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Lenore Newman

Lenore Newman, PhD

Canada Research Chair, Food Security and Environment

Geography and the Environment

Abbotsford campus, B353

Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 4805

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I began my studies at the University of British Columbia where I completed an Honours BSc in Physics and Astronomy. I then developed a strong interest in food and the environment during a period of extensive travel. I returned to university and completed an MES and PhD in Environmental Studies at York University; my thesis developed a complex adaptive systems theory approach to sustainable development.

I then had the opportunity to do postdoctoral work at Royal Roads University (RRU), where I studied community-level sustainable development, urban form, and the geography of farmers markets; I continued this work as an assistant professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability at RRU.

In my spare time, I write for the popular press and enjoy hiking, culinary anthropology, and eating interesting foods. I live in East Vancouver and spend a lot of time haunting farmers markets, coffee shops, and obscure library collections.


PhD, York University, 2004

MES, York University, 1999

BSc (Hons), University of British Columbia, 1996

Teaching Interests

Core courses:

GEOG 140: Human Geography

GEOG 314: Geography of Food

Research Interests

The goal of my Canada Research Chair in Food Security and the Environment is to understand Canada's foods of locality; that is, the foods that help define our regions and help define our overall identity as a nation. I approach this work through a spatial, geographical lens, but I'm never far away from my environmental roots as so many of our food systems are under threat.

I also look at the nature/culture interaction, particularly with respect to food production and the city, and I look at issue of spatial justice with respect to access to food in the city. I also study chefs and the preservation of culinary literacy, and general issues of sustainable food systems.

I am constructing a database of Canada's food, in conjunction with a book documenting key elements of our cuisine. Photography is a key component of my research methodology. For more information about my writing and research, see my website, Sand and Feathers.

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