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Welcome to the University of the Fraser Valley School of Social Work and Human Services Field Education Home Page.  Our goal is to provide you with important information related to field education. 

Field education is an integral component of social work education and a program requirement for all Social Work students.  A primary responsibility of the Field Education Team at our School is to ensure that students are provided with agency-based experiences that maximize opportunities for learning and applying social work values, knowledge and skills.  It is an experiential form of teaching and learning through which students have opportunities to develop as professional social workers within supervised practice contexts.  The goal is to provide learning opportunities that engage students in diverse direct and indirect practice activities that reflect principles of social justice, equality and respect for diversity.

Our Bachelor of Social Work program requires students to complete a total of 735 field placement hours: 315 hours in third year BSW field placement and 420 hours in fourth year BSW field placement.  The Master of Social Work program requires graduate studies students to complete a total of 450 field placement hours in one placement over two semesters. All field placement students are required to complete integrative seminar courses concurrently with each of the field placements.  These seminars are designed to provide students with opportunities to reflect on linkages between theory and practice while addressing a variety of professional development issues.

Students are encouraged to be active, self-directed learners throughout their field placement course.  In addition to developing professional knowledge and skills, field placement opportunities prepare students to be reflective and self-evaluating social workers.  Field education is the cornerstone of professional social work education.

Field Education Regulations

Acceptance into the BSW or MSW program does not guarantee field placement. The ability to pass a criminal records check is a prerequisite for field placement, as well, a minimum 2.5 GPA is required. (Please refer to the UFV Academic Calendar for all other prerequisites)

The Field Education Coordinator will work collaboratively with each student to identify field placement sites that respond to individual learning interests and provide social work learning opportunities. While students are encouraged to identify potential field placements that interest them, the final decision regarding the suitability of a particular placement rests with the Field Education Coordinator.

Approval of any agency or institution that provides placement for UFV field education students is reserved by the Field Education Coordinator, who also reserves the right to change any placement assigned to a student. The student, however, has the right to be informed in writing of the reasons for any change in placement. Complete policy and procedures are outlined in the field placement package, which students will receive in the Fall semester of each year. Field placement is mandatory; however, students with exceptional related backgrounds may be able to challenge the third-year field placement (SOWK 330). Fourth-year field placement (SOWK 430) and MSW field placement (SOWK 730) is not open to challenge. Further information is available from the Field Education Coodinator.

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Your Field Education Team!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Field Education Team:

Field Education Coordinator: Lucki Kang, MSW, RSW

    Tel:  604-864-4640
    Toll free:  1-888-504-7441 local 4640
    Fax:  604-855-7558
    Office:  B165h - Abbotsford
Field Education Assistant: Christina O'Brien

    Tel:  604-504-7441 local 4104
    Toll free:  1-888-504-7441 local 4104
    Office:  B165- Abbotsford

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