Intern Placement Tracking (IPT) Database Information

What is the IPT?
IPT is a secure online database used to complete administrative tasks related to field placements. Students, field instructors and faculty liaisons use the IPT to electronically complete required field placement forms.

Where do I find the IPT?
The database is found online at

How do I log in?
New BSW students will receive their default login information at orientation. Field Instructors will receive an email detailing their default login information once they have been assigned a practicum student.After your first successful login you will be prompted to create your own username and password.

Please note the IPT is case sensitive.

  1. Organization ID -ufvsw
  2. User Name –use your default user name for your first login
  3. Password –use your  default password for your first login
  4. Create your private username and password after first login

Please contact Christina O’Brien at or 604-504-7441 local 4104 if you forget your user name or password.

How do I view the required forms?

  1. From your home page click on the “My Forms” link on the left side of the page. This will open the Online Forms List page.
  2. From the Online Forms List page click “View” beside the form you want to view, complete, or sign. The selected form will open in a new window.

Some forms require the completion of the appropriate section or sections and your signature. Other forms require only your review and signature.

How do I complete a section of a form?
To complete a form you must be logged into your own IPT account. Text can be entered anywhere you see this  (piece of paper and pencil) icon. Click the icon and a text box will open, there is no limit to the amount of text you can enter. Some sections are competed using drop boxes or check boxes. Please remember to save your work often.

How do I sign a form?
To sign a form you must be logged into your own IPT account. Each from has a signature block listing the required signatures for each form. Click the link that appears after your title and name. The link is in blue and reads Click to sign Completed Document a text box will open allowing you to enter your name. Once you sign the form you cannot make changes. Please save your work frequently and enter your signature only when you have completed your portion of the form. If the from requires changes after it has been signed please contact Christina O’Brien at or 604-504-7441 local 4104.

 IPT Quick Reference Guide pdf

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