Agriculture Education

Post-Secondary Agriculture Education (B.C.)

This is a listing of all of the post-secondary agriculture educational programs and courses in British Columbia.

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Program/Course Type Institution Course #
Advanced Food ProcessingCourseBCITFOOD 6010
Advanced Statistical Methods/Computer Skills for Food TechnologyCourseBCITMATH 3441
Aerial Photograph and Map InterpretationCourseBCITRENR 1120
Applied Ecology in BCCourseBCITRENR 2117
Applied Research ProjectCourseBCITFOOD 8390
Applied Research Project ICourseBCITECOR 9300
Applied Research Project IICourseBCITECOR 9400
ArxGIS for RENRCourseBCITRENR 2102
Assessing and Managing RisksCourseBCITFOOD 5255
BiologyCourseBCITFOOD 1035
Chemistry 1 for Food TechnologyCourseBCITCHEM 1103
Chemistry 2 for Food TechnologyCourseBCITCHEM 2203
Communication 1 for Biotechnology/Food TechnologyCourseBCITCOMM 1144
Communication 2 for Biotechnology/Food TechnologyCourseBCITCOMM 2244
Communication 3 for Food TechnologyCourseBCITCOMM 3444
Computer ApplicationsCourseBCITRENR 1111
Concepts of Ecological Restoration and the Physical EnvironmentCourseBCITECOR 9100
Dairy ProcessingCourseBCITFOOD 1151
Dairy Processing WorkshopCourseBCITFOOD 2151
Directed Studies For Food TechnologyCourseBCITFOOD 4395
Earth Science and SoilsCourseBCITRENR 1130
Ecological RestorationMasters of ScienceBCIT 
Ecosystem ClassificationCourseBCITRENR 2100
Environmental Law EnforcementCourseBCITRENR 2240
Environmental MonitoringCourseBCITRENR 3190
Field Applications of Restorations PrinciplesCourseBCITECOR 9200
Fish Ecology and Management 1CourseBCITRENR 3225
Fish Ecology and Management 2CourseBCITRENR 4225
Food Analysis 1CourseBCITFOOD 3040
Food Anlysis 2CourseBCITFOOD 4045
Food Chemistry CourseBCITFOOD 5040
Food MicrobiologyCourseBCITFOOD 2020
Food Plant Layout and DesignCourseBCITFOOD 6050
Food Processing 1CourseBCITFOOD 2010
Food Processing 2CourseBCITFOOD 3010
Food Processing 3CourseBCITFOOD 4010
Food Safety Associate CertificateBCIT 
Food Safety and SanitationCourseBCITFOOD 3255
Food Safety for the Plant WorkerCourseBCITFOOD 1301
Food TechnologyDiplomaBCIT 
Food technology and Operations ManagementBScBCIT 
GPS and Digital Field Data CollectionCourseBCITRENR 2111
HACCP and Food Safety ImplementationCourseBCITFOOD 8255
HACCP: Developing a HACCP PlanCourseBCITFOOD 1189
HACCP: Environmental MonitoringCourseBCITFOOD 2161
HACCP: Internal AuditingCourseBCITFOOD 2163
HACCP: Prerequisite ProgramsCourseBCITFOOD 1179
HACCP: Standard Operating ProceduresCourseBCITFOOD 2162
HACCP: Supplier Quality AssuranceCourseBCITFOOD 2160
Introduction to Food MicrobiologuCourseBCITFOOD 1021
Introduction to Food TechnologyCourseBCITFOOD 1095
Management and Regulatory AffairsCourseBCITFOOD 6255
Management for Food TechnologyCourseBCITBUSA 1102
Natural Resources Measeurements 1CourseBCITRENR 1105
Natural Resources Measurements 2CourseBCITRENR 2110
Parks and Outdoor Recreation Management 1CourseBCITRENR 3215
Parks and Outdoor Recreation Management 2CourseBCITRENR 4215
Physics for Food Technology 1CourseBCITPHYS 1145
Physics for Food Technology 2CourseBCITPHYS 2145
Planning and Monitoring for Ecological RestorationCourseBCITECOR 9110
Plant IdentificationCourseBCITRENR 1125
Process Systems for Food TechnologyCourseBCITFOOD 4020
Product Development 1CourseBCITFOOD 4050
Quality Control 1CourseBCITFOOD 3035
Quality Control 2CourseBCITFOOD 4030
Quality SystemsCourseBCITFOOD 7030
Renewable Resources (Fish, Wildlife and Recreation)DiplomaBCIT 
Research MethodsCourseBCITFOOD 3390
Restoration of Aquatic EcosystemsCourseBCITECOR 9220
Restoration of Terrestrial EcosystemsCourseBCITECOR 9210
Safety Skills for Field TechnologistsCourseBCITRENR 1112
Statistics for Food Technology CourseBCITMATH 2441
Sustainability and the Environment for Food ProcessorsCourseBCITFOOD 7070
Technical Mathematics for Food TechnologyCourseBCITMATH 1441
Wildlife Ecology and Management 1CourseBCITRENR 3220
Wildlife Ecology and Management 2CourseBCITRENR 4220
ZoologyCourseBCITRENR 2230
