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UUP Success Stories

 “I dropped out of high school at the age of 16, and entered the workforce,” Kayla recalls. “I soon learned I couldn’t live as comfortably as I wanted to unless I got more education. Returning to school seemed daunting and I thought it would be a long haul before I could ever reach the academic level needed for first-year university. Money was also an issue – how could I support myself financially while going to school? My very first visit to the Upgrading department answered most of these questions. The friendly staff provided me with information and helped me enroll in classes

“Upgrading at UFV has given me the confidence to succeed and the academic skills needed to develop my professional career. I am now working as an assistant at UFV in the Office of the Registrar. I recommend upgrading at UFV whenever I get the chance!”

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"By going back to school and completing my grade 12, it has totally prepared me for the big world. I still hate exams but I've gotten used to them and they don't intimidate me as much as they used to. I also learned the tools I need when it comes to preparing for exams. But not only that, what it showed me was that I can do what I put my mind to doing and get it done. Before I came to UFV, I felt stupid. I felt like a quitter and wondered how I was going to get anywhere in the world and accomplish my dreams. I had the drive and you had the encouragement and guidance. Since I have been on this journey I have met some awesome people... Thank you for what you do and all your help. Now I feel more confident and have more tools to help me conquer my dreams!!!"

"As an international student at UFV, I had to deal with different departments. One of the best departments I dealt with was the UUP department. The management at the UUP department were extremely friendly. They kept the registration process simple and informed me about everything I needed to know regarding my upgrading. Also, the instructors at the UUP department are very professional; they were more than happy to answer my questions and to guide me to successfully complete my classes. I thank all the staff at the UUP department for their support in helping me to achieve my goals. Their professional and friendly service supported me to finish my upgrading and proceed with my university degree. Once again I thank the UUP department for all their help and support."

 "Upgrading and University Preparation has given me the courage to think about and explore new opportunities that I would never have considered in the past. I didn't believe I had it in me to accomplish the things I am doing now. I used to think that university was a scary place that wasn't even a possibility for me, but UUP gave me the confidence to work towards goals I would never have imagined."

"When my son came home one day with geometry homework that I couldn't help him with, I knew it was time to go back to school. After arranging an appointment with the UUP Department, I started classes within one week and graduated a year later. During this time, I have decided to embark on a nursing career and everything has fallen right into place. Thank you UFV."


TASK students on work experience in Chilliwack community

TASK Success Stories

Zoning In On Kids

Workplace TASK helped Mika Schmautz narrow her career focus.  After doing a work experience at Purdy’s, Mika decided that despite chocolate’s good name, it was really the people she served that captured her interest.  From selling chocolate Mika landed a work experience at Kidzone Cultus Lake Preschool.  It was there that she zoned her interest on kids and their antics, and she learned the importance of calmness and consistency.  Mika’s calm demeanour and ability to build rapport with the children stood out to her work experience supervisor, who strongly recommended that Mika pursue the Early Childhood Education Field.

With the goal of a career in daycare beckoning her, Mika is preparing to take a year-long ECE program which starts in September 2014.    She is currently taking English 071 at UFV.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays she volunteers at Kidzone in the mornings by helping with art, gym class, and general supervision.  On Tuesday and Saturday afternoons you can find her at the concession stand at Cottonwood 4 Cinemas.

Mika certainly is a woman with a vision who uses her time for others.

Author Julia Byl


Hard Work

Armed with a stick to fend off pecking chickens, Winelle Barton collects approximately fifty eggs each morning as she works from 8:00 to 11:00.  She wheels the trays of eggs to a cooler room where they begin their journey which culminates in tasty omelettes, baking, or other treats.

However, Winelle’s work day does not end at 11:00!  Far from it!  At 3:00, she travels to Mt. Cheam Christian School where she works with one other person performing janitorial duties such as vacuuming, and cleaning desks, toilets, and windows so that the school sparkles in cleanliness for returning students and staff the next day.  Of all her tasks at the school, her favorite is washing windows, which she does once a week.

Winelle also house-cleans on a weekly basis.  In addition to the duties done as a school janitor, this job also entails doing laundry.

However, Winelle enjoys handling clothes, because in her spare time she sews dresses for young girls, which she usually gives away as gifts but sometimes sells.

Author Julia Byl





















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