Assessment Interactive

The Essential Skills Portfolio 
(This link may not be working. It is the same address as on the NALD site, and in other places, but it seems to be temporarily out of commission.)

This is the centre of a learning/assessment package available free on the web. You must register, even with a fictitious name, to experience how the site actually works. 

Workshoppers Online 
On the site map there is a link to assessments. This site is useful in career planning workshops. Incidentally, the site was put together by UCFV AdEd graduate, Marion Tansey of Abbotsford.

Learning Styles 
This has information about Learning Styles plus an interactive learning styles survey. 

Teaching Perspectives Inventory 
The above site was about learning styles. This one is about teaching styles. It includes an interactive questionnaire for instructors to help focus on preferred teaching style...and how this might have impact on a class. 

Free Assessment Summary Tool. This tool is designed so that instructors can get anonymous on-line feedback from their students regarding the effectiveness of their classes.  (The sites here are not interactive. The actual test is.)
This site is being considered as an online assessment tool. Some sample tests are available here at an Oklahoma State University page.

Self Assessment Tool
For determining need for learning difficulties support.

Free Assessment Summary Tool  (FAST)
Traditionally, teaching assessments are conducted at the end of a course - a practice precluding students from offering constructive feedback while they are still in the course. However, conducting instructor-designed and administered web-based course assessments opens a proactive dialogue with students about teaching, the course, and the entire learning process.

The FAST project is committed to providing users with a simple online tool for assessing their students' impressions of their courses and their teaching. Using the software does not cost anything so if this is your first visit, become a user and see if FAST would be useful for you and your students.


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