Student Life Frequently Asked Questions

Student Life Department

Room/Equipment Bookings
How do I book a room/space?
What equipment is available for booking? What is the booking process?

Student Life Ambassadors
What is an Ambassador?
How do I become an Ambassador?

Student Assistance
How do I access Food Bank services on Campus?

Emerging Leaders Program
How can I build my leadership skills?
What is Student Life's Leadership Institute? What can it do for me?

Clubs & Associations
What is the difference between a club and an association?
How do I get involved with a club or association?

What can Student Life do for me?

Student Life can help you get the most out of your time at UFV. We can help you develop
your leadership and personal skills, gain experience organizing events, provide work and
volunteer opportunities, and allow you to shine!
Student Life offers volunteer opportunities, mentorship for clubs and associations, work-study
positions, a food bank service, campus recreation activities, student events, and facilitates a
student leadership program.

How do I book an appointment with Student Life staff?
As Student Life is a busy department we are not always available for immediate consultation. To request an appointment via email, send a message to Include with whom you’d like to meet as well as possible dates/times/locations that work for you. You will receive confirmation within 2 business days.

What is the difference between Student Life and Student Union Society?
Student Life is a department of UFV. The Student Union Society is a non-profit organization
that operates in close cooperation with, but independent of the University. Student Life is
the interface between student organizations and the University for all official permissions
they require to operate on campus, including room booking, equipment loan, and poster
approval. SUS is the sole official representative of the student body. They collect fees and
then disburse them back to students, in this case in the form of funding for clubs and
associations. The Student Union Society is also responsible for distributing the U Pass to
registered students.

How do I get posters approved?

If you are a member of a registered UFV student club or association of UFV bring your poster(s) to the Student Union Society front desk for approval. Please remember to keep your posters professional in content and language. Publications/posters will be individually date stamped. This date indicates the date by which all your posters expire and must be removed from the buildings. You are responsible to remove the posters once your event is completed.

How can Student Life help with marketing?
Not only can we provide advice on making posters but we can help get the word out. Email your event details to slevents@ufv.caand we will put your event information up on the
Student Life online events calendar.

If your event details are received a minimum of 10 days previous to the event we will also add your event to the computer lab screens. This is done on a first come first serve basis. There is not a lot of space on the screens so get your information in early. Student Life is eager to help make your event a success.

Work study positions

All UFV Student Life work study positions are available through CareerLink. Work study positions will be posted on CareerLink from the first day of classes of each semester until the positions are filled. Learn more...

Our work-study positions include Events Assistants, Campus Recreation Assistant, Orientation Assistant, SOLAR Assistant, and Print Communications Assistant. These are excellent opportunitiesto get involved with Student Life, build student community on campus, and develop your leadership skills.

Where is the lost and found?
If you lose an item in U-House check out the lost and found box in the Student Lounge (F124) or see the Front Desk. If you lose an item outside of U-House, please see Security located in B120a or call Security at 604-768-0279.

Where can I locate volunteer opportunities?
Volunteer to Work on Facebook has a constant stream of volunteer opportunities in the community. Clubs/associations always need help, as do any number of institutional initiatives. The question to ask yourself is: what is it that I really want to do? And then: why? Is it for your resume? Passion for a cause? Social networking? If what you need is to fulfill required hours, you should have notrouble with minimal effort to find a position. If, in addition to that you want to support your own UFV community in development, find a position that fits your area of study, something you find relevant and meaningful, then please come and see us. Volunteer Opportunities can be found at:

UFV Volunteer to Work – International Education
UFV Career Link - Career Centre

How do I keep up with Student Life events happening on campus?
Sign up for Student Life's monthly e-newsletter - UConnect
Follow us at: and 
Check out our monthly events on the Student Life online calendar

What is University House?
University House (U-House) is located in F building on the Abbotsford campus. U-House is designed to create a sense of place and belonging where students feel safe, comfortable and connected with familiar persons and reliable services that provide a supportive base in their daily lives on campus. Students can gather to relax, study, have a snack, participate in planned activities, meet classmates or obtain information about campus resources.

What amenities are available at University House (Abbotsford)?
University House maintains a full kitchen (including stove/oven, fridge, microwave, dish washer), air hockey table, foosball table, ping-pong, and a student lounge with couches, tables and chairs. The student lounge is always available to students therefore it cannot be booked for specific groups. The clubs room (F110) can be booked by student groups to hold meetings or events; and has full media capabilities including cable television, projector, sound system, PC/laptop hookup and large screen. The clubs room can be booked by emailing See Room Booking Policy below.