Agriculture and Food SystemsCourseKPUAGRI 2250
Agroecosystem Management ICourseKPUAGRI 3290
Agro-Ecosystems Management IICourseKPUAGRI 3390
Agro-Ecosystems Management IIICourseKPUAGRI 4190
Animal AgricultureCourseKPUAGRI 3260
Applied Research Project 1 HorticultureCourseKPUHORT 4810
Applied Research Project 2CourseKPUHORT 4820
Applied Urban EcosystemCourseKPUHORT 3210
Arboriculture ICourseKPUHORT 1240
Arboriculture IICourseKPUHORT 2442
Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable AgricultureBach Applied ScienceKPU 
Bachelor of Horticulture Science, Major in Urban ecosystemsBach Horticulture ScienceKPU 
Bachelor of Horticulture Science, Minor in Plant HealthBach Horticulture ScienceKPU 
Basic Machinery Operation and MaintenanceCourseKPUHORT 1118
BC Pesticide Applicator Certification CourseKPUHORT 1105
Biological Control in Pest ManagementCourseKPUHORT 3330
Botany for HorticultureCourseKPUHORT 1102
Business Management in HorticultureCourseKPUBUSI 1209
Business of AgricultureCourseKPUAGRI 3135
Citation in Horticulture Technology, ArboricultureSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Foundation in Landscape DesignSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Garden Centre OperationsSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Horticulture ScienceSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Introduction to Sustainable HorticultureSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Landscpae Plant HealthSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Production FacilitiesSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Production Horticulture in BCSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Production Plant HealthSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Residential Lawn CareSpecializationKPU 
Citation in Horticulture Technology, Turgrass Pest ManagementSpecializationKPU 
Crop Physiology and EcologyCourseKPUAGRI 3398
Crop Production DevelopmentCourseKPUHORT 2493
Crop Production OperationsCourseKPUHORT 1293
Crop Production PerformanceCourseKPUHORT 2393
Crop Production PracticesCourseKPUHORT 1193
Diploma in Horticulture Technology Landscape Horticulture Systems SpecializationSpecializationKPU 
Diploma in Horticulture Technology Sustainable Crop Production SpecializationSpecializationKPU 
Diploma in Horticulture Technology Turf Management SpecializationSpecializationKPU 
Directed Studies ICourseKPUAGRI 3599
Directed Studies IICourseKPUAGRI 4599
Ecologically Based Pest managementCourseKPUAGRI 2240
EntomologyCourseKPUHORT 3310
Environmental Effects of Plant Health ManagementCourseKPUHORT 4350
Environmental Turf ManagementCourseKPUHORT 2332
Experimental Design and AnalysisCourseKPUAGRI 3225
Fall FloricultureCourseKPUHORT 2371
Food System Field AnalysisCourseKPUAGRI 1299
Forest Crop ProductionCourseKPUHORT 2472
Forest Seedling ProductionCourseKPUHORT 1172
Foundations of Plant Health CourseKPUHORT 1217
Fruit and Nut Crop ProductionCourseKPUAGRI 3280
Golf Course Irrigation Systems, Designs, and OperationsCourseKPUHORT 2437
Golf Course ManagementCourseKPUHORT 2436
Greenhouse Climate ControlCourseKPUHORT 2473
Greenhouse Vegetable ProductionCourseKPUHORT 2372
Grounds MachineryCourseKPUHORT 2304
Grounds Machinery MaintenanceCourseKPUHORT 2432
horticultural Work ExperienceCourseKPUHORT 2300
Horticulture Technology: DiplomaDiplomaKPU 
Horticulture Work ExperienceCourseKPUHORT 2302
Internship CourseKPUAGRI 4295
Introduction to Landscape PracticesCourseKPUHORT 1122
Introduction to Plant MaterialsCourseKPUHORT 1155
Introduction to Sustainable HorticultureCourseKPUHORT 1110
Introductory Equipment MaintenanceCourseKPUHORT 1116
Irrigation and Drainage PracticesCourseKPUHORT 2334
Landscape and Environment 1CourseKPUHORT 3251
Landscape and the Environment : ApplicationsCourseKPUHORT 4252
Landscape and the Environment ICourseKPUHORT 1119
Landscape ConstructionCourseKPUHORT 2426
Landscape Design 1CourseKPUHORT 2320
Landscape Design IICourseKPUHORT 2420
Landscape Drafting CourseKPUHORT 1224
