Writing Across the Disciplines Faculty Reading Group

Do you have an article or a chapter on your bookshelf about student writing, (inter)disciplinary discourse, pedagogy or related issues to do with teaching and/or teaching writing in your discipline that you’ve been meaning to read? Do you want to have a forum in which to discuss it? The Writing Centre is starting a reading group for just such a purpose. Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to participate in this cross-disciplinary dialogue.

Email your RSVP to Shurli.Makmillen@ufv.ca with the title of your reading (if you’d like to add one), and she will be in touch about the next meeting. We meet once every month or so, and will continue over the summer. New faculty and sessional instructors are especially encouraged to come along.

Sample readings (additions welcome!):

Carroll, P., & Blake, F. (1996). When acceptance isn't enough: Helping ESL students become successful writers. English Journal,
85(8), 25.
Howard, R. (2000). Sexuality, textuality: The cultural work of plagiarism. College English, 62(4), 473.
McDonell, M. (2004). Protocols, political correctness and discomfort zones: Indigenous life writing and non-Indigenous editing.
Hecate, 30(1), 83-95.
Ritter, Kelly. (2008). E-Valuating learning: Rate my professors and public rhetorics of pedagogy. Rhetoric Review, 27(3), 259-280.
Shafer, G. (2004). Reforming writing and rethinking correctness. English Journal, 94(1), 66-71.
Sonnenmoser, R. (2009). The gatekeeping impulse and Professor X: An exploration. Assessing Writing, 14(2), 76-87.
Surmann, A. T. (1997). The effects of race, weight, and gender on evaluations of writing competence. Journal of Social Psychology, 137(2), 173-180.
Tompkins, J. (1990). Pedagogy of the distressed. College English, 52(6), 653-660.

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