Consolidated Practice Experience IV12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 254 (was PN 134)New course: Integrated Nursing Practice IV12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 253 (was PN 133)New course: Professional Practice IV12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 252 (was PN 132)New course: Professional Communication IV12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 251 (was PN 131)New course: Variations in Health IV12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 250 (was PN 130)New course: Health Promotion IV12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 246 (was PN 126)New course: Consolidated Practice Experience III12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 244 (was PN 124)New course: Integrated Nursing Practice III12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 243 (was PN 123)New course: Professional Practice III12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 242 (was PN 122)New course: Professional Communication III12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 241 (was PN 121)New course: Variations in Health III12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 240 (was PN 120)New course: Health Promotion III12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 156 (was PN 116)New course: Consolidated Practice Experience II12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 155 (was PN 115)New course: Pharmacology II12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 154 (was PN 114)New course: Integrated Nursing Practice II12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 153 (was PN 113)New course: Professional Practice II12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 152 (was PN 112)New course: Professional Communication II12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 151 (was PN 111)New course: Variations in Health II12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 150 (was PN 110)New course: Health Promotion II12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 147 (was PN 107)New course: Human Anatomy and Physiology12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 146 (was PN 106)New course: Consolidated Practical Experience I12/16/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 145 (was PN 105)New course: Pharmacology I12/09/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 144 (was PN 104)New course: Integrated Nursing Practice I12/09/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 143 (was PN 103)New course: Professional Practice I12/09/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 142 (was PN 102)New course: Professional Communication I12/09/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 141 (was PN 101)New course: Variations in Health I12/09/1102/03/12Published
PNUR 140 (was PN 100)New course: Health Promotion I12/09/1102/03/12Published
ECE 282Review with changes including prereqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 269Review with no changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 243Review with changes including prereqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
CYC 411New course: Supplemental Practicum in CYC12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 312Review with changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 311Review with changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 303Review with changes including coreqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 302Review with changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 235Review with changes including pre/coreqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 233Review with changes including pre/coreqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 231Review with changes including pre/coreqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 230Review with changes including pre/coreqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 225Review with changes including pre/coreqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 222Review with changes including pre/coreqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 132Review with changes including prereqs12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 120Review with changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 103Review with changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 102Review with changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 101Review with changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
ECE 100Review with changes12/09/1102/03/12See 2012/13 list
CSM 108Review with changes12/02/1103/02/12Published
PHYS 392New course: Interfacing and Virtual Instrumentation12/02/1102/03/12Published 
DHYG 229New course: Oral Pathology II (combination of existing DHYG 226 and 227)12/02/1112/16/11Published
DHYG 261Change to corequisites12/02/1112/16/11Published
GEOG 493New course: Honours Research Project in Physical Geography/GIS12/02/1102/03/12Published
GEOG 491New course: Honours Research Design and Data Collection12/02/1103/02/12Published
GEOG 314New course: Geography of Food12/02/1103/02/12Published
GEOG 445Review with changes including prereqs12/02/1103/02/12Published
GEOG 400Review with changes12/02/1103/30/12Published
GEOG 345Review with changes12/02/1103/3012Published
CMNS 175Change to prereqs12/02/1102/03/12Published 
CMNS 155Change to prereqs12/02/1102/03/12Published 
CMNS 125Change to prereqs12/02/1102/03/12Published 
CMNS 335Review with changes12/02/1102/03/12Published 
CMNS 180Review with changes12/02/1102/03/12Published 
CMNS 115Change to synonymous courses12/02/1102/03/12Published 
CMNS 351Review with changes12/02/1102/03/12Published 
HIST 460Change to prereqs11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 458Change to prereqs11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 457Change to prereqs11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 420Review with changes including prereqs11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 419Review with changes including title, prereqs, and course number (formerly HIST 317)11/25/1112/16/11Published
HIST 385Review with changes11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 370Review with changes11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 330Review with changes11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 324Review with changes11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 316New course: Violence and War in the West: A Cultural History11/25/1112/16/11Published
HIST 300Review with changes including title11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 236Review with changes11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 235Review with changes11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 115Review with changes11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 105Review with changes11/25/1102/03/12Published
HIST 101Review with changes including title11/25/1102/03/12Published
FD 384Change to course hours11/25/1112/16/11Published
FD 382Change to course hours11/25/1112/16/11Published
EDUC 460Changes including course credits (from 3 to 2) and hours11/25/1112/16/11Published
EDUC 454Changes including course credits (from 2 to 1) and hours11/25/1112/16/11Published
EDUC 447Changes including course credits (from 1 to 3) and hours11/25/1112/16/11Published
EDUC 425Review with changes11/25/1112/16/11Published
EDUC 424Review with changes11/25/1112/16/11Published
EDUC 423Review with changes11/25/1112/16/11Published
EDUC 422Review with changes11/25/1112/16/11Published
EDUC 421Review with changes11/25/1112/16/11Published
THEA 295New course: Large Ensemble11/18/1112/16/11
THEA 290New course: Small Ensemble11/18/1112/16/11
THEA 499Revisions including title11/18/1112/16/11
THEA 399Revisions including title and prereqs11/18/1112/16/11
THEA 299Revisions including title11/18/1112/16/11
THEA 199Revisions including title11/18/1112/16/11
CRIM 480Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 450Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 421Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 417Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 416Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 415Review with changes including synonymous courses11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 412Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 411Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 410Review with changes including title11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 335Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 330Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 320Review with changes including credits and hours11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 311Review with changes including prereqs11/18/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 310Review with changes11/18/1112/16/11Published
POSC 270Discontinuation of coursen/a12/16/11Discontinued
POSC 410New course: Seminar in Canadian Politics11/04/1112/16/11Published
POSC 410Discontinuation of existing course11/04/1112/16/11Discontinued
POSC 365New course: Global Security11/04/1112/16/11Published
POSC 305New course: Government and Politics in British Columbia11/04/1112/16/11Published
