Career Planning

Work Futures BC

Written for British Columbians, Work Futures provides employment facts and information about trends in today's labour market. It categorizes jobs and shows the kind of training required and where to get it. It also predicts how labour market conditions and employment prospects will change over the next decade.

WorkShoppers Online

 A resource for career management.


This site covers topics such as Exploring Careers, Going to School, Looking for Work, Resources for Career Practitioners, Labour Market Trends, and Government Programs and Services. There are many links to other relevant sites.

BC's Tourism Industry

Explore the many career options in tourism through interactive quizzes, tips on getting started, career profiles, and our online job board. Also, find out more about our Tourism Career Awareness presentations for students.  Discover the training and education options to advance your career within the tourism industry. Explore scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities.

Industry Training Authority - Apprenticeships

Learn about the ITA, the provincial government agency with responsibility for apprenticeships and industry training programs in B.C. The ITA is working to support existing apprenticeship options, and to identify new training approaches.


 How to do career planning

Working in Canada

Explore the world of work; Canada's National Career and Education Planning tool.

Career Paths Online                 

The place for life and career information and inspiration! What you'll find in this site: tips to take care of yourself, fun quizzes, facing day-to-day challenges, and real life stories. This site provides a 10 step guide to career planning.  After each step, there is an interactive quiz, the results of which can be stored, tabulated and even printed if you wish.  

Career Planning Process

Explore and gather information that will enable you to synthesize, gain competencies, make decisions, set goals and take action.

Career Development eManual

Are you concerned about the future? Are you unsure how to start your career? Do you need to make changes in your direction? Are you concerned about finding stable and secure work? The Career Development eManual is designed to help you consider these questions and many, many more!

 Job search

JobBank - Service Canada    

This is Service Canada's job bank program on the Internet. You can access job information for specific areas in every province. 

This site was put together by the Vancouver/Sun newspapers. Connect to the classifieds, breaking news about the Vancouver labour market, and all kinds of services related to job searching. The site will even send you job information if you want it to.

Job Search Manual

Learn about job hunting, job markets, resume and interview tips and career news.

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