Indigenous Arts —

‌The Indigenous Arts certificate is designed to provide learning about indigenous art that is anchored in and built upon life experiences and collective wisdom of the participants. Its purpose is to teach and develop traditional and contemporary artistic skills to students of self-identified indigenous ancestry, or persons with substantial ties to the aboriginal community. It is also expected that successful completion of this certificate will provide existing artisans with the opportunity to honour their artistic gifts while learning the skills and knowledge necessary to further their professional practices. The courses are designed to introduce and develop specific indigenous related techniques and design so that learners create works inspired by traditional and contemporary approaches with regard to customary protocols and applicable to their own cultural contexts. Knowledge of and skills in professional practices will be taught for the promotion of the indigenous artist's work, through exhibitions and sales, thus enabling the artist to contribute to the promotion of his or her respective cultures.

The practical component of the certificate entails working with mentors who will be introduced through the visiting artist program running alongside the course work. Learners will be required to develop a professional portfolio and present their final project within a ceremonial/performative context in the community. This program is focused on a particular art practice (e.g. carving or textiles) that may change from year to year. Students will learn skills transferable to professional practice, including the roles of professional artist/designer, entrepreneur, and facilitator of cultural tourism.

For more info on the Indigenous Arts Certificate and courses, contact Paula Funk.

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