CMNS 375Changes including title and prerequisites11/04/1102/03/12Published
CMNS 385/
ENGL 385
Review with changes including title and prerequisites11/04/1102/03/12Published
ARTS 100New course: Home and World: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to University Studies10/28/1111/25/11Published
CMNS 312Review with changes including prereqs10/28/1102/03/12Published
COMP 091New course: Computer Applications10/28/1103/30/12Published
CSM 104Review with changes including prereqs10/28/1102/03/12Published
CMNS 430Change to prereqs10/28/1102/03/12Published
CMNS 420Change to prereqs10/28/1102/03/12Published
CMNS 380Change to prereqs10/28/1102/03/12Published
CMNS 353Change to prereqs10/28/1102/03/12Published
MACS 369Review with changes including prereqs; new cross-listing as JRNL 36910/28/1112/16/11Published
BIO 406Review with changes including hours10/28/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 435New course: Innovations in Canadian Public Safety10/21/1110/28/11Published
CRIM 442New course: Mental Disorder and Crime (formerly offered as CRIM 410G)10/21/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 441New course: Prostitution in Canada(formerly offered as CRIM 410F)10/21/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 440New course: Terrorism(formerly offered as CRIM 410E)10/21/1112/16/11Published
CRIM 216New course: Psychopathy and the Criminal Justice System (formerly offered as CRIM 214E)10/21/1112/16/11Published
VA 251Course review with changes including course number (formerly VA 151)10/21/1112/16/11Published
MACS 350New course: Critical Studies in Digital Media in Canada10/14/1110/28/11Published
MATH 370Course review with changes including prerequisites and hours10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 420Course review with changes including prerequisites and hours10/07/1111/25/11Published
CIS 430Change to prerequisites10/07/1111/25/11Published
CIS 385Course review with changes including prerequisites10/07/1111/25/11Published
CIS 230Change to prerequisites10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 470Changes including prerequisites and hours10/07/1112/16/11Published
MATH 430Changes including prerequisites and hours10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 402Changes including prerequisites, hours, and course title10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 350Changes including prerequisites10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 330Changes including prerequisites10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 315Changes including prerequisites and hours10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 431/
COMP 431
New cross-listed course: Data Mining10/07/1111/25/11Published
COMP 331/
MATH 331
New cross-listed course: Data Quality10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 272New course: Statistical Graphics and Languages (originally proposed as cross-listed as CIS 272)10/07/1111/25/11Published
MATH 271New course: Introduction to Data Analysis and Statistical Modeling10/07/1111/25/11Published
ANTH 111Course review with changes10/07/11See 2012/13 list
ANTH 102Course review with changes10/07/1110/28/11Published
SOC 353New course: Program Evaluation10/07/1110/28/11Published
SOC 352New course: Public Policy Analysis10/07/1110/28/11Published
SOC 210Course review with changes10/07/1110/28/11Published
SOC 101Course review with changes10/07/1110/28/11Published
MATH 096New course: Algebra, Functions, and Trigonometry10/07/1111/25/11Published
PHYS 481Change to prerequisites09/30/11Resubmitted
PHYS 101Combining credits for PHYS 101 and 11109/30/1110/28/11Published
CRIM 491New course: Honours Thesis Project09/23/1110/28/11
CRIM 490New course: Honours Thesis Development09/23/1110/28/11
VA 472Changes including title, hours, and prerequisites09/23/1112/16/11Published
VA 471Changes including title and hours09/23/1112/16/11Published
VA 372Changes including title and prerequisites09/23/1112/16/11Published
VA 371Changes including title and prerequisites09/23/11See 2012/13 list
VA 383Change to prerequisites09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 351Change to prerequisites09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 331Change to prerequisites09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 321Change to prerequisites09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 284Change to course number (formerly VA 184)09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 283Change to course number (formerly VA 183)09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 272Changes including title, hours, and course number (formerly VA 172)09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 271Changes including title, hours, and course number (formerly VA 171)09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 252Change to course number (formerly VA 152)09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 232Change to course number (formerly VA 132)09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 231Change to course number (formerly VA 131)09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 224Change to course number (formerly VA 124)09/23/1110/28/11Published
VA 223Change to course number (formerly VA 123)09/23/1110/28/11Published
AH 215New course: Contemporary Canadian Art09/16/1109/30/11Published
GDS 250New cross-listing with SOC 25006/16/1110/28/11Published
SOC 250Review with changes including title and prerequisites; cross-listing as GDS 25009/16/1110/28/11Published
ECON 207New course: Introduction to Strategic Thinking09/16/11Resubmitted
ECON 203Changes including prerequisites09/16/11See 2012/13 list
BIO 430Course review with changes including prerequisites09/16/1112/16/11Published
BIO 308Course review with changes including hours and prerequisites09/16/1103/02/12Published
ECON 360New course: Labour Econimics07/29/11Resubmitted
ADED 340Change to prerequisites07/29/1110/28/11Published
MATH 085Revisions07/29/1109/30/11Published
BUS 349/
ECON 349
Revisions07/29/11See 2012/13 list
CIS 298Discontinuation of coursen/a05/13/11Discontinued
CIS 297Discontinuation of coursen/a05/13/11Discontinued
LIBT 385Change to prerequistes06/03/1108/26/11 Published
LIBT 383Change to prerequistes06/03/1108/26/11 Published
LIBT 382Change to prerequistes06/03/1108/26/11Published
LIBT 381Change to prerequistes06/03/1108/26/11 Published
LIBT 380Change to prerequistes06/03/1108/26/11 Published
VA 280New course: Digital Photography II06/03/1109/30/11 Published
VA 180Course review with changes06/03/11 See 2012/13 list
SOWK 412Course review with changes06/03/1102/03/12 
SOWK 380Course review with changes06/03/1102/03/12 Published
SOWK 210Course review with changes06/03/1102/03/12Published
IPK 093New course: Critical Thinking from Indigenous Perspectives06/03/1108/26/11 Published
IPK 092New course: Academic Learning and Indigenous Cultures06/03/1108/26/11
DHYG 260Course review with changes05/06/1108/26/11
PHYS 275 Changes including prerequisites and course number 05/06/11  
See 2012/13 list   
ENGL 294Cross-listed with MUSC 20405/06/11 05/13/11 Published   
MUSC 204Changes including prerequisites; cross-listing as ENGL 29405/06/11 05/13/11 Published  
ENGL 293Cross-listed with MUSC 20305/06/11 05/13/11 Published
MUSC 203Changes including prerequisites; cross-listing as ENGL 29305/06/11 05/13/11 Published
THEA 370 Course review 05/06/11 05/13/11 Published  
THEA 123 Course review 05/06/11 05/13/11 Published
THEA 121 Course review 05/06/1105/13/11 Published
BUS 490B New course: Business Field School III 04/29/11  
See 2012/13 list 
BUS 490ANew course: Business Field School II 04/29/11  
See 2012/13 list 
BUS 490New course: Business Field School I 04/29/11  
See 2012/13 list 
BUS 449/
ECON 449 
Changes including prerequisites 04/29/11  
See 2012/13 list 
BUS 435/
ECON 435 
Revisions 04/29/11  
See 2012/13 list 
BUS 434/
ECON 434 
Revisions 04/29/11  
See 2012/13 list 
BUS 433/
ECON 433 
Changes including prerequisites04/29/11  
See 2012/13 list 
JRNL 369Cross-listing with MACS 36904/29/1112/16/11Published
MACS 369Changes including prerequisites; cross-listing as JRNL 36904/29/1112/16/11Published
MACS 490 Review with changes including prerequisites 04/29/11 10/28/11 Published 
MACS 240 Review with changes including title 04/29/11 10/28/11 Published   
SOC 430 New course: Knowledge, Power, and Society 04/29/11 10/28/11 Published 
ANTH 240 Review with changes 04/29/11  
See 2012/13 list 
GEOG 398/
GDS 311 
Revisions to evaluation 04/15/11  Resubmitted
GEOG 396/
GDS 310 
Revisions to evaluation 04/15/11  
See 2012/13 list 
GDS 340New cross-listing with GDS 34004/15/11 Resubmitted
GEOG 340 Cross-listed as GDS 340 04/15/11  Resubmitted
FD 142 New cross-listing with VA 142 04/08/11 05/13/11 Published
VA 142Cross-listed as FD 14204/08/1105/13/11 Published
FD 141 New cross-listing with VA 141 04/08/11 05/13/11 Published
VA 141Cross-listed as FD 14104/08/1105/13/11 Published
FD 140 New cross-listing with VA 14004/08/11 05/13/11 Published
VA 140Cross-listed as FD 14004/08/1105/13/11  Published
FD 390 New course: Virtual 3D Prototyping 04/08/11 05/13/11 Published
ADED 340 Changes including course title and prerequisites 04/08/11  Resubmitted
PHYS 112Change to prerequisites 04/08/11 02/03/12 Published 
