Upgrading and University Preparation Staff

Instructional Assistants

Shannon Draney
Kulwant Gill (On Leave) BA (UCFV), Library and Information Tech Dip. (FVC)
Instructional Assistant, Abbotsford

Phone: (604) 854-4578
E-mail: shannon.draney@ufv.ca
Office: Abbotsford A224a

Michelle Vandepol
Instructional Assistant and Coordinator, Hope Centre

Phone: (604) 869-9991 (speed dial 3779 from UFV phone)
E-mail: michelle.vandepol@ufv.ca
Office: Hope Centre


Michelle Rickaby BA Adult Ed. (UFV), SS Dip, PID (VCC)
Instructional Assistant, Chilliwack CEP

Phone: (604) 795-2807
E-mail: michelle.rickaby@ufv.ca
Office: Chilliwack CEP A1403


Department and Program Assistants

Carrie Whitehouse

Nicole Kungle (On Leave)
Department Assistant, Mission and Chilliwack CEP

Phone: (604) 557-7615 or (604) 504-7441 Ext. 2534
E-mail: carrie.whitehouse@ufv.ca
Office: Mission D239a/Chilliwack CEP A1403

Linda Yamaguchi
Department Assistant, Abbotsford/Chilliwack CEP

Phone: (604) 854-4597 or (604) 504-7441 Ext. 2534
E-mail: linda.yamaguchi@ufv.ca
Office: Abbotsford A224 / Chilliwack CEP A1403


Julia Byl
Program Assistant, TASK Chilliwack CEP

Phone: (604) 792-0025 Ext. 2569
E-mail: julia.byl@ufv.ca
Office: Chilliwack CEP A1418            

Susan Williams 
IPM Agriculture Cert. (UCFV)
Biology Lab Assistant

E-mail: susan.williams@ufv.ca
Office: Abbotsford/Chilliwack/Hope Centre



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