Landscape Estimating and Contract AdministrationCourseKPUHORT 2412
Landscape Gardening MethodsCourseKPUHORT 1124
Landscape Pest ManagementCourseKPUHORT 2308
Monitoring, Inventory, and Assessment of Plant CommunitiesCourseKPUHORT 3250
National and Global Regulatory IssuesCourseKPUHORT 4370
Organic Crop ProductionCourseKPUHORT 2490
Pest ManagementCourseKPUHORT 4340
Pesticide Applicator/Dispenser CertificationCourseKPUHORT 1101
Plant ID for ProductionCourseKPUHORT 1246
Plant Identification 2CourseKPUHORT 1255
Plant Materials II CourseKPUHORT 2355
Plant PathologyCourseKPUHORT 3320
Plant PropagationCourseKPUHORT 1261
Plant ScienceCourseKPUAGRI 2190
Production Facilities and SystemsCourseKPUHORT 2375
Production Horticulture PestsCourseKPUHORT 2378
Production ManagementCourseKPUHORT 2477
Production Practices - FallCourseKPUHORT 1171
Production Practices - SpringCourseKPUHORT 1271
Research Project ICourseKPUAGRI 3399
Research Project IICourseKPUAGRI 4299
Riparian ManagementCourseKPUHORT 4231
Scouting, Monitoring, and Assessment of PestsCourseKPUHORT 3360
Society and HorticultureCourseKPUHORT 4480
Soil Stewardship and ManagementCourseKPUAGRI 2220
Soils and Growing MediaCourseKPUHORT 1104
Special Topics in Food Systems ICourseKPUAGRI 3591
Special Topics in Food Systems IICourseKPUAGRI 4591
Special Topics in HorticultureCourseKPUHORT 2599
Special Topics in HorticultureCourseKPUHORT 4599
Sports Turf Management PracticesCourseKPUHORT 1232
Sports Turf Management PracticesCourseKPUHORT 2335
Spring FloricultureCourseKPUHORT 2479
Supervisory SkillsCourseKPUBUSI 1205
Sustainable Agriculture for the 21st CenturyCourseKPUAGRI 1150
Sustainable Human EconomyCourseKPUAGRI 2230
Sustainable Landscape Design ICourseKPUHORT 2327
Sustainable Landscape Design IICourseKPUHORT 2427
Sustainable Turf ManagementCourseKPUHORT 1230
Turf Maintenance OperationsCourseKPUHORT 1132
Turfgrass and Environmental StressCourseKPUHORT 2330
Turfgrass Pest ManagementCourseKPUHORT 2333
Urban AgricultureCourseKPUHORT 3270
Urban EcologyCourseKPUHORT 4253
Urban Watershed PlanningCourseKPUHORT 3230
Vegetable Crop ProductionCourseKPUAGRI 3270
Vegetation ManagementCourseKPUHORT 4440
Woody Plant Production and DevelopmentCourseKPUHORT 2463
Work Experience ReportCourseKPUHORT 2306
World Trends in AgricultureCourseKPUAGRI 4298
Botany and Soil ScienceCourseOKCHT
Honours Bachelor of Science - Oenology and Viticulture (Brook University Transfer Program)University TransferOKC 
Introduction to Grape GrowingCourseOKCVIT 22
Introduction to Grapes and WinesCourseOKCWINE 21
Landscape ConstructionCourseOKCHT
Landscape Horticulture CertificateCertificateOKC 
Landscape MaintenanceCourseOKCHT
Operation, Management and Safety of Vineyard EquipmentCourseOKCVIT 04
Plant IdentificationCourseOKCHT
PracticumCourseOKCVIT 13
Vineyard ManagementCourseOKCVIT 23
Viticulture CertificateCertificateOKC 
Viticulture CertificateCertificateOKC 
Viticulture Technician DiplomaDiplomaOKC 
Wine Sales CertificateCertificateOKC 
Winery Assistant CertificateCertificateOKC 
Biology and Management of InsectsCourseSFUBISC 816
Ecological and Molecular Interactions between Insect Vectors and ParasitesCourseSFUBISC 852
Insecticide Chemistry and ToxicologyCourseSFUBISC 846
Master of Pest Management Program (Department of Biological Sciences)Graduate DegreeSFU 
Plant Diseases and Plant BiotechnologyCourseSFUBISC 841
Population Dynamics and DemographyCourseSFUBISC 838
Resource and Environmental ManagementBachelor of EnvironmentSFU 
Special Topics in Pest Ecology and ManagementCourseSFUBISC 884
Animal Biology CourseTRUMajor- BSc
Animal Health TechnologyCourseTRUDiploma
Animal WelfareCourseTRUCertificate
Bachelor of Natural Resource ScienceCourseTRUDegree
Basic HortifucltureCourseTRUHORT 1500
Diseases and Insect PestsCourseTRUHORT 1520
Ecology and Environmental BiologyCourseTRUMajor-BSc
Environmental ChemistryCourseTRUMajor- BSc
Fisheries ManagementCourseTRUNRSE 4100
Food Systems at a local level and beyondCourseTRUAGSC 2200
Fruit and Vegetable ProductionCourseTRUHORT 1620