PHYS 111Change to prerequisites 04/08/11 02/03/12 Published  
PHYS 105Change to prerequisites 04/08/11 10/28/11 Published 
PHYS 101Change to prerequisites 04/08/11 10/28/11 Published 
PHYS 093Change to prerequisites 04/08/11 10/28/11 
PHYS 083Change to prerequisites 04/08/11 10/28/11 Published 
ASTR 104Change to prerequisites 04/08/11 10/28/11 Published
EDUC 499 New course: Special Topics in K-12 Education04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 441 New course: Designs for Learning Online Instruction04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 440 New course: Professional Communication in Schools04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 437B New course: Designs for Learning Secondary Science (Chemistry/Physics Focus)04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 437A New course: Designs for Learning Secondary Science (Biology/Earth Science Focus)04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 436 New course: Designs for Learning General Science04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 435 New course: Designs for Learning Secondary Mathematics04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 434B New course: Designs for Learning Secondary Language Arts04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 434A New course: Designs for Learning Secondary History/Geography04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 432 New course: Designs for Learning General Social Studies04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 431 New course: Designs for Learning General Language Arts04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 413 New course: Introduction to Adolescent Development and Special Learning Needs04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 495Revisions 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 492 Revisions04/01/11 
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 490 Revisions 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 460 Revisions including change to credits 04/01/11  Resubmitted
EDUC 454 Revisions including change to credits 04/01/11  Resubmitted
EDUC 452 Revisions including change to credits 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 450 Revisions 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 448 Revisions 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 447 Revisions including change to credits 04/01/11  Resubmitted
EDUC 446 Revisions 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 445 Revisions including change to credits 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 444 Revisions 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 442 Revisions 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
EDUC 410 Revisions including change to credits 04/01/11  
See 2012/13 list 
GD 262Discontinuation of coursen/a 05/13/11 Discontinued 
GD 215Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
GD 210Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
GD 201Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
GD 164Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
GD 163Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
GD 158Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
GD 116Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
GD 115Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
HALQ 310Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
HALQ 220Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
HALQ 215Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
HALQ 210Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
HALQ 200Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
HALQ 100Discontinuation of course n/a 05/13/11 Discontinued  
BIO 320 Course review with changes including prerequisites 03/18/1112/16/11 Published
BIO 470/
CRIM 470
Course review with changes    03/18/1112/16/11 Published
MATH 084 Course review with changes   03/18/1109/30/11 Published
PSYC 302 Changes including prerequisites 03/11/11 
See 2012/13 list 
POSC 360 Changes including title and course number (formerly POSC 290) 03/11/1105/13/11  Published
POSC 260 Changes including title and course number (formerly POSC 190) 03/11/1105/13/11 Published
ENGL 042Discontinuation of coursen/a03/25/11Discontinued
ENGL 043Discontinuation of coursen/a03/25/11Discontinued 
MACS 215 Course review with changes  03/04/1103/25/11Published
MACS 210 Course review with changes  03/04/1103/25/11Published
SOWK 110Course review with changes02/25/1105/13/11Published
SOWK 497 Course review with changes02/25/1102/03/12 Published
MATH 205 Course review with changes 02/25/1110/28/11 Published
EDUC 454 Changes including title and course credits 02/25/1103/25/11 Published
EDUC 412Changes including course title02/25/1103/25/11Published
EDUC 453Changes including course credits02/25/1103/25/11Published
EDUC 452Changes including title and course credits02/25/1103/25/11Published
EDUC 445Changes including course credits02/25/1103/25/11Published
EDUC 420Changes including course credits02/25/1103/25/11Published
CMNS 175Changes including pre/co-requisites02/25/1103/25/11Published
CMNS 320New course: Editing Principles and Applications02/25/1103/25/11Published
ENGL 105Change to prerequisites02/25/11 
See 2012/13 list 
ESL courses Revisions to course descriptions for: ESL BU55, BU75, C54, CB50, CB60, CB77, CMS, CWE30, DR47, FLM, IB191, IB291, L87, MSC, MU47, P45, P55, P65, R70, R80, RV38, RV48, RV58, RV68, S36, S46, S56, S66, S76, T09, T85, V73, V83, WG34, WG44, WG54, WG64, WG74, WG84  02/11/11 Resubmitted
ENGL 309 Course review with changes including prerequisites 02/11/11 
See 2012/13 list 
BIO 310 Course review with changes 02/11/1105/13/11 Published
BIO 112 Course review with no changes 02/11/1105/13/11 Published
BIO 111 Course review with changes including prerequisites 02/11/1105/13/11Published
BIO 093 Change to prerequisites 02/11/1105/13/11 Published
MUSC 298 New course: Directed Independent Study II 02/11/11 
See 2012/13 list 
MUSC 297 New course: Directed Independent Study I 02/11/11 
See 2012/13 list 
ENGL 170 Change to prerequisites  02/04/1102/25/11Returned to department;
See 2012/13 list 
ENGL 115 Change to prerequisites  02/04/1102/25/11Returned to department;
See 2012/13 list 
ENGL 109 Change to prerequisites  02/04/1102/25/11Returned to department;
See 2012/13 list 
ENGL 108 Change to prerequisites 02/04/1102/25/11Returned to department
ENGL 150 Changes including title and prerequisites 02/04/1103/25/11Deferred;
See 2012/13 list 
ENGL 130 Changes including title and prerequisites 02/04/1103/25/11Deferred;
See 2012/13 list 
ENGL 120 Changes including title and prerequisites 02/04/1103/25/11Deferred;
See 2012/13 list 
THEA 307 New course: World Theatre 02/04/1102/25/11Published
CIS 394 Change to course title 02/04/1105/13/11Published
HLTH NC12Change to prerequisites 01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC11Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC10Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC09Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC08Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC07Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC06Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC05Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC04Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC03Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC02 Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
HLTH NC01 Change to prerequisites  01/28/1102/25/11Published
FREN 101Changes including prerequisites 01/28/1105/13/11 Published
CRIM 491New course: Honours Project01/21/11 Resubmitted 
CRIM 490New course: Honours Thesis Development01/21/11 Resubmitted
CRIM 435New course: Innovations to Current and Future Issues in Canadian Public Safety01/21/1110/28/11 Published 
CRIM 321New course: Qualitative Research Methods01/21/1103/25/11Published
CRIM 320Changes including credits 01/21/1110/28/11Published
CRIM 251Change to course number (formerly CRIM 151) 01/21/1102/25/11 Published  
CRIM 252Change to course number (formerly CRIM 101)01/21/1102/25/11 Published
SOWK 490 Review with changes 01/21/1102/25/11 Published
SOWK 493 Review with changes 01/21/1102/03/12 Published
SOWK 483 Review with changes 01/21/1102/03/12 
SOWK 394 Review with changes 01/21/1102/03/12 Published
SOWK 491 Review with changes 01/21/1102/03/12 Published 
SOWK 301 Review with changes 01/21/1102/03/12Published
MATH 170 Discontinuation of course01/21/1110/28/11 Discontinued
BUS 349 Change to prerequisites 01/14/1102/25/11 Published
BUS 326Change to prerequisites  -02/25/11Published
BUS 227Change to prerequisites  -02/25/11Published
BUS 149New course: Essentials of Finance 01/14/11 Resubmitted 
MUSC 199 New course: Ensemble Practicum 01/14/1102/25/11Published
COMP 152 Change to prerequisites 01/14/1102/03/12 Published
COMP 150 Change to prerequisites 01/14/1102/03/12 Published
COMP 125 Change to prerequisites 01/14/1102/03/12Published
PSYC 110 Changes including prerequisites 01/14/11 
See 2012/13 list 
NURS 120 Change to prerequisites 01/14/1102/25/11 Published
HSC 210 Change to prerequisites 01/14/1102/25/11 Published
HSC 116 Change to pre/co-requisites 01/14/1102/25/11 Published  
HSC 113 Changes including credits and course number (formerly HSC 112) 01/14/1102/25/11 Published
