UFV Writing Centre Writing Prize Competition Winners 2009/2010

Upper Level Process/Policy Analysis
Christina Henderson
“Securing Abortion Rights: An Examination of Historical and Contemporary Policy”
SOWK 493
Instructor: Georgina Marsom

Lower Level Short Fiction
Kam Fung Li
"Chicken or Egg A Food Story of a Family Custom"
English 081
Instructor: Susan DeLong

Upper Level Critical Analysis in French
Katey Stickle
Huis Clos et la theorie existentialiste”
Français 315
Instructor: Betty-Joan Traverse

Upper Level Critical Analysis
Michelle Hamel
“Women Within the Black Panther Party: A Historiographical Treatment”
History 370
Instructor: Sylvie Murray

 William Brooke
"Richard Rorty's Children"
Philosophy 364
Instructor Anastasia Anderson

 Upper Level Discourse Analysis
Alison MacNamara
“An Anti-Racist Critique of Avatar”
SOWK 320
Instructor: Lisa Moy

Lower Level Film/Play Analysis
Brett Pardy

Film 120
Instructor: Lorette Clement-Smith

Upper Level Research
Nik Zimmerman
“1948 and All That: How the Refugee Problem Became the Root of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”
History 335
Instructor: Steven Schroeder 

Upper Level Literary Analysis
Matthew Loewen

English 338
Instructor: Miriam Nichols

Lower Level Research
Barbara Hallam
Video Games in Public Libraries: Game On"
Library Technology 200
Instructor: Jan Lashbrook Green

Upper Level Research Reports
Bradley W. Carss

Business 430
Instructor: Joe Ilsever

Lower Level Critical Analysis
Cindy Phillips
"Final report"
Philosophy 100
Instructor: Moira Gutteridge

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