Geography and Environmental StudiesCourseTRUMajor - BA
Greenhouse ProductionCourseTRUHORT 1510
Horticulture Communications English 1CourseTRUCMNS 1300
Horticulture Communications English 2CourseTRUCMNS 1310
Horticulture Practical 1CourseTRUHORT 1700
Horticulture Practical 2CourseTRUHORT 1700
Horticulture PracticumCourseTRUHORT 1900
LandscapingCourseTRUHORT 1630
Master of Science in Environmental ScienceCourseTRUGraduate - MSc
Nursery Production and RetailingCourseTRUHORT 1610
Retail Meat ProcessingCourseTRUApprenticeship
Retail Meat ProcessingCourseTRUCertificate
Soil ScienceCourseTRUHORT 1540
Turfgrass ManagementCourseTRUHORT 1640
WeedsCourseTRUHORT 1600
Environmental StudiesBScTWU 
Environmental Studies - Biochemical emphasisBScTWU 
Environmental Studies - Environmental Management and Planning emphasisBScTWU 
Environmental Studies - Natural Systems and Resources emphasisBScTWU 
Environmental Studies - Physical and analytical emphasisBScTWU 
Advanced AgroecologyCourseUBCAPBI 460
Advanced Insect PhysiologyCourseUBCPLNT 532
Advanced Production AnalysisCourseUBCAGEC 508
Advanced Soil BiologyCourseUBCSOIL 512
Advanced Soil PhysicsCourseUBCSOIL 513
Advanced Soil ProcessesCourseUBCSOIL 501
Advanced Soil Sampling, Analyses and Data InterpretationCourseUBCSOIL 503
Advanced Sustainable Soil ManagementCourseUBCSOIL 502
Advanced Topics in Animal NutritionCourseUBCAANB 524
Advanced Topics in Fish CultureCourseUBCAANB 580
Advanced Topics in Vegetable Crop ProductionCourseUBCPLNT 517
Advances in Food AnalysisCourseUBCFOOD 520
Advances in Food BiotechnologyCourseUBCFOOD 521
Advances in Food ChemistryCourseUBCFOOD 522
Advances in Food MicrobiologyCourseUBCFOOD 523
Advances in Food Process ScienceCourseUBCFOOD 524
Advances in Food ScienceCourseUBCFOOD 510
Advances in Food ToxicologyCourseUBCFOOD 525
Advances in Plant BreedingCourseUBCPLNT 513
Agribusiness ManagementCourseUBCFRE 515
Agricultural EconomicsMScUBC 
Agricultural Watershed ManagementCourseUBCSOIL 520
AgroforestryCourseUBCAPBI 444/FRST 444
Analysis of Plant PerformanceCourseUBCPLNT 525
Animal Physiology ICourseUBCAPBI 311
Animal Physiology IICourseUBCAPBI 312
Animal Welfare and Animal Ethics CourseUBCAANB 515
Animal Welfare and Conservation BiologyCourseUBCAPBI 416
Animal Welfare and the Ethics of Animal UseCourseUBCAPBI 315
Animals and Global IssuesCourseUBCAPBI 414
Animals and SocietyCourseUBCAPBI 314
Applied AgroecologyCourseUBCAPBI 461
Applied Animal BehaviourCourseUBCAPBI 415
Applied Animal Biology MajorMajorUBC 
Applied Animal Biology PracticumCourseUBCAPBI 496
Applied Animal Health and PhysiologyCourseUBCAPBI 410
Applied Biology Program (BSc)BScUBC 
Applied EconomicsCourseUBCFRE 528
Applied International NutritionCourseUBCFNH 455
Applied Plant and Soil Sciences MajorMajorUBC 
Applies Plant BreedingCourseUBCAPBI 318
Approaches to the Integration of KnowledgeCourseUBCLFS 501
Aquaculture Field StudiesCourseUBCLFS 301
Audio StorytellingCourseUBCLFS 400
B.S.c in Agroecology (no longer offered)BScUBC 
B.S.c in Applied Biology (APBI)BScUBC 
B.S.c in Food, Nutrition, and HealthBScUBC 
B.S.c in Global Resource SystemsBScUBC 
Biological ControlCourseUBCPLNT 531
BiometeorologyCourseUBCSOIL 514
Biotechnology in Agriculture Food ProductionCourseUBCAPBI 235
Business Concepts in Food, Nutrition and HealthCourseUBCFNH 415
Capstone in Sustainable Agriculture and Food SystemsCourseUBCAPBI 465
Career Development InternshipCourseUBCLFS 496
Clinical Dietetics ICourseUBCFNH 470
Clinical Dietetics IICourseUBCFNH 475
Commodity Markets and Price AnalysisCourseUBCFRE 501
Co-operative Work Placemement IVCourseUBCLFS 499
Co-operative Work Placement ICourseUBCLFS 398
Co-operative Work Placement IICourseUBCLFS 399
Co-operative Work Placement IIICourseUBCLFS 498
Critical Perspectives on Consumer Food PracticesCourseUBCFNH 342
Current Issues in Food and resource EconomicsCourseUBCFRE 490
Current Issues in Nutrition and MetabolismCourseUBCHUNU 503
Current Issues in Nutrition and MetabolismCourseUBCHUNU 505
Current Topics in Animal GeneticsCourseUBCAANB 514
Dietetic Internship ICourseUBCFNH 481