HSC 111 Changes including credits and course number (formerly HSC 110) 01/14/1102/25/11Published
NURS 301 Change to course content 01/14/1101/28/11 Published
NURS 204 Change to course content 01/14/1101/28/11 Published
HIST 440 Course review with changes including credits and hours12/17/1001/28/11 Published
ENGL 378 New course: Creative Writing: Advanced Screenwriting 12/17/1002/25/11Published
TEFL 170 Change to course number (formerly TEFL 07) 12/10/1001/28/11 Published
TEFL 160 Change to course number (formerly TEFL 06) 12/10/1001/28/11 Published
TEFL 150 Change to course number (formerly TEFL 05) 12/10/1001/28/11 Published
TEFL 140 Change to course number (formerly TEFL 04) 12/10/1001/28/11 Published
TEFL 130 Change to course number (formerly TEFL 03) 12/10/1001/28/11 Published
TEFL 120Change to course number (formerly TEFL 02) 12/10/1001/28/11 Published
TEFL 110Change to course number (formerly TEFL 01)12/10/1001/28/11 Published
AH 230 Review with no changes n/a12/17/10Published
AH 203Review with no changes n/a 12/17/10Published 
VA 165/
ENGL 165 
Review with changes12/03/10 
See 2012/13 list 
FILM 220 Review with changes including prerequisites12/03/1001/28/11  Published
VA 404 Review with changes12/03/1001/28/11  Published
AH 341/
FD 341 
Review with changes including prerequisites12/03/1001/28/11  Published
AH 340/
FD 340 
Review with changes including prerequisites12/03/1001/28/11  Published
MACS 402 New course: Media Arts Integrated Project II11/19/10 
See 2012/13 list
MACS 401 New course: Media Arts Integrated Project I11/19/10 
See 2012/13 list
THEA 306/ MUSC 306 New course: History of Musical Theatre11/19/1001/28/11 Published
ENGL 392New cross-listing with RUSS 392 11/19/1005/13/11 Published
RUSS 392 Changes including course number (formerly RUSS 352); new cross-listing as ENGL 39211/19/1005/13/11 Published
ENGL 391New cross-listing with RUSS 391 11/19/1005/13/11 Published
RUSS 391 Changes including course number (formerly RUSS 351); new cross-listing as ENGL 39111/19/1005/13/11 Published
SOC 493 New course: Advanced Research Project11/19/1002/25/11Published
SOC 358 New course: Advanced Research on a Selected Topic11/19/1002/25/11Published 
SOC 357 New course: Advanced Research Methods11/19/1002/25/11Published
SOC 254 New course: Writing for the Social Sciences11/19/1002/25/11Published
HIST 317Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 320Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 425Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 424Review with changes including title11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 401Review with changes including prerequisites11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 375Review with changes   11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 357Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 327Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published 
HIST 322Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 321Review with changes including prerequisites11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 318Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 315Review with changes including title11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 313 Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 301 Review with changes  11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 220 Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 226 Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11  Published
HIST 103 Review with changes 11/12/1001/28/11 Published
HIST 331 New course: Rebels, Reformers, and Realists: British North America, 1837-186711/12/1002/25/11Published 
THEA 305 Review with changes11/12/10 
See 2012/13 list
VA 403/
AH 403 
Review with no changes n/a11/26/10Published
VA 401/
AH 401
Review with no changes n/a11/26/10Published 
VA 160Review with no changes n/a11/26/10 Published 
VA 402 Review with changes11/12/1001/28/11Published
GD 369 Review with changes including course number (formerly GD 269) 11/12/1001/28/11 Published 
GEOG 252Change to course number (formerly GEOG 353) 11/05/1001/28/11 Published
AH 250 New course: French Art and Architecture 11/05/1001/28/11Published
DHYG 162 Changes including prerequisites 10/29/1012/17/10 Published 
DHYG 161 Revisions 10/29/1012/17/10 Published 
GERM 102 Review with changes10/29/1011/26/10 Published 
GERM 101 Review with changes  10/29/1011/26/10 Published 
ENGL 318 Review with changes including title10/29/1001/28/11 Published
ENGL 150 Review with changes including title and prerequisites 10/29/10 Resubmitted 
ENGL 130 Review with changes including title and prerequisites 10/29/10 Resubmitted
ENGL 120 Review with changes including title and prerequisites10/29/10 Resubmitted
POSC 309 Course review with changes including course number (formerly POSC 210) 10/22/1011/26/10 Published 
PHIL 367 Review with changes10/22/1011/26/10 Published 
KPE 490 Change to prerequisites 10/22/1011/26/10  Published 
KPE 481 Change to prerequisites 10/22/1011/26/10  Published 
KPE 470 Change to course number (formerly KPE 480) 10/22/1012/17/10Published 
KPE 302 Change to prerequisites 10/22/10 Resubmitted
KPE 270 Change to prerequisites 10/22/1011/26/10  Resubmitted
SOWK 392 Review with changes10/22/1011/26/10 Published 
SOWK 410 Review with changes10/22/1011/26/10 Published 
SOWK 404 Review with changes10/22/1011/26/10 Published 
SOWK 320 Review with changes10/22/1011/26/10 Published 
SOWK 312 Review with changes10/22/1011/26/10 Published 
SOWK 311 Review with changes10/22/1011/26/10 Published 
BIO 395New course: Animal Behaviour 10/22/10n/aWithdrawn
FD 265Discontinuation of coursen/a 10/29/10Discontinued 
FD 114 Discontinuation of course n/a 10/29/10Discontinued
FILM 310Review with no changes n/a 10/29/10Published 
VA 484Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10  Published 
VA 483Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10  Published  
VA 360Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10  Published  
VA 183Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10  Published  
VA 117Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published 
VA 116Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
FILM 120 Review with changes including title10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
FILM 110 Review with changes including titel10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
AH 214 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 315 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 215 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 212 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 211 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 202 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 201 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 112 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 111 Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
THEA 101Review with changes10/15/1011/26/10 Published  
POSC 301 New course: The Canadian State and Indigenous Government 10/15/1011/26/10 Published 
POSC 350 Changes including title 10/01/1010/29/10 Published
POSC 230 Change to prerequisites 10/01/1010/29/10 Published
PSYC 264 New course:
Environmental Psychology 
10/01/1001/28/11 Published
LIBT 385 New course: Information Rights, Privacy, and Freedoms 10/01/1012/17/10 Published
LIBT 383 New course: Diversity in the Workplace10/01/1012/17/10 Published
LIBT 382 New course: Promotional Planning for Library Technicians 10/01/1012/17/10 Published
MUSC 202 New course: Music and Society II 10/01/1010/29/10 Published
MUSC 100 New course: Fundamentals of Music 10/01/1010/29/10 Published
MACS 201/ MUSC 201New course: Music and Society I 10/01/1010/29/10 Published
ECE 313 Changes including prerequisites and course number (formerly ECE 223) 09/17/1002/25/11 
See 2012/13 list
ECE 312 Changes including prerequisites and course number (formerly ECE 242) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 311 Changes including prerequisites and course number (formerly ECE 281) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 303Changes including title, prerequisites, and course number (formerly ECE 224) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 302 Changes including prerequisites and course number (formerly ECE 213) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 301 Changes including pre/corequisites and course number (formerly ECE 260) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 235 Change to course number (formerly ECE 135) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 233 Change to course number (formerly ECE 133) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 231 Changes including title, prerequisites, and course number (formerly ECE 123 and 124) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 230 Change to course number (formerly ECE 130)09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 225 Change to course number (formerly ECE 125) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 222 Change to course number (formerly ECE 122) 09/17/1002/25/11
See 2012/13 list
ECE 402 New course: ECE Methods: Working with Behaviours in the Early Learning Environment 09/17/1002/25/11 
