Upgrading and University Prep Interactive Sites

In these sites you can actually take part in an activity.  You can practice or review and receive feedback - often immediately.  As most of these sites use Java, they are more efficient if you have an up-to-date browser.  As well, some are very popular and are therefore not always available.

(A special welcome to the fall, 2009 Comp 061 students...)

Math Interactive�

These links provide practice, puzzles and games. Flashcards are popular.

English Interactive

There are crossword puzzles, wacky web tales, games, reading selections and practice quizzes with immediate feedback.

General Interactive

Some of the old favourites, such as checkers and hangman, are here, but there are some new ones too. As well, you can easily find postal codes and create maps.  You can also take part in two different Learning Styles surveys to get hints about ways to focus your own learning.

ESL�Focused Interactive

These sites were found on ESL websites, but they provide good practice for all who are brushing up on English.   (There are even some ready made Scavenger Hunts to practise searching the web.)

Computer Interactive  

These sites are designed to help you practice the terms and knowledge you have regarding the use of the computer and the Internet.  For a start, there are games and scavenger hunts.

Assessment Interactive

 A variety of self assessment is possible with these sites.


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