Council Charge

The UFV Academic Advising Council, under the auspices of the President and the Provost and Vice President, Academic, shall promote the cooperation, collaboration and efficient use of resources among Academic Advisors across the institution, and provide UFV with a resource of academic advising expertise with respect to initiatives and policy changes which affect students and the institution.


  • Will advance the understanding of the purpose and function of academic advising at UFV;
  • Will act as a resource for UFV with respect to initiatives and policy changes;
  • Will promote collaboration among all of the UFV personnel charged with academic advising and with our community partners to ensure the efficient use and distribution of resources;
  • Will promote student success and retention through academic advising;
  • Will promote/ provide professional development opportunities and training to prospective, new and current academic advisors;
  • Will promote evidence-based, transparent and accountable systems by defining and evaluating academic advising services;
  • Will promote excellence in teaching, learning and scholarly activity related to academic advising;
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