See 2012/13 list
ECE 401 New course: Language Development and Pre-Literacy09/17/1002/25/11 
See 2012/13 list
ECE 399 New course: Current Issues in Early Learning09/17/1002/25/11 
See 2012/13 list
ENGL 208 Review with changes, including course number (formerly ENGL 111) 09/17/1001/28/11 Published
BUS 162 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 141 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 140 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 125 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 124 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 111 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 110 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 106 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 105 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
MATH 104 Change to prerequisites 09/17/1010/29/10 Published
CIS 296 Review with changes, including prerequisites and hours 09/17/10 Withdrawn
MACS 369 New course: Media Law and Ethics 07/30/1010/01/10Published 
ENGL 388 New course: Topics in Children's Literature 07/30/1010/01/10Published 
ECON 449 New cross-listing with BUS 449 07/09/1002/25/11 Published  
BUS 449 New cross-listing as ECON 449 07/09/1002/25/11 Published  
ECON 435 New cross-listing with BUS 435 07/09/1002/25/11 Published   
BUS 435 New cross-listing as ECON 435 07/09/1002/25/11 Published 
ECON 434 New cross-listing with BUS 434 07/09/1002/25/11 Published  
BUS 434 New cross-listing as ECON 434 07/09/1002/25/11 Published 
ECON 433 New cross-listing with BUS 433 07/09/1002/25/11 Published    
BUS 433 New cross-listing as ECON 433 07/09/1002/25/11 Published   
ECON 349 New cross-listing with BUS 349 07/09/1002/25/11Published  
BUS 349 New cross-listing as ECON 349 07/09/1002/25/11Published  
ECON 301 New cross-listing with BUS 301 07/09/1002/25/11 Published   
BUS 301 New cross-listing as ECON 301 07/09/1002/25/11 Published 
GEOG 340 Change to prerequisites 07/09/1010/01/10 Published 
GOEG 312 Change to calendar description 07/09/1010/01/10 Published 
LIBT 265 Change to course hours 07/09/10 
See 2012/13 list
GDS 400 New course: A World of Development 06/04/1001/28/11 Published
GDS 210 New course: Local Development Practicum 06/04/1001/28/11 Published
GDS 100 New course: Global Development Seminar 06/04/1001/28/11 Published
VA 142 Change to title  06/04/1010/01/10 Published 
VA 141 Change to title  06/04/1010/01/10 Published 
VA 140 Change to title 06/04/1010/01/10 Published 
MENN 300 New course: Mennonite Development and Relief Organizations 06/04/1009/03/10Published 
MENN 100 New course: An Introduction to Mennonite Studies 06/04/1009/03/10Published 
ENGL 267/
AH 267/
MACS 267 
New course: Signs and Meaning: An Introduction to Semiotics 06/04/1009/03/10 Published 
ENGL 492 4-year review with changes 06/04/1009/03/10 Published
ENGL 491 4-year review with changes06/04/1009/03/10 Published 
ENGL 366 4-year review with changes, including prerequisites 06/04/1010/01/10 Published 
ENGL 364 4-year review with changes, including prerequisites 06/04/1010/01/10 Published 
ENGL 352 4-year review with changes, including title and prerequisites 06/04/1010/01/10 Published 
ENGL 350 4-year review with changes, including title and prerequisites 06/04/1010/01/10Published 
ENGL 310 4-year review with changes, including title and prerequisites 06/04/1009/03/10 Published   
ENGL 226 4-year review with changes 06/04/1009/03/10 Published 
ENGL 215 4-year review with changes, including prerequisites 06/04/1010/01/10Published    
ANTH 367/ ENGL 367 New course: Culture and Theory in Diaspora 05/21/1009/03/10 Published 
ARTS 280New course: Special Topics: Arts Internship in a Specific Discipline05/21/1009/03/10Published 
DHYG 160 Revisions 05/07/1005/21/10 Published 
IPK 332 Changes including course number (formerly IPK 132) 05/07/1009/03/10Published 
IPK 331 Changes including course number (formerly IPK 131) 05/07/1009/03/10Published 
POSC 333 New course: On Indigenous Land: The Politics of Diaspora and Indigeneity04/30/1005/21/10 Published 
PHIL 372 New cross-listing with POSC 312 04/30/1005/21/10 Published 
POSC 312 Review with changes including title and prerequisites; new cross-listing as PHIL 372 04/30/1005/21/10 Published 
PHIL 371 New cross-listing with POSC 311  04/30/1005/21/10 Published 
POSC 311 Review with changes including title and prerequisites; new cross-listing as PHIL 37104/30/1005/21/10 Published 
HIST 393 New course: Mennonite Experience in Russia 1780-1980  04/16/1005/21/10 Published 
HIST 213 New course: Mennonite Experience: Origins to 1780s  04/16/1005/21/10 Published 
PHIL 352 New course: History of Analytic Philosophy 04/16/1005/21/10 Published 
PHIL 252 Revisions including change to title 04/16/1005/21/10 Published  
PHIL 251B New course: Empiricism and Early Modern Philosophy04/16/1005/21/10 Published 
PHIL 251A New course: Rationalism and Early Modern Philosophy 04/16/1005/21/10 Published 
ENGL 053 Change to grading mode 04/16/1004/23/10 Published 
ENGL 052 Change to grading mode 04/16/1004/23/10 Published 
MATH 053 Change to grading mode 04/16/1004/23/10 Published 
MATH 052 Change to grading mode 04/16/1004/23/10 Published 
POSC 331 New course: Western Peace Traditions 04/16/1005/21/10 Published 
ECON 410 Review with changes, including title 03/26/1005/21/10 Published
ECON 307 Review with changes, including title 03/26/1005/21/10 Published
ECON 490 New course: Directed Studies in Economics 03/26/1010/01/10Published 
CMNS 235 Review with changes 03/26/1004/23/10 Published 
CMNS 115 Review with changes, including prerequisites 03/26/1004/23/10 Published 
AH 314 Review with changes, including prerequisites 03/26/1004/23/10Published
BIO 416 Review with changes 03/26/1002/03/12  Published 
GEOG 458 New course: GIS Project 03/26/1009/03/10Published 
BIO 390 Review with changes including prerequisites 03/19/1012/17/10 Published 
NURS 202 Review with changes 03/19/10 Resubmitted
SCI 400Discontinuation of coursen/a03/26/10 Discontinued 
FREN 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 167, 168, 169, 170, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 346Discontinuation of coursesn/a 03/26/10 Discontinued 
PSYC 305, 306, 343, 351, 355, 357, 360, 367, 370, 375, 383, 385, 386 Update prereqs that use SCMS 255 03/19/1003/26/10 Published 
HIST 393/
MENN 393 
New cross-listed course: Mennonite Experience in Russia 1780-1980  03/05/10n/a Withdrawn
POSC 331/
MENN 331 
New cross-listed course: Western Peace Traditions 03/05/10n/a Withdrawn
HIST 328 Cross-listed as MENN 328  03/05/10 Withdrawn
MENN 328 New cross-listing with HIST 328  03/05/10 Withdrawn
MENN 300 New course: Mennonite Community and Development  03/05/10n/a Resubmitted 
ENGL 229New course: Topics in Mennonite Literature  03/05/1003/26/10 Published
HIST 213/
MENN 213 
New cross-listed course: Mennonite Experience: Origins to 1780s  03/05/10n/aWithdrawn
MENN 100 New course: Introduction to Mennonite Studies 03/05/10n/aResubmitted
ANTH 267 
(was ANTH 290)
New course: Religions in Diaspora 03/05/1005/21/10 Published 
SOC 265 New course: Social Inequality 03/05/1005/21/10 Published 
SOC 330 New course: Culture and Cognition 03/05/1005/21/10 Published 
SOC 475 New course: Sociology of Communities 03/05/1005/21/10 Published 
CMNS 430 New course: Project Management Communication in Action 03/05/1004/23/10Published 
CMNS 420 New course: Virtual Team Communication 03/05/1003/26/10 Published 
CMNS 380
(was CMNS 370) 
New course: The Cross-Generational Workplace: Closing the Communication Gap 03/05/1004/23/10Published 
CMNS 353 New course: Workplace Decision Making: Using Research 03/05/1004/23/10 Published 
RSS 098 Review with changes including prerequisites  03/05/1003/26/10Published
AH 316 Review with changes including prerequisites  03/05/1004/23/10  Published 
AH 315 Review with changes including prerequisites03/05/1004/23/10  Published 
AH 313 Review with changes including prerequisites  03/05/1004/23/10  Published 
AH 330 Review with changes including prerequisites  03/05/1004/23/10  Published 
AH 320 Review with changes including prerequisites  03/05/1004/23/10  Published 
AH 102Review with changes including prerequisites 03/05/1004/23/10  Published 
AH 101Review with changes 03/05/1004/23/10  Published 
ENGL 227 Review with changes 02/19/1005/21/10 Published 
BUS 453 Discontinuation of course n/a 02/26/10 Discontinued 
BUS 452 Discontinuation of course n/a 02/26/10 Discontinued 
BUS 451 Discontinuation of course n/a 02/26/10 Discontinued 
BUS 450 Discontinuation of course n/a 02/26/10 Discontinued 
BUS 405 Changes including title 02/19/10 
See 2012/13 list
AV 415 Changes including title 02/19/1002/25/11 Published
AV 414 Changes including prerequisites, title, and credits 02/19/1002/25/11Published
AV 413Discontinuation of course n/a 02/25/11Discontinued 
COMP 251 Change including prerequisites 02/19/1004/23/10Published
COMP 155 Change including prerequisites02/19/1004/23/10Published
COMP 150 Change including prerequisites 02/19/1004/23/10Published
COMP 125 Change including prerequisites 02/19/1004/23/10Published
CIS 321 Changes including name and prerequisites 02/19/1004/23/10Published
CIS 192 Changes including hours 02/19/1004/23/10Published
CIS 245 Change to prerequisites 02/19/1004/23/10Published