What amenities are available at the Chilliwack office?
The Chilliwack office maintains a kitchen (including dishes, fridge, microwave, coffee maker, ketlle), pool table, and a student lounge with tv, couches, tables and chairs. The lounge space is always available to all students and therefore it cannot be booked for specific groups.

When is University House (Abbotsford) open?
September to April: Monday to Thursday, 8am-8pm and Fridays 8am-4pm
Summer semester (May to August): Monday to Friday, 8:30am-4pm
*Hours are limited during exam periods. Hours are subject to change without notice.

When is the Chilliwack campus office open?
The lounge is open approximately 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.
* Staffing may be limited. Hours are subject to change without notice.

What are the kitchen use procedures?
The communal kitchen in room F124 is provided for student use and enjoyment. Please respect this communal space. Students are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary. Food may not be left unattended while cooking in the kitchen. Please note that personal effects left in community areas will be removed by staff and may be discarded. Students should be conscientious of fire safety at all times. 

The kitchen must be left in a clean state after use. All dishes and equipment must be washed and put away after use, and the countertops and stove must be wiped clean.

Where do I get the ping-pong paddles and balls?
Ping-pong tables are located on the patio for use during regular U-House hours. Students can sign out paddles at the Front Desk by leaving a form of identification. Ping-pong balls can be purchased for 25 cents and can be kept for future use.

How do I book a room/space?
Room bookings can be made by any current club or association by contacting the Student Uninon Socitey. 

What equipment is available for booking? What is the booking process?
Student Life will no longer be booking/renting out any equipment. 

What is a Student Life Ambassador?
Student Life Ambassadors are the heart and soul of Student Life at UFV. They are enthusiastic volunteers that go out of their way to help welcome new students to UFV while being proud representatives of our university. During New Student Orientation, ambassadors are responsible for touring new students around campus and answering questions as part of a student panel as well as in casual conversations with new members to our community.

How do I become an Ambassador?
Each spring, Student Life recruits students to become Ambassador. The following criteria must be met if you would like to become a UFV Ambassador:

  • Be a current UFV Student or Alumni
  • Be motivated
  • Be committed to a minimum of 10 hours per semester
  • Attend one two- hour training session per semester
  • Email with your contact information and availability for NSO and training

For more information, visit the Student Life Ambassador webpage.

How do I access Food Bank services on campus?
Requests for food hampers can be sent to Hampers requested on/before
Tuesday will be delivered to U-House Wednesday and are available for pick up after noon. The first time students access this service they are required to complete paperwork at U-House
and provide proof of registration. Students must be registered in classes at UFV in order to qualify. Hampers are intended to provide food in emergency situations.

How can I build my leadership skills?
There are many opportunities through Student Life and other areas on campus to build your leadership skills.
Orientation Leaders
UFV Connects Mentor 
Leadership Training
International Student Leaders
Positions on Senate
Positions on Board of Governors
Positions on Student Union Society
Residence Assistants
Supported Learning Group Leaders

What is Student Life's Leadership Institute? What can it do for me?
Student Life's Leadership Institute offers a variety of opportunities for students to build
and strengthen leadership skills as well as network with others. Students can take part
in the Student Leadership Challenge, conferences which are provided each semester and
an annual leadership retreat. The following is further information about each of these

  • The Student Leadership Challenge: The Student Leadership Challenge is all about
    “how student leaders mobilize each other to want to get extraordinary things done”.
    It will outline how to develop and strengthen effective leadership skills along with
    ways to model these skills and be a successful leader. This program includes
    self-reflection in addition to interactive workshops and is based on over 25 years
    of research.
  • Leadership Conferences: Conferences are provided once a semester for all UFV
    students and alumni. These conferences have a variety of themes that build
    leadership skills and provide networking opportunities.
  • Annual Student Leadership Retreat: The annual Student Leadership Retreat is an
    opportunity for all UFV students to engage in a three-day retreat to strengthen a
    variety of leadership skills, hear from keynote speakers, and enjoy outdoor personal
    and teambuilding activities.

For more information visit: the Leadership page and/or email

What is the difference between a club and an association?
Associations are attached to academic departments while clubs represent interest groups.

How do I get involved with a Club or Association?
Clubs and Associations are now handled exclusively by the Student Union Society. All inquiries, including how to contact a certain club or association, how to register a new club, how to receive funding for an event, or any other general questions, can be answered by visiting the SUS Clubs and Associations webpage. 

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