2008 - 2009 Season
Our 2008/2009 Season consisted of:



Les Belles Soeurs
By Michel Tremblay
November, 2008


"In this riotous comedy by world-renowned Canadian playwright Michel Tremblay, Germaine, the lucky winner of one million trading stamps, invites her friends, relatives and neighbours over for an uproarious pasting party. During their evening together 'the beautiful sisters' explore love, life, jealousy and greed in one of the most popular Canadian plays ever written."
Directed by Bruce Kirkley 
Stage Managed by Bryan Cutler
Costume Design by Heather Robertson
Set Design by Astrid Beugeling
Lighting Design by Tanya Schwaerzle
Sound Designed by Josh Wilson
Props Designed by J.D. Dueckman
Music Direction by Steffi Munshaw
Megan Davies as Linda Lauzon
Susan Shattock as Germaine Lauzon
Brianne Adams as Marie-Ange Brouillette
Rebecca Eaton as Lisette de Courval
Sandy Tait as Gabrielle Jodoin
Kalmia Hockin as Rose Ouimet
Angela Johnson as Yvette Longpré
Antaya Schneider as Des-Neiges Verrette
Meg McGinnis as Thérèse Dubuc
Stephanie DeGagne as Olivine Dubuc
Misty Janzen as Ginette Ménard
Steffi Munshaw as Lise Paquette
Hennie Regoczi as Angéline Sauvé
Carol Taylor as Rhéauna Bibeau
Megan Brooking as Pierrette Guérin



Inuk and the Sun
By Henry Beissel
January, 2009


"A captivating fable, for audiences of all ages, Inuk and the Sun follows the quest of a young Inuit hunter in his heroic pursuit for the retreating Sun. A coming of age tale, set in the realm of both reality and fantasy of Inuit life, this classic Canadian play features numerous mythical characters and bold adventures, as Inuk combats monsters and elemental forces in his search for the Sun and the spirit of his father held captive in the Great Hall of the Iceberg."
Directed by Joanne Abraham
Stage Managed by Kat Beswick
Costume Design by Jay Havens
Set Design by Kalmia Hockin
Lighting Design by Mark Sutherland
Sound Designed by Colin Watchorn
Props Designed by James Koponen
Alyssa Kumar as Raven/Sedna, 
Goddess of the Sea
Dayna Thomas as Inuk
Tai Lee as Father/Muskox/Sea Monster
Layton Keeley as Spirit of the Moon/Spirit of the Ice
Victoria Harris as Mother/Spirit of the Dream/
Fox/Spirit of the Sun
Billy Derksen as Spirit of the Caribou/Bear/MuskOx
Ashley Foreman as Spirit of the Wind



By William Shakespeare
March, 2009


"Considered to be one of the greatest plays ever written in the English language, Hamlet is a story of lost innocence, betrayal and revenge that continues to spellbind modern audiences with its timeless insights into the human condition."
Directed by Ian Fenwick
Stage Managed by Ali Shewan
Costume Design by Heather Robertson
Set Design by Astrid Beugeling
Lighting Design by Ken Hildebrandt
Sound Designed by Tanya Schwaerzle
Props Designed by Haley Grimmard
Weapons Designed by Tai Lee
Fight Choreography by Delwen Stander
Brianne Adams as Voltemand, Player Queen
Laura Auffrey as Cornelius, Player, Gravedigger
Jonathan Bayrock as Reynaldo, Player, Captain
Bryan Candy as Claudius
Bryan Cutler as Hamlet
J.D. Dueckman as Laertes
Jonathan Friesen as Horatio
Tim Howe as Francisco, Priest, Soldier
Angela Johnson as Court Gentlewoman
Darcy Knopp as Ghost, Player King
Jamea Lister as Grave Digger
Katy Lowe as Gertrude
Megan Mackenzie as Ophelia
Madison McArthur as Guildenstern
Patrick McMath as Courtier, Osric
Dylan Schroeder as Marcellus, Player
James Servizi as Polonius
Stephen Wilhite as Rosencrantz
Josh Wilson as Barnardo, Fortinbras
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