Dietetic Internship IICourseUBCFNH 482
Dietetic Internship IIICourseUBCFNH 483
Dietetics MajorMajorUBC 
Directed StudiesCourseUBCFOOD 530
Directed StudiesCourseUBCLFS 297
Directed StudiesCourseUBCLFS 530
Directed StudiesCourseUBCPLNT 530
Directed StudiesCourseUBCSOIL 530
Directed Studies CourseUBCAANB 530
Directed Studies CourseUBCAGEC 530
Directed Studies CourseUBCAPBI 497
Directed Studies CourseUBCHUNU 547
Directed Studies in Food, Nutrition and HealthCourseUBCFNH 497
Doctoral DissertationCourseUBCAANB 649
Doctoral DissertationCourseUBCANSC 649
Doctoral DissertationCourseUBCFOOD 649
Doctoral DissertationCourseUBCHUNU 649
Doctoral DissertationCourseUBCLFS 649
Doctoral DissertationCourseUBCPLNT 649
Doctoral DissertationCourseUBCSOIL 649
Dual Degree Program (FNH & Education)MajorUBC 
Economics of Food ConsumptionCourseUBCFRE 460
Ecophysiology and HorticultureCourseUBCAPBI 423
Enology and Wine BiotechnologyCourseUBCFNH 430
Environmental Economics and PolicyCourseUBCFRE 525
Equine Biology, Health and NutritionCourseUBCAPBI 316
Exploring Our FoodCourseUBCFNH 200
Financial and marketing Management in Agri-Food IndustriesCourseUBCFRE 516
First Nations Health and the Traditional Role of PlantsCourseUBCLFS 340
First Nations Health and the Traditional Role of PlantsCourseUBCLFS 340
Fish DiseasesCourseUBCAPBI 419
Fish NutritionCourseUBCFNH 454
Food AnalysisCourseUBCFNH 302
Food and Nutritional Sciences Double MajorMajorUBC 
Food and the Environment ICourseUBCAPBI 260
Food and the Environment IICourseUBCAPBI 360
Food and the Environment MajorMajorUBC 
Food Chemistry ICourseUBCFNH 301
Food Laws, Regulations and Quality Assurance CourseUBCFNH 403
Food Market AnalysisCourseUBCFRE 502
Food Market Analysis MajorMajorUBC 
Food Process ScienceCourseUBCFNH 309
Food Product DevelopmentCourseUBCFNH 303
Food SafetyCourseUBCFNH 413
Food Science Laboratory ICourseUBCFNH 325
Food Science Laboratory IICourseUBCFNH 326
Food Science Laboratory IIICourseUBCFNH 425
Food Science MajorMajorUBC 
Food Service Systems ManagementCourseUBCFNH 440
Food TheoryCourseUBCFNH 340
Food Theory ApplicationsCourseUBCFNH 341
Food, Nutrition & Health MajorMajorUBC 
Food, Nutrition & Health Program (BSc)BScUBC 
Forest and agricultural climatlolgyCourseUBCAPBI 244
Functional Foods and NutraceuticalsCourseUBCFNH 402
Fundamentals of Agri-Food BusinessCourseUBCFOOD 515
Fundamentals of NutritionCourseUBCFNH 350
Global Issues in Cultural ContextCourseUBCGRS 290
Global Issues in Cultural ContextCourseUBCGRS 390
Global Issues in Cultural ContextCourseUBCGRS 490
Global Resource Systems Program (BSc)BScUBC 
Graduate Research SeminarCourseUBCPLNT 523
Graduate SeminarCourseUBCAANB 500
Graduate SeminarCourseUBCAGEC 500
Graduate SeminarCourseUBCLFS 500
Graduate SeminarCourseUBCSOIL 500
Graduating ProjectCourseUBCFRE 547
Grapevine and Berry Crop Biology CourseUBCAPBI 442
Grapevine and Berry Crop Biology CourseUBCPLNT 542
Greenhouse Horticulture SystemsCourseUBCAPBI 420
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and Food Safety ManagementCourseUBCFOOD 512
Horticultural TechniquesCourseUBCAPBI 322
Human Nutrition Over the Life SpanCourseUBCFNH 471
Insect EcologyCourseUBCAPBI 427
Instrumentation for BiometeorolgyCourseUBCSOIL 524
Integrated Crop ManagementCourseUBCAPBI 421
Integrated Functional GenomicsCourseUBCFNH 436
Integrated Pest ManegmentCourseUBCAPBI 428
Integrated Watershed ManagementCourseUBCSOIL 515
Intensive Fish ProductionCourseUBCAPBI 418
International Agricultural DevelopmentCourseUBCFRE 340
International Field StudiesCourseUBCLFS 302
International Field StudiesCourseUBCLFS 302
International Food Laws and RegulationsCourseUBCFOOD 528
International Nutition Field StudiesCourseUBCFNH 460
International NutritionCourseUBCFNH 355
International Nutrition MajorMajorUBC 
International Resource Economics and DevelopmentCourseUBCFRE 540
Introduction to EntomologyCourseUBCAPBI 327
Introduction to Global Food MarketsCourseUBCFRE 306
Introduction to Land, Food and CommunityCourseUBCLFS 100
Introduction to Soil ScienceCourseUBCAPBI 200