CIS 390Change to prerequisites 02/19/1004/23/10Published
CIS 430Changes including prerequisites 02/19/1004/23/10Published
GEOG 398/
GDS 311 
New cross-listing as SOC 398(was SOC 311) 02/12/1002/26/10 Published
SOC 398
(was SOC 311) 
New cross-listing with GEOG 398/GDS 311 02/12/1002/26/10 Published
GEOG 396/
GDS 310 
New cross-listing as SOC 310 02/12/1002/26/10 Published
SOC 396
(was SOC 310) 
New cross-listing with GEOG 396/GDS 310 02/12/1002/26/10Published
ENGL 280 Review with changes including title 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
ENGL 361 Review with changes 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
ENGL 312 Review with changes 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
ENGL 220 Review with changes 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
ENGL 308 Resurrection of discontinued course; review with changes including title 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
ENGL 403 New course: Seminar in Major Authors 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
ENGL 401 Review with changes including title 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
ENGL 105 Review with changes including title 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
MATH 106 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1004/23/10Published 
MATH 094 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1004/23/10Published 
HSC 312 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
HSC 310 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
NURS 491 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
NURS 303 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
NURS 301 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
NURS 203 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
NURS 202 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
NURS 201 Change to prerequisites 02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
NURS 230New course: Nursing Practice - Consolidation02/12/1002/26/10 Published 
PHYS 382 Change to prerequisites 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
PHYS 372 Change to prerequisites 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
PHYS 362 Change to prerequisites 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
PHYS 342 Change to prerequisites 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
PHYS 332 Change to prerequisites 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
SOWK 430 4-year review with changes 02/05/1009/03/10
SOWK 330 4-year review with changes including pre/co-requisites 02/05/1009/03/10Published
SOWK 300 4-year review with changes 02/05/1009/03/10Published
TASK 056 New course: Personal and Career Portfolio 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
TASK 055 New course: Work Experience II02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
TASK 054 New course: Work Experience I 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
TASK 053 New course: Safety and Industrial Certificates 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
TASK 052 New course: Career Exploration 02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
TASK 051 New course: Personal and Workplace Essentials02/05/1002/26/10 Published 
FD 180 Changes including credits and hours 01/29/1003/26/10
BIO 315New course: Equine Biology 01/29/10 
See 2012/13 list
VA 452Revisions01/22/1002/26/10 Published
VA 451Revisions01/22/1002/26/10 Published
VA 352Revisions01/22/1002/26/10 Published
VA 351Revisions01/22/1002/26/10 Published
VA 152Revisions01/22/1002/26/10 Published
ECON 388Review with changes, including credits and prerequisites01/22/1003/26/10 Published
ECON 307Review with changes, including credits and prerequisites01/22/1003/26/10 Published
ECON 101Review with changes01/22/1002/26/10 Published
FNST 202Change to prerequistes01/22/1009/03/10Published
FNST 201Change to prerequistes01/22/1009/03/10Published
FNST102Change to prerequistes01/22/1009/03/10Published
FNST 101Change to prerequistes01/22/1009/03/10Published
SOC 440Revisions incl. course code (formerly SCMS 440)01/15/1002/26/10 Published
SOC 289New course: Sociology of Animals in Western Society01/15/1002/26/10 Published
ANTH 375/
MACS 375
New cross-listed course: Indian Mediascapes01/15/1002/26/10 Published
ANTH 209/
LING 209
New cross-listed course: Language and Culture01/15/1002/26/10 Published
VA 384Revisions incl. calendar description and course content01/08/1002/26/10 Published
VA 383Revisions incl. calendar description and course content01/08/1002/26/10 Published
FREN 103New course: French Study Tour01/08/1011/26/10 Published
MATH 117 Discontinuation of course n/a01/29/10Discontinued
MATH 116Discontinuation of course n/a01/29/10Discontinued
ANTH 492/
LAS 492/
MACS 492 
New cross-listing with SOC 492 (formerly SCMS 492)12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
SOC 492 Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 492/LAS 492/MACS 492 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
ANTH 470 New cross-listing with SOC 470 (formerly SCMS 470) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
SOC 470 Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 47012/18/0902/26/10 Published 
ANTH 436/
LAS 463 
New cross-listing with SOC 463 (formerly SCMS 463) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
SOC 463 Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 436/LAS 46312/18/0902/26/10 Published 
ANTH 363/
LAS 363 
New cross-listing with SOC 363 (formerly SCMS 363) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
SOC 363 Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 363/LAS 36312/18/0902/26/10 Published 
ANTH 356/
MACS 356
New cross-listing with SOC 356 (formerly SCMS 356) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
SOC 356 Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 356/MACS 35612/18/0902/26/10 Published 
ANTH 472/
SOC 472 
New cross-listing with LAS 472 (formerly SCMS 470a) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
LAS 472 Review with changes including title; course code and number change from SCMS 470a; cross-listed as ANTH 472/SOC 47212/18/0902/26/10 Published 
ANTH 355/
MACS 355
New cross-listing with SOC 355 (formerly SCMS 355) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
SOC 355 Review with changes including title; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 355/MACS 35512/18/0902/26/10 Published 
SOC 460New cross-listing with MACS 460 (formerly SCMS 460) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
MACS 460 Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as SOC 46012/18/0902/26/10 Published 
ANTH 310/
SOC 310
New cross-listing with  LAS 310(formerly SCMS 310) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
LAS 310 Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 310/SOC 31012/18/0902/26/10 Published 
SOC 442 New cross-listing with LAS 442 (formerly SCMS 440a) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
LAS 442 Review with changes; course code and number change from SCMS 440a; cross-listed as SOC 44212/18/0902/26/10 Published 
LAS 388/
SOC 388
New cross-listing with ANTH 388 (formerly SCMS 388) 12/18/0902/26/10 Published 
ANTH 388Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as LAS 388/SOC 38812/18/0902/26/10 Published 
CMNS 490Changes including prerequisites and description12/18/0902/26/10 Published
CMNS 412Changes including title, prerequisites, and content (combination of CMNS 412 and 413)12/18/0902/26/10 Published
CMNS 200New course: Introduction to Portfolio Development12/18/1902/26/10 Published
BIO 105Review with changes12/11/0910/29/10 Published
BIO 093Review with changes12/11/0901/29/10Published
BIO 301Review with changes12/11/0901/29/10Published
VA 422Review with changes12/11/0902/26/10  Published
VA 421Review with changes12/11/0902/26/10  Published
VA 184Review with changes12/11/0902/26/10  Published
VA 322Review with changes12/11/0902/26/10  Published
VA 321Review with changes12/11/0902/26/10  Published
COMP 062New course: Introduction to Computers: Navigating the Digital World12/11/0901/29/10Published
VA 241New course: Directed Studies in First Nations Design and Technology: Special Topics IV12/04/1909/03/10Published
VA 240New course: Directed Studies in First Nations Design and Technology: Special Topics III12/04/1909/03/10Published
CMNS 212/
MACS 212
Change to prerequisites12/04/1901/29/10Published
CMNS 335Change to prerequisites12/04/1901/29/10Published
JRNL 300/
CMNS 300
Change of ownership of cross-listed course12/04/1901/29/10Published
GEOG 440New course: Advanced Research Topics in Urban Geography11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 447Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 411Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 362Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 354Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 353Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 343Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 307Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 304Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 302Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 271Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 202Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 201Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 140Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 130Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 102Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 101Review with changes11/27/0901/29/10Published
