Writing Across the Disciplines Faculty Reading Group

Do you have an article or a chapter on your bookshelf about student writing, (inter)disciplinarity, pedagogy or related issues to do with teaching in your discipline that you’ve been meaning to read? Do you want to have a forum in which to discuss it? The Writing Centre hosts a reading group for just such a purpose. We meet once every month or so, having read one article on our list. Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to participate in this cross-disciplinary dialogue.

Please contact Shurli.Makmillen@ufv.ca if you are interested

Sample readings (additions welcome!):

Carroll, P., & Blake, F. (1996). When acceptance isn't enough: Helping ESL students become successful writers. English Journal, 85(8), 25.

Harris, R. (2005). Language and the Aristotlean scientist.” The Semantics of Science. London: Continuum.

Howard, R. (2000). Sexuality, textuality: The cultural work of plagiarism. College English,62(4), 473.

McDonell, M. (2004). Protocols, political correctness and discomfort zones: Indigenous life writing and non-Indigenous editing. Hecate, 30(1), 83-95.

Ritter, K. (2008). E-valuating learning: Rate My Professors and Public rhetorics of pedagogy.” Rhetoric Review. 27(3), 259-280.

Shafer, G. (2004). Reforming writing and rethinking correctness. English Journal, 94(1), 66-71.

Sonnenmoser, R. (2009). The gatekeeping impulse and Professor X: An exploration. Assessing Writing, 14(2), 76-87.

Surmann, A. T. (1997). The effects of race, weight, and gender on evaluations of writing competence. Journal of Social Psychology, 137(2), 173-180.


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