Leah Douglas, PhD, MSW, BSW, BA

PUBLICATIONS (née Malowaniec):

Douglas, L. (2007). Deconstructing the Anti-Drug Strategy. Perspectives, 29(4), 4-5.

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http://www.bcasw.org/Content/News and Media/News Archive.asp?ItemID=39730

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Douglas, L. (2009). Opportunities and Barriers to Working with Drug Users in a Hospital Setting. Social Work In-service session, Surrey Memorial Hospital: Surrey BC.

Douglas, L. & Secord, S. (2006). Stages of change, Ambivalence, and Youth: Opportunities for Relationships in Health Care Settings. Psychiatry In-service session, Surrey Memorial Hospital: Surrey BC.

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Malowaniec, L. (2003). Mentoring and the Canadian Health Network: Opportunities for Change. Presented at the Canadian Health Network @ Health Canada Information and Content Specialist Forum: Ottawa, ON.


2010        Women’s Health Research Network Seed Grant
2009        UNAIDS Contract: Development of Options for Proposed Scope and Methodologies 
                 for Research on the Impact of the Criminal Laws in the Context of HIV (Team)
2006        Fraser Health Mental Health & Addiction Prevention Grant (Team)
2006        BC Mental Health & Addictions Research Network Scholarship

Member (in good standing) of the British Columbia Association of Social Workers
(BCASW) and the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW)

Designated RSW with the Board of Registration for Social Workers (BRSW)


-Associate of the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform                    (2009 – present) 
 and Criminal Justice  
-Research Advisor for UFV Aid to Small University                                       (2009 – present) 
-Professional Studies Learning Exchange Committee                                    (2009 – present)
-Reviewer for McGraw Hill: Interpersonal Communication: The
 Whole Story                                                                                                   (2009)
-Special Guest Editor, Perspectives Journal                                                  (2007)
-Chair, Addiction Committee, BC Association of Social Workers                   (2006-2007)

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