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Basis for admission decision
Competitive admission
What happens after I apply?


The admissions decision

If you meet the entrance requirements, you will be admitted either on a competitive basis or according to the date of your completed application, depending on the program. Check the Basis for the admission decision section for your program in the online calendar. For programs that admit on a competitive basis, if you apply and meet all entrance requirements by the application deadline, you will be considered on the basis of criteria that are outlined in the program information in the UFV calendar under Basis for admission decision.

Early application is always recommended, so that you receive an earlier response. In some cases this will result in an earlier admission decision and will usually result in an earlier registration time. 



Competitive admission

For programs that admit on a competitive basis, applicants who apply and meet all entrance requirements by the application deadline are considered for admission on a best-prepared basis. The details of how applicants are ordered is contained in the program information in the UFV calendar under Basis for admission decision. Grades or grade point average and other factors may be considered.

Early applications are recommended for the following reasons:

  • Applicants who apply early in the application period will be notified if there are any outstanding requirements, and will have an opportunity to meet them before the deadline. Please note, it is the applicants responsibility to ensure that all documents are submitted by the deadline.
    • Fall semester: January 31
    • Winter semester: August 31 (August 15th for all Nursing programs)
    • Summer semester: December 31
  • An earlier application date might determine precedence among applicants who are otherwise equally qualified.
  • Application date currently affects registration order for new students (this is under review).


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What happens after I apply?

We confirm we've received your application.

We will send you an email indicating we have received your application within three business days of your submission. Your permanent UFV student ID number and information about accessing your myUFV account will be included. You will need your ID to access your record and UFV student email through myUFV. Keep your UFV ID secure and confidential so only you can access your student record.

We notify you via your myUFV email account about the status of your application.

We check your application to determine whether or not you have provided everything listed for your program in the How to Apply section of the UFV calendar. We will contact you by email to your UFV email address to let you know if you are missing documents or information or if your application is complete.

You can check your application status using your myUFV account.

We review applications for admissibility.

Once we receive all the documents required for your program, your application will be reviewed by the program department or by Admissions, depending on the program. Some programs may require you to attend an interview or orientation. If so, you will be notified.

If qualified, you will be considered for admission. Applicants are ordered according to the criteria outlined in the UFV calendar under Basis for admission decision for your program.

We notify you about the admission decision.

Once your application has been assessed, we will contact you to tell you whether or not you have been accepted into your chosen program. We generally offer admission to an alternate program (usually to Qualifying Studies) if you are not admitted to your program of choice. Preliminary information about registration dates and procedures will be included. Once you have been admitted to a program, you can access your full UFV record through myUFV.

Your acceptance to a program may be conditional upon completing all entrance requirements. You will be given a deadline to provide proof of completion (normally by August 3 for Fall semester).


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