Introduction to Wine Science 1CourseUBCFNH 330
Introduction to Wine Science IICourseUBCFNH 335
Introductory Plant PathologyCourseUBCAPBI 326/BIOL 315
Key Indicators of Agroecosystem SustainabilityCourseUBCAPBI 361
Laboratory in Integrated Functional GenomicsCourseUBCFNH 439
Laboratory Methods in Sensory EvaluationCourseUBCFOOD 529
Land and Resource EconomicsCourseUBCFRE 374
Land and resource EvaluationCourseUBCSOIL 517
Land and Water SeminarCourseUBCSOIL 510
Land, Food and Community ICourseUBCLFS 250
Land, food, and Community IICourseUBCLFS 350
Land, Food, and Community III: Food System SustainabilityCourseUBCLFS 450
Land, Food, and Community: Quantitative Data AnalysisCourseUBCLFS 252
M.Sc. SeminarCourseUBCFOOD 500
M.Sc. SeminarCourseUBCHUNU 531
M.Sc. ThesisCourseUBCHUNU 549
Major EssayCourseUBCAGEC 548
Major ProjectCourseUBCSOIL 548
Managerial EconomicsCourseUBCFRE 295
Market Research and Analysis in Agri-Food IndustriesCourseUBCFRE 402
Master of Food Science Practicum ProjectCourseUBCFOOD 531
Master of Food Science WorkshopsCourseUBCFOOD 511
Master's ProjectCourseUBCSOIL 549
Master's ThesisCourseUBCAANB 549
Master's ThesisCourseUBCAGEC 549
Master's ThesisCourseUBCANSC 549
Master's ThesisCourseUBCFOOD 549
Master's ThesisCourseUBCLFS 549
Master's ThesisCourseUBCPLNT 549
Microorganisms in Food SystemsCourseUBCFNH 313
Molectular Genetics of Plant-Microbe InteractionsCourseUBCPLNT 508
Nutrient Metabolism and Implicatios for HealthCourseUBCFNH 451
Nutrition and Disease PreventionCourseUBCFNH 477
Nutrition AssessmentCourseUBCFNH 370
Nutrition Concepts and ControversiesCourseUBCFNH 250
Nutrition Education in the Community CourseUBCFNH 473
Nutrition LaboratoryCourseUBCFNH 450
Nutritional Physiology of Domestic AnimalsCourseUBCAANB 520
Nutritional Sciences MajorMajorUBC 
Participatory Research Methodologies in Agricultural SciencesCourseUBCLFS 502
Ph.D. SeminarCourseUBCFOOD 600
Ph.D. SeminarCourseUBCHUNU 631
Plant DomesticationCourseUBCAPBI 422
Plant GenomicsCourseUBCAPBI 440
Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory CourseUBCPLNT 540
Plant PhysiologyCourseUBCAPBI 324
Plant PhysiologyCourseUBCAPBI 351
Plant VirologyCourseUBCPLNT 536
Plant-Microbe InteractionsCourseUBCAPBI 426/BIOL 421
Policy Analysis for Food, Environment and ResourcesCourseUBCFRE 503
Principles of Food Engineering CourseUBCFNH 300
Principles of Wildlife Management in Forests and Agricultural EnvironmentsCourseUBCAPBI 495
Production and Postharvest Physiology of Vegetable CropsCourseUBCAPBI 417
Professinal Dietetic Practice ICourseUBCFNH 380
Professional Communications StrategiesCourseUBCSOIL 550
Professional Dietetic Practice II CourseUBCFNH 381
Professional Dietetic Practice IIICourseUBCFNH 480
Protein Metabolism and Nutirion in Domestic AnimalsCourseUBCAANB 522
Quantitative Methods for Business and Natural Resource ManagementCourseUBCFRE 585
Quantitative Methods for Business and Resource ManagementCourseUBCFRE 385
Regional Directed Field StudiesCourseUBCGRS 397
Regional Directed Field StudiesCourseUBCGRS 497
Reproductive Physiology and TechnologyCourseUBCAPBI 411
Research Methods in Applied Animal BiologyCourseUBCAPBI 398
Research Methods in Food ScienceCourseUBCFOOD 526
Research Methods in Human NutritionCourseUBCFNH 398
Research Methods in Human NutritionCourseUBCHUNU 500
Research Metholdology in Applied Animal BiologyCourseUBCAANB 504
Scholarly Writing and Argumentation in Land and Food SystemsCourseUBCLFS 105
Sciencetific Inquiry in Plant and Soil SciencesCourseUBCAPBI 397
Small Business Management in Agri-food IndustriesCourseUBCFRE 302
Soil and the Global EnvironmentCourseUBCAPBI 100
Soil BiologyCourseUBCAPBI 342/FRST 309
Soil ProcessesCourseUBCAPBI 401
Soil Sampling, Analyses and Sata InterpretationCourseUBCAPBI 403
Special Topics in Food ScienceCourseUBCFOOD 527
Sport NutritionCourseUBCFNH 474
Stress and Coping and AnimalsCourseUBCAPBI 413
Summer Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture and Food SystemsCourseUBCAPBI 365
Sustainable Agriculture and Food SystemsCourseUBCAPBI 265