EDUC 452Changes including description11/27/0912/18/09Published
EDUC 445Changes including title and description11/27/0912/18/09Published
TEFL 07New course: TEFL Practicum11/27/0901/29/10Published
TEFL 06New course: TEFL Special Topics II11/27/0901/29/10Published
TEFL 05New course: TEFL Special Topics I11/27/0901/29/10Published
TEFL 04New course: Developing a Teaching Grammar11/27/0901/29/10Published
TEFL 03New course: Teaching the Four Skills11/27/0901/29/10Published
TEFL 02New course: TEFL Teaching Practices11/27/0901/29/10Published
TEFL 01New course: TEFL Theory11/27/0901/29/10Published
TESL 333Changes including credits, hours, and description11/27/0901/29/10Published
LIBT 115Change to pre/co-requisites11/20/0902/26/10  Published
PHYS 275New course: Survey of Medical Physics11/20/0901/29/10Published
PHYS 232New course: Experimental Methods in Physics11/20/0901/29/10Published
PHYS 222Changes including name, credits, and course content11/20/0901/29/10Published
VA 365/
FILM 365
New cross-listing with JRNL 36511/20/0901/29/10Published
JRNL 365New cross-listing with VA 365/ FILM 36511/20/0901/29/10Published
HIST 440New course: Local History for the Web11/20/0901/29/10Published
HIST 392New course: The Soviet Union in the Cold War Era11/20/0901/29/10Published
HIST 391New course: Late Imperial and Revolutionary Russia, 1860-194511/20/0901/29/10Published
HIST 458Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 457Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 426Review with changes, including prerequisites11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 418Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 408Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 390Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 358Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 329Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 323/
EDUC 323
Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 310Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 308Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 210Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 209Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 208Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 108Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
HIST 416New course: Gendar, Race, and Nation in European Imperialism11/13/09 01/29/10Published
HIST 328New course: History of Mennonites in Canada11/13/0901/29/10Published
VA 115Review with changes11/13/0901/29/10Published
COMP 315Changes including prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
COMP 155Changes including prerequisites11/06/09n/aWithdrawn
COMP 150Changes including prerequisites11/06/09n/aWithdrawn
CIS 496Change to prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 495Change to prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 480Change to prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 380Change to prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 371Change to prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 292Change to prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Not approved;
see 2012/13 list
CIS 291Changes including prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 285Changes including prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 185Changes including prerequisites and credits11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 162Change to prerequisites11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 135New course: Introduction to Informatics11/06/0901/29/10Published
CIS 100Course revisions11/06/0901/29/10Published
SOC 468New cross-listing with ANTH 468 (formerly SCMS 468)11/06/0901/29/10Published
ANTH 468Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as SOC 468 11/06/0901/29/10Published
SOC 387New cross-listing with ANTH 387 (formerly SCMS 387)11/06/0901/29/10Published
ANTH 387Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as SOC 38711/06/0901/29/10Published
SOC 334New cross-listing with MACS 334 (formerly SCMS 334)11/06/0901/29/10Published
MACS 334Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as SOC 33411/06/0901/29/10Published
ANTH 270/
MACS 270
New cross-listing with SOC 270 (formerly SCMS 270)11/06/0901/29/10Published
SOC 270Review with changes; course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 270/ MACS 270 11/06/0901/29/10Published
SOC 360New cross-listing with ANTH 360 (formerly SCMS 330)11/06/0901/29/10Published
ANTH 360Course code and number change change from SCMS 330; cross-listed as SOC 36011/06/0901/29/10Published
SOC 260New cross-listing with ANTH 260 (formerly SCMS 230)11/06/0901/29/10
ANTH 260Course code and number change from SCMS 230; cross-listed as SOC 26011/06/0901/29/10
SOC 325New cross-listing with ANTH 325 (formerly SCMS 325)11/06/0901/29/10
ANTH 325Course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as SOC 32511/06/0901/29/10
ANTH 255/
MACS 255
New cross-listing with SOC 255 (formerly SCMS 255)11/06/0901/29/10
SOC 255Course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 255/ MACS 25511/06/0901/29/10
SOC 225New cross-listing with ANTH 225 (formerly SCMS 225)11/06/0901/29/10
ANTH 225Course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as SOC 22511/06/0901/29/10
ANTH 206/
MACS 206/
SOC 206
New cross-listing with LAS 206 (formerly SCMS 206)11/06/0901/29/10
LAS 206Course code change from SCMS; cross-listed as ANTH 206/ MACS 206/ SOC 20611/06/0901/29/10
MACS 385New cross-listed course (formerly SOC 399C)10/30/0912/18/09Published
SOC 385Change to course number (formerly SOC 399C); cross-listed with MACS 38510/30/0912/18/09Published
ANTH 210Review with changes10/30/0912/18/09Published
MATH 104Review with changes10/30/0901/29/10Published
GEOG 323New course10/30/0912/18/09
LIBT 381New course: Leadership for Library Technicians10/30/0902/26/10  
LIBT 380New course: Emergent Library Technologies10/30/0902/26/10  
TESL 305New course: Teaching English Pronunciation10/23/0911/27/09Published
VA 124Course change10/23/0912/18/09
VA 123Change to course description10/09/0912/18/09
THEA 250New course: Introduction to Storytelling10/02/0911/27/09Published
ENGL 373/
JRNL 373
New cross-listed course: Rhetoric: Literary Journalism10/02/0911/27/09Published
BIO 270/
CRIM 270
4-yr review w changes09/25/0910/30/09Published
DHYG 1504-yr review w changes09/25/0910/30/09Published
DHYG 1614-yr review w changes09/25/0910/30/09Published
DHYG 1624-yr review w changes09/25/0910/30/09Published
ENG 099Course changes09/25/0911/27/09Published
ENG 240Course changes09/25/0911/27/09Published
ECON 2154-yr review w changes09/25/0902/26/10
ECON 3414-yr review w changes09/25/0903/26/10 
ECON 3524-yr review w changes09/25/0903/26/10 
ECON 3614-yr review w changes09/25/0903/26/10 
ECON 3654-yr review w changes09/25/0903/26/10
HIST 460New course09/25/0911/27/09Published
TESL 304New course09/25/0911/27/09Published
HLTH NC12New course09/25/0911/27/09Published
MATH 084Prerequisite change09/25/0911/27/09Published
BIO 2024-yr course revision w changes09/25/0910/29/10 
BIO 4014-yr course revision w changes06/12/09 
See 2012/13 list
FREN 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265Removal of courses from calendar05/29/09 
PHYS 408new special topics course05/29/0910/02/09Published
PHYS 472 to PHYS 372PHYS 472 will now become PHYS 37206/29/0910/02/09Published
PHYS 462 to PHYS 362PHYS 462 will now become PHYS 36205/29/0910/02/09Published
PHYS 105course changes05/29/0910/30/09Published
PHYS 1124-yr review w changes05/29/0910/30/09Published
History 300-level coursesnon-UPAC item: change max enrolment from 36 to 30n/a05/22/09Published
ASTR 104prerequisite change05/15/0910/02/09Published
MUSC 204new music course05/08/0906/26/09Published
MUSC 203new music course05/08/0906/26/09Published
ECON 410change of credits05/08/0903/26/10 
ECON 398course review/change of credits05/08/0903/26/10 
ECON 397change of credits05/08/0903/26/10 
ECON 202replaces ECON 10205/08/0902/26/10 
ECON 1004-yr course review05/08/0902/26/10
CMNS 301/
JRNL 301
New cross-listed course: Advanced Practice of Journalism05/08/0910/02/09Published
