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Qualifying Studies

Qualifying Studies (QS) is an admission category designed to help students meet their academic goals. The Qualifying Studies category, in conjunction with mandatory advising and other support services, help students develop a clearly-articulated route to their academic goal. Qualifying Studies students can apply to a UFV program once they meet entrance requirements.

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You may consider Qualifying Studies if you:

  • don't yet meet specific program entrance requirements
  • have missed a university program admission deadline
  • are not ready to enter a program, but want to take a few courses to get started
  • want to explore their interests before applying to a certificate, diploma, or degree program, or
  • need additional coursework for their professional development

Qualifying Studies students are required to:

  1. meet with an Academic Advisor prior to completing 30 credits to develop an education plan that identifies developmental-level and university-level courses required to meet their goals, and 
  2. be accepted into a certificate, diploma, or degree program by the time they have completed 30 university-level credits (i.e., courses numbered 100 and above)

Note: Developmental‑level credits (i.e., credits earned for courses numbered below 100) do not contribute to the 30‑credit limit.

For more information on Qualifying Studies, please read the Qualifying Studies regulations or click here to view the academic calendar for entrance requirements.

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