Sustainable Soil ManagementCourseUBCAPBI 402
The Economics of International Trade and the EnvironmentCourseUBCFRE 420
ThesisCourseUBCAPBI 499
Topics in Agricultural SciencesCourseUBCLFS 490
Topics in Animal WelfareCourseUBCAANB 550
Topics in Applied BiologyCourseUBCAPBI 490
Topics in Food and Resource EconomicsCourseUBCFRE 521
Topics in Food, Nutrition, and HealthCourseUBCFNH 490
Topics in Land and Forest Resource EconomicsCourseUBCAGEC 520
Topics in Plant PathologyCourseUBCPLNT 535
Tutorials in Animal Welfare Research CourseUBCAANB 551
Tutoring in Problem-Based LearningCourseUBCLFS 505
Undergraduate EssayCourseUBCAPBI 498
Undergraduate ThesisCourseUBCFNH 499
Undergratuate EssayCourseUBCFNH 498
Urban Watershed ManagementCourseUBCSOIL 516
Vascular PlantsCourseUBCAPBI 210
Vitamins, Minerals, and Health CourseUBCFNH 351
Water International DevelopmentCourseUBCSOIL 518
Weed ScienceCourseUBCAPBI 328
Applied Fluvial Geomorphology Field TechniquesCourseUBC-OEESC 435
Aqueous Environmental ChemistryCourseUBC-OCHEM 301
Earth and Environmental SciencesBScUBC-O 
Earth and Environmental SciencesMScUBC-O 
Earth and Environmental SciencesPhDUBC-O 
Energy Resources ManagementCourseUBC-OEESC 367
Environmental MicrobiologyCourseUBC-OBIOL 381
Environmental ScienceCourseUBC-OEESC 101
Freshwater MicrobiologyCourseUBC-OBIOL 330
Freshwater ScienceBScUBC-O 
HydrogeologyCourseUBC-OEESC 342
Weather and ClimateCourseUBC-OEESC 212
Agribusiness PrinciplesCourseUFVAGRI 142
Agriculture and Rural LifeCourseUFVGEOG 313/SOC 313
Agriculture Seminar SeriesCourseUFVAGRI 272
Agriculture Technical DiplomaDiplomaUFV 
Animal BehaviourCourseUFVBIO 390
Bachelor of Agricultural Science - Horticulture MajorDegreeUFV 
Bachelor of Business Administration for Agriculture ManagementDegreeUFV 
Berry Production Essentials CertificateCertificateUFV 
Conservation BiologyCourseUFVBIO 310
Current Agriculture Practices Essentials CertificateCertificateUFV 
Dairy Production and Management: Science & PracticeCourseUFVAGRI 331
Directed Studies in AgricultureCourseUFVAGRI 210
Directed Studies in AgricultureCourseUFVAGRI 390
Directed Studies in AgricultureCourseUFVAGRI 490
Eating and Thinnking: Food, Identity, and Power in Global SocietiesCourseUFVSOC 360
Enterprise Project: Part ICourseUFVAGRI 247
Enterprise Project: Part IICourseUFVAGRI 248
Equine Production and ManagementCourseUFVAGRI 238
Farm and Equipment SafetyCourseUFVAGRI 183
Field Techniques in Pest ManagementCourseUFVAGRI 206
Field Vegetable Production Essentials CertificateCertificateUFV 
Floral DesignCertificateUFV 
Food for Thought: Food, Culture and SocietyCourseUFVSOC 260
Forage Crop Production: Science & PracticeCourseUFVAGRI 328
Fruit Crop Production: Science & PracticeCourseUFVAGRI 323
Fundamentals of Pest ManagementCourseUFVAGRI 203
Garden Design FundamentalsContinuing EdUFV 
Geography of FoodCourseUFVGEOG 314
Greenhouse Production: Science & PracticeCourseUFVAGRI 324
Horticulture Crop Production and Protection CertificateCertificateUFV 
Horticulture Skills and Techniques for FallCourseUFVAGRI 123
Horticulture Skills and Techniques for WinterCourseUFVAGRI 129
Insect BiologyCourseUFVBIO 360
Integrated Pest Management Essentials CertificateCertificateUFV 
Introduction to EcologyCourseUFVBIO 210
Introduction to HorticultureCourseUFVAGRI 124
Introduction to On-Farm Food Safety, Quality and SecurityCourseUFVAGRI 212
Introduction to Soils and Soil FertilityCourseUFVAGRI 204
Introduction to the Health and Nurition of Farm AnimalsCourseUFVAGRI 237
Livestock Production CertificateCertificateUFV 
Management and Production of Beef, Sheep, and GoatsCourseUFVAGRI 239
Management and Production of Poultry and SwineCourseUFVAGRI 256
MarketSafeContinuing EdUFV 
Milker Technician CertificateCertificateUFV 
Nursery Production and Propagtion: Science & PracticeCourseUFVAGRI 327
Pest Biology and IdentificationCourseUFVAGRI 163
Pesticide Applicators Certificate - LandscapeCertificateUFV 
Plans in the LandscapeCourseUFVAGRI 220
Plant EcologyCourseUFVBIO 410/GEOG 410
