Awards —

Art History offers an annual Outstanding Achievement in Art History award of $150 to a student who has produced outstanding work in Art History and/or has contributed to the discipline at UCFV, UFV, or in the community.  The recipient is selected each year by Art History faculty, without application.

Past Recipients:

  • 1999 David Saito
  • 2000 Jaime Dehnke
  • 2001 Erin Armstrong
  • 2002 Joseph Blessin
  • 2003 Catherine Adamson
  • 2004 Peggy Bradshaw
  • 2005 Kerri Leeper
  • 2006 Tara Akins
  • 2007 Megan Arundel
  • 2008 Fiona Moes
  • 2009 Fiona Moes
  • 2010 Dian Grant
  • 2011 Marin Beck
  • 2012 David Seymour
  • 2013 Candice Okada
  • 2014 Terrill Smith

A number of Art History students have also won prizes for outstanding essays in the annual Writing Across the Curriculum competition.  For more information on these prizes, please visit the Writing Centre.

Art History students who have received writing prizes:

  • 1997  Kathy Davis - lower level research category.
  • 1998  Sandi Dressler "Toward a Future Hope: An Analysis of Augustus Egg's Past and Present" - critical analysis lower level category
  • 2002  Adam Neufeld "Photography and its Consequences"- critical analysis lower level and Joseph Blessin "The Pre-Oedipal M/other and Child and the Search for the Female Phallus: Feminine Absence, Psychoanalysis and Art Through the Ages" - critical analysis
  • 2003  Janet Smith "Henry Fuseli: A Study of the Sublime" - critical analysis
  • 2004  Megan Arundel  "The Female Nude, the Male Gaze and Artemesia Gentilechi's Susanna and the Elders" - critical analysis
  • 2005  Kelsey Wilson "Beyond Naturalism: Salvador Dali's Dreamworld" - First Year Research Informative category
  • 2014 David Seymour, "Undoing the Colonial Gaze: Adrian Stimson, Kent Monkman and 'Two-Spirit' Representation in Indigenous Art."-Explorations of Marginality category.
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