BUS 100Change to synonymous course statement05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 120Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 143Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 144Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 145Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 160Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 162Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 202Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 203Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 221Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 222Remove course from calendar05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 223Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 224Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 227Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 245Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 247Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 261Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 301Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 304Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 305Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 307Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 308Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 309Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 314Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 320Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 321Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 324Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 325Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 326Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 327Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 338Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 339Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 343Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 344Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 345Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 346Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 347Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 348Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 349Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 350Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 360Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 370Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 390Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 390FRemove course from calendar05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 390JRemove course from calendar05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 390KChange to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 400Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 403Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 404Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 406Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 407Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 408Change to pre/co-requisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 410Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 415Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 416Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 417Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 418Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 419Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 420Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 421Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 423Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 425Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 430Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 433Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 434Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 435Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 439Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 440Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 443Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 446Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 449Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 450Remove course from calendar05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 451Remove course from calendar05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 452Remove course from calendar05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 453Remove course from calendar05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 457Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 460Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 461Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 463Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 470Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
BUS 492Change to prerequisites05/01/0905/22/09Published
MAND 210New course05/01/0905/22/09Published
ENGL 317New special topics course05/01/0910/02/09Published
PHIL 300New course05/01/0910/01/10
BIO 326New course05/01/0910/30/09Published
CMNS 375 (replaces CMNS 275)Course number change05/01/0905/22/09Published
AH 321 (currently AH 320d)New course: Canada, Contact Zone04/24/0908/24/09
AH 312New special-topics course: Studies in Baroque Art & Architecture04/24/0908/24/09
AH 311Prereq/description change04/24/0908/24/09
AH 310New special-topics course: Studies in Medieval Art04/24/0908/24/09
LAS 206 (formerly LAS 201)/ 
SCMS 206
course changes: Politics in Art in Latin America04/24/0905/22/09
SCMS 206/
LAS 206
new course04/24/0905/22/09Published
SCMS 230new course:  Food for Thought04/24/0906/26/09Published
SCMS 330New course: Eating & Thinking: Food in Global Society04/24/0906/26/09
SCMS 375    New course (Picturing India)04/24/09n/a
SCMS 325Prerequisite change04/24/09 
MATH 072 Discontinuation of course  n/a 04/24/09Discontinued
MATH 061 Discontinuation of course  n/a 04/24/09Discontinued 
MATH 051Discontinuation of course n/a 04/24/09Discontinued 
CAP 140 Discontinuation of course n/a04/24/09 Discontinued
CAP 120Discontinuation of course n/a 04/24/09Discontinued 
BIO 499New course04/03/0908/24/19Published
BIO 497New course04/03/0908/24/09Published
BIO 409Course changes04/03/0906/26/09Published
BIO 408Course changes04/03/0906/26/09Published
BIO 307Prerequisite change04/03/0906/26/09Published
BIO 210Prerequisite change04/03/0906/26/09Published
ENGL 216New course04/03/0910/02/09Published
ENGL 099Prerequisite change04/03/0905/22/09Published
ANTH 250New course: Language and Culture03/27/09n/aWithdrawn; to be resubmitted as cross-listed course
MATH 4884-yr rev w changes03/27/0906/26/09 (see 8/24/09 minutes)Published
MATH 3504-yr rev w changes 03/27/0906/26/09 (see 8/24/09 minutes)Published
MATH 330        4-yr rev w changes03/27/0906/26/09 (see 8/24/09 minutes)Published
MATH 221course review03/20/0910/30/09Published
BIO 2034-yr rev w changes02/20/0905/22/09Published
MATH 270course changes02/13/0905/22/09Published
BUS 416Remove BUS 304 as prereq01/30/09n/a Published
SOWK 491Prerequisite change01/23/0906/26/09Published
SOWK 311Prerequisite change01/23/0906/26/09Published
BUS 462      4-yr review w changes01/09/0911/27/09Published
FILM 366* (cross-listed w VA 366)New course: Documentary Video Production19/12/0805/22/09Published
VA 366*(cross-listed w FILM 366)New course: Documentary Video Production12/19/0805/22/09Published
CRIM 3354-yr review w changes12/19/08 Withdrawn
CRIM 3304-yr review w changes12/19/08 Withdrawn
CRIM 3304-yr review w changes12/19/08 Withdrawn
CRIM 3204-yr review w changes12/19/08 Withdrawn
CRIM 3114-yr review w changes19/12/08 Withdrawn
CRIM 3104-yr review w changes12/19/08 Withdrawn
GEOG 454New course: Geospatial Data Analysis and Modeling10/24/08 Published
PRLG 250New course: Paralegal Practicum10/10/0811/21/08Published
PRLG 240 (formerly PARA RES02)New course: Legal Research and Writing II09/19/08
PRLG 235 (formerly PARA TORT2)New course: Torts II09/19/08
PRLG 230 (formerly PARA RES01)New course: Legal Research and Writing I09/19/08
PRLG 225 (formerly PARA LITG2)New course: Litigation II and its Alternatives09/19/08
PRLG 220 (formerly PARA CON02)New course: Contracts II09/19/08
PRLG 215 (formerly PARA ADM01)    New course: Administrative Law09/19/08
PRLG 210 (formerly PARA TORT1)New course: Torts I09/19/08
PRLG 205 (formerly PARA INS01)New course: Insurance Law09/19/08
PRLG 200 (formerly PARA LITG1)  New course: Litigation I09/19/08
PRLG 155 (formerly PARA CORP1)New course: Corporate and Commercial Law09/19/08
PRLG 150 (formerly PARA CON01)New course: Contracts I09/19/08
PRLG 145 (formerly PARA CRIM2New course: Criminal Law and Procedures II09/19/08
PRLG 140 (formerly PARA PROP1)New course: Property Law09/19/08
PRLG 135 (formerly PARA WILL1)New course: Wills and the Probate Administrative Process09/19/08
PRLG 130 (formerly PARA IPR01)   New course: Intellectual Property Law09/19/08
PRLG 125 (formerly PARA CRIM1    New course: Criminal Law and Procedures I09/19/08
PRLG 120 (formerly PARA FLAW1)New course: Family Law09/19/08
PRLG 115 (formerly PARA EV01)New course: Evidence09/19/08
PRLG 110 (formerly PARA IT01)    New course: Information Technology and the Legal System09/19/08
PRLG 105 (formerly PARA OFC01)New course: Legal Office Procedures    09/19/08
PRLG 100 (formerly PARA INT01)New Course: Introduction to Law    09/19/08
TRD CAD04Course discontinued09/12/08 Withdrawn
TRD CAD03Change to course hours09/12/08 Withdrawn
TRD CAD02Change to course hours09/12/08 Withdrawn
TRD CAD01Change to course hours09/12/08 Withdrawn
VA 160Change to course name01/11/08 Withdrawn
DHYG 262Change to credit/no-credit11/23/0702/01/08Published
EDUC 334Cross-listing with TESL 33302/02/07 Withdrawn
TESL 333Cross-listing as EDUC 33402/02/07 Withdrawn
EDUC 310Cross-listing with TESL 31002/02/07 Withdrawn
TESL 310Cross-listing as EDUC 31002/02/07 Withdrawn
EDUC 301Cross-listing with TESL 30002/02/07 Withdrawn
TESL 300Cross-listing as EDUC 30102/02/07 Withdrawn
EDUC 311Cross-listing with TESL 31102/02/07 Withdrawn
EDUC 303Cross-listing with TESL 30302/02/07 Withdrawn
EDUC 302Cross-lisitng with TESL 30202/02/07 Withdrawn
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