2009 - 2010 Season 

Our 2009/2010 Season consisted of: 

Schoolhouse by Leanna Brodie 

Paper Wheat by 25th Street Theatre 

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare




By Leanna Brodie



November, 2009



"The time: 1938. The place: S.S. #1 Jericho School, a one-room schoolhouse in a farming area just outside the fictional village of Baker's Creek. There, a delightful but unmanageable group of children finally meets its match - Melita Linton, an 18-year old teacher fresh out of Normal School. But Miss Linton soon faces her own challenge, in the form of Ewart, a menacing and mysterious juvenile delinquent sent to "straighten out" on a farm after doing time in Battenville Training School." 

Directed by Bruce Kirkley 
Stage Managed by Jonathan Friesen
Costume Design by Heather Westergard
Set Design by Heather Robertson
Lighting Design by Jamea Lister
Sound Designed by Andrew Meadwell
Props Designed by Cait Archer
Music Direction by Paula Quick 
Dayna Thomas as Miss Melita Linton 
Dallas Hanson as Russell Yellowlees 
Will Hutchinson as Dwight Varnum 
Dylan Coulter as Ewart Rokosh 
Madison McArthur as Flossie Needler 
Renee Reeve as Beryl Baptie 
Eli Funk as Milton Coyte 
Cassy Penner as Effa Baptie 
Jen Gertz as Vern Yellowlees 
Ron Jackson as Callum Yellowlees 
Gabriel Kirkley as Clinton Cochrane 
Glen Pinchin as Colonel Burnett 
Katherine Beswick as Evie Bothwell
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Paper Wheat

By 25th Street Theatre



January, 2010


"A cooperative creation by the 25th Street Theatre of Saskatchewan, Paper Wheat follows the struggles of early homesteaders in Western Canada and their gradual realization that isolation and economic helplessness could best be overcome by cooperation in institutions such as the Wheat Pool and the CCF."
Directed by Clint Hames
Stage Managed by Rebekah Brisco
Set Designed by Evan Hutchinson
Costumes Designed by Heather Robertson
Lighting Designed by Jennifer Kennedy
Sound Designed by Mark Sutherland
Props Designed by Dylan Schroeder
Choreographed by Cary Zacharias
Vocal/Music Direction by Paula DeWitt-Krause
Tim Howe as Young Sean
Clint Hames as Old Sean/Mr. Gillanders
J.D. Dueckman as Young Vasil
Ian Fenwick as Old Vasil/Ed Partridge
Cassandra Tracy as Young Anna Lutz
Sabine Quilman as Old Anna Lutz/Mrs. Gillanders
Joel Coulbourne as Young William Postlethwaite
Rick Mawson as Old William Postlethwaite/Mr. Williams
Caroline Davies as Young Elizabeth Postlethwaite
Lynne Wells as Old Elizabeth Postlethwaite/Mrs. Williams
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A Midsummer Night's Dream
By William Shakespeare



March, 2010


"William Shakespeare's magical and best-loved romantic comedy made a welcome return to our stage. Previously seen by sold-out audiences in November, 1982 and March 1995, A Midsummer Night's Dream is a fragrant potpourri of love, laughter, and enchantment that explores the ridiculous and arbitrary nature of romantic infatuation. It is a true comedic classic, in which fairy and mortal worlds collide with hilarious consequences."
Directed by Ian Fenwick
Assistant Direction by Tanya Schwaerzle 
Stage Managed by Cait Archer
Costume Design by Jay Havens
Set Design by Astrid Beugeling
Lighting Design by Bruce Kirkley
Sound Designed by Jamea Lister
Choreography by Tanya Schwaerzle
Music Direction by Stu Watchorn
Hair and Make-up Design by Misty Janzen
Vocal Coaching by Erin Wells 
Jonathan Bayrock as Snug (Lion)
Bryan Cutler as Lysander
Megan Davies as Philostrate/First Fairy
J.D. Dueckman as Oberon
Rebecca Eaton as Hyppolyta
Ashley Foreman as Titania
Jonathan Friesen as Egeus/Dark Fairy
Lindsey Huntington as Fairy (Moth)
Ron Jackson as Tom Snout (Wall)
Darcy Knopp as Theseus
Alysa Kumar as Hermia
Catrina Lewis as Fairy (Cobweb)
Rebecca Mackenzie as Fairy (Peaseblossom)
Cassy Penner as Fairy (Mustard Seed)
Dylan Schroeder as Puck
Ali Shewan as Mistress Quince
Thomas Smith as Francis Flute (Thisby)
Rebecca Sutherland as Robin Starveling (Moon)
Stephen Wilhite as Nick Bottom (Pyramus)
Josh Wilson as Demetrius
Taylor Gourlie as Changling Child
Bella as Dog
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