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 The Five Paragraph Essay  A step-by-step guide.
University of Bristol
Improve Your Writing
Improve your understanding of grammar and punctuation to avoid the pitfalls of the built-in grammar and spell checkers.
Exercises at Grammar Bytes  Interactive exercises to find out if you have a hidden talent!

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

A GREAT reference for teaching organization, punctuation, parts of speech, sentence concerns, writing papers and more.

University of Victoria
Using Colons and Semi-colons
Easy multiple choice exercises to practice the use of colons and semi-colons.


From the University of Ottawa's Writing Centre. Provides definitions, explanations and examples ... many of them Canadian ... of common types of paragraph development and of parts of speech.

Native American Authors

This site has easily accessible information about the authors and their work. Some Canadian authors are included in this list.

American Folklore

This site has famous American folktales and legends, native American myths, weather folklore, ghost stories and more from each of the 50 states.

Vancouver Island University Great Books Home Page 

Source for literature, arts, science, music.

Classic Short Stories

Full versions of many of the classic short stories.

National Council of Teachers of English

Empire State College       


Empire State College  Exercise Room: Reading, Writing, Grammar

Steps for Writing a Research Paper

From the Writing Centre at the University  of the Fraser Valley (UFV).


Create your own learning activities.

English Companion

Provides information, resources, and illuminates books, ideas, organizations, and resources as aids to teaching.


This is an online magazine about writing. It focuses on using computers as a tool to encourage written communication.

Aardvark's English

This has a wealth of links regarding the English language.  Much of the focus is towards ESL situations, but there is much general information as well.


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