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Building Agricultural Resilience

This project aims to strengthen the agriculture sector in southwestern BC by increasing the diversity of crop production and encouraging new and existing farmers to bring unused agricultural land back into production. The project is comprised of land use mapping, field trials, case studies and the development of marketing strategies. Funded by the Abbotsford Community Foundation.

Surrey BioPod

The Surrey BioPod was established through an innovative partnership of the City of Surrey, the John Volken Academy, and the University of the Fraser Valley, with provincial and federal funding administered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation. The state-of-the-art side-by-side greenhouses are used for research, training, and the production of food for consumption at the Academy, and for sale in the Price Pro store. Previous tests include the use of high-diffusion polyethylene cladding, vertical growing systems and vegetable variety trials.

Affinor Vertical Growing Systems

Affinor Growers have partnered with UFV and the City of Surrey to test their vertical growing systems at the Surrey BioPod. By taking advantage of the vertical space in the greenhouse and utilizing individually supplied water and nutrients, the system has to date produced more than 14 times the production per square meter than conventional bed growing systems.

Low Tech Urban Agriculture

The purpose of this project was to create a digital handbook that provides innovative strategies to support urban agriculture with very little capital. The strategies are aimed at promoting agriculture in less-developed communities. This project was supported by the UFV Work Study program.

Importance of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program

Seasonal agricultural workers have become an essential source of labour that enables BC producers to remain competitive in a global marketplace. This research documents the role of this labour source on production activities and its contributions to regional food security.

BC Hazelnut Growers Association

UFV is collaborating with the BCHGA to increase hazelnut production and value added processing in the Fraser Valley. The project is comprised of engineering of new equipment, development of enterprise plans and public meetings. This project is funded by the Abbotsford Community Foundation.

The State of Agriculture in Punjab

Punjab is the bread basket of India, but the sector is facing significant resource and logistical challenges. This project describes environmental, logistical and policy challenges that are constraining production of the state and then identifies opportunities for innovative technologies and management approaches that could improve the regional food security.


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