‌Current Exhibition— 

S’ELIYEMETAXWTEXW Art Gallery launch — Oct 16 

Tl’o Tem Wiyothtset: It’s Always Our time

Oct 16 – Nov 5

S’eliyemetaxwtexw (S-uh-lee-uh-mut-out-ook)

Join us for the launch of the new Visual Arts gallery title. The launch will coincide with an opening exhibition of reproductions from the on-going Tl’o Tem Wiyothtset – It is Always Our Time sign project coordinated by Laura Wee Lay Laq. These signs reveal the intrinsic relationship between the natural world, the Halq’eméylem language and, significant geographic landmarks located within Stó:lō traditional territory. Visit the following site to read more about the project written by Maddie Knickerbocker. http://thenhier.ca/fr/node/3682

Opening Reception:

Thurs, Oct 16 @ noon Abby B136

For more information, contact Grace Tsurumaru at grace.tsurumaru@ufv.ca



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