Adult Basic Education Program

Fees and Costs

UUP courses are tuition free. UFV students are required to pay a variety of ancillary fees and buy their own textbooks and supplies. 

Funding is available for qualified ABE students in the form of the Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program (ABESAP).

All ABESAP applications must be submitted to Financial Aid a minimum of 4 weeks before classes are scheduled to start.


Fees and costs as they apply to UUP courses are described below.

Tuition and Ancillary Fees

At UFV there are no tuition fees for UUP Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses; these are courses at the 050-090 levels. This is true even if you are already a high school graduate or have obtained your GED certificate.

*Those enrolled in the ABEUP program and are taking first year University courses, full tuition, ancillary, and semester based fees apply. In addition you may also be required to pay the SUS Health and Dental plan fees.

Ancillary Fees

Ancillary fees support Activities and Athletics, Library and Technical Services, Legacy Fund, Student Insurance and the Student Recreation Centre. There are no ancillary fees charged for 050-060 levels.

The following table summarizes the tuition and ancillary fees charged for UUP ABE courses at UFV. 

Ancillary Fees for UUP ABE Courses

  Levels of courses beginning with 05-06 Levels of courses beginning with 07-09
Tuition $0.00 $0.00
Ancillary Fee per Credit $0.00 $5.69
Total per Credit $0.00 $5.69
Fee for a 1.5 Credit course $0.00 $8.54
Fee for a 3 Credit course $0.00 $17.07













Other Fees

In addition to Ancillary Fees, each semester all students - except those enrolled in courses numbered below 070 - are required to pay the semester based fees shown in the table below.

Student Union Society Membership fee $30.00
Student Union Society Capital fee $35.00
Universal Bus Pass fee (U-Pass)* $42.58
Radio Station fee $ 7.85
Cascade Newspaper fee $ 6.00
Student Transportation fee $17.75
Total Semester based fees $139.18
 *For more information on these fees, please visit the UFV Student Union Society website  

SUS Health and Dental Plan Fee

The SUS Health and Dental Plan fee of $215.59 is charged to students in nine or more credits for the Fall semester only, but provides coverage from September to August. For more information please click here , or call 1-866-358-4437, or visit the SUS office, Building C, Room C1015.

Other Costs

Books will cost approximately $160.00 - $190.00 per course. Supplies will cost approximately $20.00 per course.


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