Here's what ABT graduates say!

Being a student in the ABT program, I found the faculty to be supportive, responsive, and fun. The instructors care about your success, offering many real-world examples to reinforce what you are learning. The variety of concepts learned keeps you interested and the intensity of the program rewards you with tremendous knowledge and confidence. Having completed the program, I feel that I have received a unique experience, made some friends, and have solid expertise to offer employers. ~Michael, March 2016

Taking the ABT program was an amazing experience! Now that I have graduated, I can choose any career path I want, as the ABT program was full of such transferable skills, they will be used anywhere I go. I am stunned at how much my life has changed in six months. ~Jessica, March 2016

I have nothing but praise for the Applied Business Technology program! My instructors were amazing as they were always available for both academic help and personal support. The transition into the professional field was seamless due to the knowledge gained and the skills developed during the course. Guest speakers helped me gain a beneficial insight into the career before me and also became valued professional contacts. I highly recommend the ABT program to anyone who is wanting to obtain an administrative professional role in their careers. ~Kristy, June 2015

The ABT program exceeded all of my expectations. The instructors were nothing but amazing. They encouraged me and wanted to see me succeed in all of the courses. They gave me the tools that I needed and the confidence to go after the job I always wanted, which I did get. If it wasn't for these instructors I would not be where I am today. Whenever I speak of this program, I always speak very highly of it and would recommend it to any one, no matter what age.                                     ~Cassandra, June 2015 

The Applied Business Technology Program has been hugely beneficial to me. The instructors are amazing and made the program enjoyable even through the stressful times. I would and will recommend ABT to all who ask about the program. Without ABT I would not have landed the school district position that I currently hold.  ~Teddie, 2013

I was impressed by the willingness of my instructors to aid in my success. Having the ABT certificate has given me the ability to walk into a new job feeling prepared and confident. ~Karen, 2007

I would like to thank everyone in the Applied Business Technology program for helping me develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the workplace today. I recommend ABT to people all the time, and I would not be enjoying my fantastic job at UFV without it. Thank you so much! ~Danielle, 2007

I thank you most sincerely for the past six months. At my age this life experience has given me not only new skills and more confidence, it has caused me to appreciate and re-evaluate my own abilities and work background. ~Mila, 2004

[T]he ABT program far exceeded my expectations in preparing me for...the workplace. I think the program has contributed most of all to my self-esteem and confidence in what I really can do...I wasn’t necessarily taking [the program] so I could get a better job...I just wanted to learn some new skills. Now that I have completed my practicum, I find that I am looking for a new job, and that I definitely feel I can do what is needed to get the job that I want. ~Hana, 2004 


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