‌Past Exhibitions, 2014 —

StasisSculptural Works by UFV Students
Jan 7-28, 2015

Sculptural Works by UFV Students

Jan 7 -  28

This exhibition will feature work by UFV Visual Arts students from Foundations to upper-level Sculpture specialization, and will showcase the range of skills and materials used by the students of UFV.  The vision for this exhibition is to explore the traditional view of sculpture as static or permanent. Many of the works included in this exhibition incorporate materials and mediums that move, change over time, require audience participation, or even use performance as a component of the work. Thus we challenge the notion of sculpture as “static” with the idea of “stasis”. Stasis implies stillness and inertia, but also allows for potential, for release from stasis into movement, freedom, change and growth.

VA116 Annual Exhibition 

Nov 26 – Dec 2

Drawing inspiration from course readings, research, and previous projects as points of departure, the theme of “multiples” provides the unifying theme for this annual VA116 student exhibition. Examining the space, nooks and crannies of the gallery and the psyche, the culmination of completed works will be installed into a unified installation with the objective of simultaneously engaging the audience with a physical, visual, psychological and sentient experience.

Somthing More Than This

Jennifer Pride

Dec 8 – 19

Jennifer Pride, UFV Almuna, explores the paradoxical relationship (for her) between working as an artist and working within the arts sector. Her earnest desire to strike a balance between the two and remain inspired and retain a current and active practice will be key themes of, Something More Than This. Through unconventional use of media, this exhibition will be a sometimes self-effacing, often critical, but ultimately optimistic and endearing presentation of life/work balance, in all works’ forms.  


Alex Stewart (Alumnus)

May 22 – June 12, 2014

In the works by Alex Stewart, intricate and colourful designs obscure the faces of women hiding behind them, leaving the viewer to interpret what is missing. These designs entice the imagination with the illusion of a story that needs to be completed. The paintings are created from self-made stencils that are reworked in various images, and due to its ability to be reproduced, stencils are used for a single piece or limited editions before being destroyed. 

Alex is an exciting young artist from Chilliwack who has shown locally in the Fraser Valley and is currently exhibiting his paintings in Nashville. Everyone is welcome to this free event. 

The BFA Grad Show 2014

April 25, 2014 - May 16, 2014

See the Grad Show night on UFV's Flickr Account here and here

Every year members of the University of the Fraser Valley, and its surrounding community, come together to support a culturally enriching experience in the Visual Arts department: the BFA Grad Show. This year's exhibition will feature works by:

Michelle Auton
Angie Born
Chrissy Courtney
Jacqueline Cunard
Alisha Deddens
Kate Feltren
Nieyan Geng
Courtney Harrod
Dustin Haw
Darci Heard
Kristen Kitamura
Ashley Leclair
Mallory Legge
Anita Lewis
Dean Lethwaite
Vanessa Louwerse
Maryanne McFarlane
Kelsey McHattie-Simpson
Ashleigh Miller
Nastasha Mol
Maurice Mutot
Jason Peters
Jeff Rasmussen
Will VanDelft
Rachel VanTilborg
Anna Williams

All are invited to the opening reception on April 25 (Friday) at 6:30 PM in the VA Gallery, B136 

The Alumni Show


March 25, 2014 - April 11, 2014

The Gallery, Room B136

This exhibition showcases the range and talent of UFV's Visual Arts Alumni members. Works exhibited in The Alumni Show have been purchased through the Visual Arts' Student Purchase Award program, part of the University of the Fraser Valley's ongoing commitment to building and sustaining a diverse Permanent Art Collection and supporting students during their studies in the Visual Arts. It is a rare opportunity to see works  that span over two decades of the University's collection. 



Siobhan Humston
Drawing the Line: Work on Paper

March 6, 2014 - March 20, 2014


The Gallery, Room B136

The Visual Arts department is honoured to present an exhibiton by current artist is residence at Harrison Hot Springs, Siobhan Humston. Siobhan has been doing a residency at the Ranger Station Gallery since September 2012. She creates sculptures and large mixed media paintings on paper and wood panel, mixing imagery of the natural world with man-made items. Her previous residency was done in New York and Toronto where she had a solo exhibition in Parks Gallery. This exhibition will be accompanied by an artist talk on March 6, 2014. Visit the Artist Talks page for more details.




INCEPTIONS: UFV Visual Arts Diploma 2014 Grad Show.


March 7, 2014 to April 1, 2014. Opening Reception, March 9 from 1-4pm

Kariton Art Gallery

Join the Visual Arts department in celebrating the 2014 Visual Arts Diploma grads at the Kariton Art Gallery. The exhibition, INCEPTIONS, featuring work by diploma grads Ashley Bulthuis, Julie Epp, Michelle Auton, Tasha Hinterbrandner, Jessica Koplar, Lisa Edwards and Kaitlyn Ross will be on display from March 7 to April 1, 2014.

Please join the department and the grads on Sunday, March 9, from 1-4pm at Kariton Art Gallery for the Opening Reception. This event is free to  the public.



Silent Auction‌

February 24, 2014 - February 28, 2014.

The Gallery, Room B136‌

The Silent Auction is an exciting event dedicated to the development and support of the Visual Arts at UFV. Proceeds go to the production of the BFA Grad Show and for VA scholarships. The event is open to the public for five days only and provides a rare opportunity to acquire artworks that are affordable. This year the BFA Grad Silent Auction raised an astounding $3000. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the grads by biding on quality art works. 

Location: VA Gallery, B 136, Abbotsford Campus Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Mon – Thurs. Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

ATTENTION! The BFA Grads of 2014 need your help!

Please donate to their online funding campaign, and help them reach their goal. All funds raised go to the 2014 Grad exhibition, Some Assembly Required

Visit http://www.gofundme.com/ufvbfa to give today



Laura and David Saito

January 28, 2014 to February 12, 2014

The Gallery, Room B136

Laura Saito graduated from UFV in 2000 with a Diploma in Fine Arts. In 2003, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr. Her area of practice included sculpture, photography, painting, drawing and multi-media. Much of her work is rooted in the experience of history and memory and the relationship to the future's inherent uncertainty.

David Saito is also an alumnus of UFV (1999) and finished his BFA at Simon Fraser University in 2002. Like Laura, David utilizes diverse media of artistic production in his work, with a focus on image and text. His work centers on capitalism /consumerism and the ability, or inability, to foster an identity within these paradigms. This will be the first time that David and Laura have exhibited together.



It(wa)'s All About Me
Chris Janzen (alumnus)

January 8, 2014 - January 24, 2014

The Gallery, Room B136

Opening reception: Friday, January 10 at 7 pm.
Artist will be in attendance.

Chris graduated with a BFA from UFV in 2010 and has been teaching art at the high school level since 2011. He remains committed to creating work that is explicitly autobiographical in nature. This body of work represents the painful and the positive; the scars as well as an evolving set of priorities. Much of the work documents an attempted persona shift from self to husband and father. The show is comprised of works done in a variety of artistic mediums ranging from drawing and photography to video and audio pieces.

For more information, contact Chris Janzen at cjanzen@sd78.bc.ca or the Visual Arts department at visualarts@ufv.ca

If you missed Chris Janzen's exhibition in The Gallery at UFV, visit his website for a tour of the works that were on display.



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