2010 - 2011 Season
Our 2010/2011 Season consisted of:



A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
By Stephen Sondheim, Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart
November, 2010


        A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

"Inspired by the farces of the ancient Roman playwright Plautus, this hilarious Tony Award winning musical tells the story of a slave named Pseudolus and his attempts to win his freedom by helping his young master woo the girl next door. The plot displays all the classic elements of farce, including outrageous puns, slamming doors, mistaken identities and satirical comments on social class. It’s funny alright and filled with great songs, dance numbers and wild and crazy comedy action."
Directed by Ian Fenwick 
Stage Managed by Cait Archer
Costume Design by Heather Westergard
Set Design by Astrid Beugeling
Lighting Design by Evan Hutchinson
Music Direction by Nicola Davies
Vocal Coaching by Paula Quick
Choreography by Shelley Wojcik
Stephen Wilhite as Pseudolus
Eli Funk as Hero
Caroline Davies as Phylia
Joe Poulton as Erronius
Jim Servizi as Senex
Gabriel Kirkley as Miles Gloriosus
Tim Howe as Lycus
Laurie James as Domina
Josh Tompke as Hysterium
Catrina Lewis as Tintinabula
Madison McArthur as Vibrata
Ali Shewan as Geminae
Emma Roberts as Geminae
Cassandra Tracy as Panacea
Kyra Esau as Gymnasia
Dylan Coulter as Protean
Nial Harrison-Morry as Protean
Thomas Smith as Protean





Girl in the Goldfish Bowl
By Morris Panych
January, 2011


"As this quirky comedy opens, Iris, a precocious girl of ten, is certain that the recent death of her goldfish was announced by the air-raid sirens during the day’s school drill. Could the spirit of her recently departed pet be re-incarnated in the form of a lost, amnesiac drifter who suddenly appears without warning? Iris’s parents, trapped in the nostalgic desires of their own lost youth, are oblivious to their daughter’s child’s eye view of life."
Directed by Joanna Redfern
Stage Managed by Colleen Plenert
Costume Design by Laura Auffrey
Set Design by Evan Hutchinson
Lighting Design by Madison McArthur
and Ali Shewan
Sound Designed by Andrew Meadwell      
Gabby Bohmer as Iris
Rebekah Brisco as Sylvia
Jalen Saip-Dyck as Rose
Ron Jackson as Owen
Josh Wilson as Lawrence      




The Tempest
By William Shakespeare
March, 2011


"In The Tempest, Shakespeare’s final work of genius, Prospero, a brooding Renaissance Magus, is marooned on a remote island with his young daughter Miranda. Banished by his usurping brother from his rightful position as the Duke of Milan, he awaits the right planetary conjunction to work his magnum opus and gain his revenge. Aided by his mercurial servant Ariel but stymied by the brutish monster Caliban, Prospero is a man with a mission. Combining romance, comedy and spectacle, The Tempest is truly ” the stuff that dreams are made on."

Directed by Bruce Kirkley
Stage Managed by Katherine Beswick
Costume Design by Heather Robertson
Set Design by Astrid Beugeling
Lighting Design by Mark Sutherland
Sound Designed by Stephen Wilhite
Props Designed by Evan Hutchinson
and Josh Wilson
Choreography by Kyra Esau
Music Direction by Caroline Davies
Glen Pinchin as Prospero
Danielle Warmenhoven as Miranda
Catrina Lewis as Ariel
Gabriel Kirkley as Caliban
Ron Jackson as Stephano
Eli Funk as Trinculo
Dylan Coulter as Ferdinand
J.D. Dueckman as Alonso
Tim Howe as Sebastian
Natasha Ray as Antonia
Danielle Milette as Gonzala
Aaron Froc as Francisco/Spirit
Natasha Beaumont as Adrian/Nymph
Thomas Smith as Boatswain/Spirit
Luke Stevens as Master/Spirit
Kyra Esau as Ceres/Spirit/Nymph
Melissa Harris as Iris/Spirit/Nymph
Dayna Thomas as Juno/Spirit/Nymph
Rebecca Mackenzie as Spirit/Nymph

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