New Media —

New Media offers an introduction to many of the exciting, experimental and sometimes controversial art practices of the 20th and 21st centuries as artists engage in works at the intersection of art, technology and electronic media. Through screenings, discussions and projects, students encounter a wide range of disciplines including video art, animation, sound art, performance art, interactive art, computational art, gaming and time-based and interactive installation. Keeping abreast in new media, students are exposed to artists, practices and ideas that expand traditional notions of what art can be, while bringing to light art’s capacity to question and influence our emerging culture today. From media production to software as artist’s medium New Media enriches the educational experience as it reflects the pulse of current art practices and the technological shifts in contemporary society.

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New Media houses digital video, sound and image editing suites and a computer lab with a variety of production and programming software and stocks a variety of audio-visual equipment that can support high quality media diffusion of audio and video. The Live Media Lab provides access to technical resources supporting projects in physical interaction and audiovisual installation. Students can also access audio and visual resources and equipment from the Instructional Media Services department.

Along with regularly scheduled New Media exhibitions and screenings that take place in the gallery and on campus, a permanently embedded flat-screen display and headphone set offers students the opportunity to exhibit their work in the hallway of the department.


Students can expect to incur costs ranging from $25-$100 for each New Media course. Many supplies can be purchased from the department, while other materials will be determined by the student. It is an asset if students can provide their own laptop computer (Macintosh platform is recommended), digital SLR and video cameras but it is not compulsory. Students are encouraged to purchase supplies as they need them.


  • USB Flash Drive and/or portable hard drives for archiving personal projects
  • MiniDv tapes for video recording
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Minidiscs


  • VA 271 New Media I
  • VA 272 New Media II
  • VA 371 New Media III
  • VA 372 New Media IV
  • VA 471 New Media Independent Study
  • VA 472 New Media Independent Study


VA 271 New Media I

This course offers an introduction to the language, content, and methods of time-based media. Students are introduced to video and audio art, time-based installation, and performance art. These media are investigated through both studio production and academic research. Many disciplines covered in this course share common histories and interrelated studio practices. Interdisciplinary work is therefore encouraged.

VA 272 New Media II

This course provides an introduction to contemporary currents in computational art practices. Students are introduced to the practice of using code as an artistic medium for the creation of works of procedural and interactive art. This course involves the mounting of an exhibition of works that can include high resolution prints of procedural art, online interactive audiovisual art and installation works. Students continue to develop technical and conceptual skills for production and critical engagement.

VA 371 New Media III

This course is intended to advance students' technical and conceptual knowledge of time and technology based art practices. A set of readings in new media theory and practice are discussed weekly. Students engage in a research and design process leading to the proposal and completion of an independent project in new media. Students actively contribute to course content by presenting independent research and initiating discussion in their area of interest.

VA 372 New Media IV

This senior studio course is designed to allow for independent research and material development. Students are exposed to professional practices while they develop a material and conceptual language around their work. Course content is explored through theoretical research, independent projects and a mock gallery submission.

VA 471 and VA 472 New Media Independent Studies

The objective of these courses is to offer students the opportunity to develop and possibly exhibit independent work paralleled by a refined artist's statement. Overall, students exercise greater independence and initiative as emerging artists. Students meet independently with the instructor, while scheduled group meetings facilitate class critiques and discussions.

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