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The Print Media program endeavors to promote the study and critique of contemporary culture by using experimental approaches to interdisciplinary print-based research. The fact that prints evolve in various stages and layers, offers the unique opportunity to work multi-dimensionally. Within this discipline, ideas are explored through sculpture, painting, photography, drawing and other media before a matrix is prepared for printing. The final result may reference or incorporate these other media. This program focuses on ideas built on the foundation of good technique and diversity of approach and presentation. Print Media is a tool that serves in the formation of works that foster a critical approach to the production of art. The medium also richly resonates with its own diverse, visual and historical vocabulary.


The Printmaking Studio is roomy, well-lit and well-ventilated with a large adjoining acid room. Nitric Acid and Ferric Chloride are used for etching zinc and copper plates. There is a separate rosin room with compressed air and a large hotplate just outside the room, for etching and relief. The studio contains two large and one small table-top hand-driven presses and rollers of various sizes to accommodate a wide range of print activity. A Print Media darkroom features an exposure unit for the production of photo-etching. As the media specific boundaries of print, photographic and digital practices are increasingly blurring, senior photography and print media students share a Mac Lab, which consists of 12 computers, an HP 24” wide colour printer, and flat bed scanning for film up to 4x5 format.

There is a large format bed scanner in the main print studio. Adjacent to the main print studio is a small silkscreen room with a separate facility for coating and storing screens. The exposure unit for screens resides in the main studio.

Students are required to follow safety procedures at all times, including solvent/acid resistant gloves and respirators when appropriate. Students are expected to maintain a clean working environment. A portion of the grade for all Print Media courses is based on studio practice, which includes the care and maintenance of equipment as well as general studio cleanliness.

For all Print Media Courses there will be an emphasis on the following:

  • The exploration of the unique characteristics of the print medium and on the development of a sensibility in relation to how print processes affect image development.
  • Developing an awareness of contemporary art/culture issues and practice and investigating the contexts within which print media is placed.
  • Exploring conceptual possibilities that are inherent within the print medium as a whole.
  • Achieving a solid technical foundation
  • The fostering of a responsible attitude towards health, safety, cleanliness and consideration of others in a cooperative studio environment.


  • VA 251: Print Media I
  • VA 252: Print Media II
  • VA 351: Print Media III: Mixed Media
  • VA 352: Print Media IV: Advanced Mixed Media
  • VA 451: Independent Study – Print Media
  • VA 452: Independent Study – Print Media


VA 251: Print Media I

This course introduces fundamental procedures of basic intaglio /relief methods, including etching, collograph, linocut, and various mono-printing techniques. Students will develop their own unique sensibilities in relation to how these processes affect creative image development. They will also gain understanding of the historical, social, and aesthetic ramifications of this medium and its relationship to contemporary art issues.

VA 252: Print Media II

This course will involve a continuation of the basics introduced in VA151 for creative and personal development. More advanced issues are explored, including advanced etching techniques, multiple plate, colour printing, mixing techniques, and concepts of production.

VA 351: Print Media III

This course introduces advanced techniques in print -media practice through individual projects. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a coherent body of work, which reflects the student's thought processes and critical thinking. This course is designed to encourage students to explore an interdisciplinary approach to image making such as mixing print mediums, or print with other studio disciplines, for creative and personal development. Depending on individual preferences, students can work in the medium of their choice. The instructor is available to guide students with the applications of photo silkscreen techniques, etching on copper, photo-intaglio, mono-print and mono-type techniques. 

VA 352: Print Media IV

This course is a further study of print-media art practice and theory. The primary focus will be on personal project development. Students will be encouraged to research their chosen area of interest to create a cohesive body of work in relation to their critical knowledge and understanding of the contemporary art issues discussed in class.

VA 451 & VA 452: Independent study – Print Media

These credit courses enable students with previous experience in printmaking to work under the supervision of the instructor and develop personal initiatives using the studio equipment facilities.

The student/instructor relationship is more informal than traditional, the instructor serving as a tutorial resource (both technical and conceptual). The students exercise their independence from the ongoing structured class, but are welcome to participate in demonstrations, discussions and projects as is their need.

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