The University of the Fraser Valley recognizes academic advising to be a critical component of the educational experience for all students. Advisors work with students to define and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal, academic and careers goals.  Advisors are committed to preparing students for a life of continual learning and adaptability with the purpose of guiding them to become self-directed learners and critical thinkers.


Advisors at UFV play an interpretive role with various stakeholders across the institution. Advisors work directly with administrators, faculty and staff thereby enhancing a well-grounded understanding of UFV student needs.

Advisors will…

  • promote student success and retention through academic advising practices grounded in student development theory
  • guide students through the discovery of all the curricular and co-curricular opportunities that UFV offers
  • align advising practices to the institutional learning outcomes
  • advance the purpose and function of academic advising at UFV
  • promote collaboration among all of the UFV personnel charged with the academic advising to ensure the efficient use and distribution of resources
  • promote excellence in teaching, learning and scholarly activity related to academic advising
  • provide UFV with a resource of academic advising expertise with respect to initiatives and policy changes which affect students and the institution
  • promote and provide professional development opportunities for advisors
  • engage in respectful and professional practices with UFV and the broader community


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