Terms of ReferenceAnimal Care Committee Terms of Reference (2018)


The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is committed to the humane and ethical care and use of animals and adheres to the principle that in order for animal use to be justifiable in science, the research or teaching must have a reasonable expectation of providing a benefit to the health and welfare of people or of animals, or of advancing basic knowledge.

To ensure that this commitment is carried out, UFV has established an animal care committee to facilitate research and teaching that complies with Canadian Council on Animal Care Guidelines and Policies and with the Three Rs’ tenet of "reduction, replacement and refinement".

UFV must work with the Animal Care Committee to ensure that all animal users and caregivers are informed of and comply with institutional animal care and use policies and procedures.

The animal care committee will operate in accordance of these terms of reference.

UFV Animal Care Committee Terms of Reference ( PDF)

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