Practicum ICourseUFVAGRI 192
Practium IICourseUFVAGRI 292
Pruning WorkshopContinuing EdUFV 
Ruminant Animal HealthCourseUFVAGRI 254
Special Topics (Equine Science topic)CourseUFVBIO 420
Special Topics (Global Sustainability)CourseUFVBIO 420
Special Topics (Sustainable Food Systems)CourseUFVGEOG 300
Sustainable Holistic Agriculture: Planning and PracticesCourseUFVAGRI 371
Sustainable Soil ManagementCourseUFVAGRI 311
Vegetable Crop Production:Science & PracticeCourseUFVAGRI 321
Master Gardener CertificateCertificateUNBC 
Master of Arts in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (Environmental Studies)Master of ArtsUNBC 
Natural Resource Management - Wildlife and FisheriesBScUNBC 
Advanced Fish CultureCourseVIUFISH 331
Advanced Fish Culture: ACourseVIUFISH 331A
Advanced Fish Culture: BCourseVIUFISH 331B
Applied HydrologyCourseVIUFISH 353
Applied Hydrology: BCourseVIUFISH 353B
Aquaculture Practices ICourseVIUFISH 371
Aquaculture Practices IICourseVIUFISH 372
Aquaculture Practicum IICourseVIUFISH 172T
Aquaculture Practicum IIICourseVIUFISH 271T
Aquaculture Practicum IVCourseVIUFISH 272T
Aquaculture Practium ICourseVIUFISH 171T
Aquatic EcosystemsCourseVIUBIOL 320
Aquatic HabitatsCourseVIUFISH 132
Aquatic Plant Ecology and CultureCourseVIUFISH 204
Bachelor of Science in Fisheries & AquacultureBScVIU 
Biological Issues in ForestryCourseVIUBIOL 356
Biology of FishesCourseVIUFISH 124
BiomentricsCourseVIUMATH 203
Coastal and Estuarine EcosystemsCourseVIUFISH 322
Concepts in BiologyCourseVIUFISH 123
Co-operative Education Placement ICourseVIUFISH 175T
Co-operative Education Placement IICourseVIUFISH 275T
Current Topics in BiologyCourseVIUBIOL 403
Directed StudiesCourseVIUFISH 490
Diseases of Fish and ShellfishCourseVIUFISH 341
Diseases of Fish and Shellfish: ACourseVIUFISH 341A
Diseases of Fish and Shellfish: BCourseVIUFISH 341B
Environmental Chemical AnalysisCourseVIUCHEM 311
Environmental HydrologyCourseVIUFISH 307
EvolutionCourseVIUBIOL 402
Fish Habitat Assessment and RehabilitationCourseVIUFISH 453
Fish HealthCourseVIUFISH 241
Fish Husbandry ICourseVIUFISH 227
Fish Husbandry OOCourseVIUFISH 127
Fisheries Engineering I - HydrologyCourseVIUFISH 253
Fisheries Engineering II - HydraulicsCourseVIUFISH 254
Fisheries Field TechniquesCourseVIUFISH 281
GeneticsCourseVIUBIOL 212
Horticulture Technician ProgramCertificateVIU 
IchthyologyCourseVIUFISH 324
Ichthyology: ACourseVIUFISH 324A
Integrated Resource Management SeminarCourseVIUFRST 242
Introduction to Fisheries ManagementCourseVIUFISH 223
Introductory Field TripCourseVIUFISH 100T
Introductory ZoologyCourseVIUBIOL 121
Invertebrate Identification and Biology for RMOT StudentsCourseVIUFISH 207
Invertebrate ZoologyCourseVIUFISH 205
Lake and Stream EcosystemsCourseVIUFISH 321
Larval Rearing and Invertebrate CultureCourseVIUFISH 222
Life History and Management of SalmonidsCourseVIUFISH 211A
Marine Biodiversity and ConservationCourseVIUFISH 420
Microbial EcologyCourseVIUBIOL 332
Non-Vascular PlantsCourseVIUBIOL 353
Physiology and Genetics of ProkaryotesCourseVIUBIOL 331
Preparation for Co-operative Education Placement ICourseVIUFISH 174T
Preparation for Co-operative Education Placement IICourseVIUFISH 274T
Principles of BiochemistryCourseVIUBIOL 201
Principles of Cell BiologyCourseVIUBIOL 200
Project in Aquaculture IICourseVIUFISH 192T
Project in Aquaculture IIICourseVIUFISH 291T
Project in Aquaculture IVCourseVIUFISH 292T
Project in Husbandry ICourseVIUFISH 191T
Project in Husbandry IVCourseVIUFISH 392
Salmonid Husbandry CourseVIUFISH 327
Salmonid Husbandry: ACourseVIUFISH 327A
Salmonid Husbandry: BCourseVIUFISH 327B
Shop SkillsCourseVIUFISH 162T
Summer Field PracticumCourseVIUFISH 473
Terrestrial EcosystemsCourseVIUBIOL 322
Tropical Biology CourseVIUBIOL 395
Tropical Costal ScosystemsCourseVIUFISH 333
Tropical Marine AquacultureCourseVIUFISH 334
Trout CultureCourseVIUFISH 210
Undergraduate Research ProjectCourseVIUFISH 491
VirologyCourseVIUBIOL 334
Warm Water CultureCourseVIUFish 231
Work ExperienceCourseVIUFISH 173T

Current Students