There is a Stage Manager, Lighting Operator and Sound Operator for the THEATRE. If you want to run your own lights or sound please let us know asap. Your SM can run the show from the booth if they so desire. There is a monitor with an infrared system for them to see the stage in black and a PA to make their calls.

The hallway directly behind the THEATRE is the access hall for the Workshop, Dressing Rooms and the Green Room. It then turns to become the hallway for those using the STUDIO. We need to restrict access to all these areas since any noise will carry into the Performance Spaces. There is outside access from the ‘Green Room’ door to the ‘Side Entrance’ of the Front Lobby. Please inform all your participants of this important note.


There is limited space for storage backstage. The workshop directly behind the Theatre has room for more storage. Space will be designated on a first come first serve basis and as set pieces allow. We will accommodate everyone’s needs.


We have two dressing rooms designated as Male and Female for your use. These will be shared spaces with the rest of the Festival Participants so please let us know if you have any special requirements.


This space will be shared by all Festival Participants. It has a fully equipped kitchen which may be used to prepare food for performance purposes. There will be food available from the concessions during the run of the Festival for a minimal charge.


We have booked a room elsewhere on campus for your use as a warm up room prior to your performance.



The Theatre House Hang uses 4 - 30% lekos per area for the 6 areas downstage and 2 per area for the 3 areas upstage. All 9 areas have 2 - 6" Fresnel top lights per area. In addition to the House Hang each show is permitted 3 specials. All lights are easily accessible from the catwalks; however, we request that NO HOUSE HANG lights be moved or refocused. Please refer to the Theatre Magic Sheet for more details.

- 108 2.4 KW Dimmers

- Strand 530 Light Console

- 6 20% 1000w Leko

- 42 30% 1000w Leko

- 18 40% 1000w Leko - 4 50% 1000w Leko

- 30 6" 1000w Fresnel

- 20 Par 64*

- Full Cyc Lights [9 Dims]

- 2 Follow Spots

*NOTE: Par 64 Bulbs as follows: 10 1000w NSP; 20 1000w MFL; 10 1000w WFL


- 24 x 4 x 2 DDA Interface Sound Console

- 3 Crest CC 151 Amplifiers [180 watts/ch]

- 2 Crown power Amps [675@4ohms]

- JBL 4212/64 Mid Hi Cabinets

- 6 EV SX200 Speakers

- 2 Elite SW800 Subwoofers

- 1 dbx Driverack PA

- 3 Shure Beta 57 Mic

- 3 Shure Beta 58 Mic

- 1 Shure Wireless Lav Mic

- 2 Tascam 112MKII Cassette Decks

- 1 Tascam BR-20 Reel to Reel

- 1 Tascam CD-301 CD Player

- 1 Tascam DA-30 Dat Player

- 1 Sony Mini-Disc Player

- 1 Yamaha spx 990 fx processors

- 1 dbx 266 compressor limiter

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