Extended Studies in a Program

Passed third reading at UCC, 10 April, 2002
Approved by UCFV Board, 1 May, 2002

This framework permits the creation of a Certificate in Extended Studies in an area that of allows graduates of a program to complete further work to meet additional options of the program.

This certificate may also be used to complete a major, minor or option in another area if students have completed an equivalent level program. For example, a student who has completed a Bachelor of Business Administration may be admitted to the Certificate in Extended Studies in Arts : Major English.


The program is identified with both the program from which studies are continuing and the associated option. For example, studies in Library and Information Technology could have three certificates:

  • Extended Studies in Library and Information Technology: Records Management Option
  • Extended Studies in Library and Information Technology: Library Option
  • Extended Studies in Library and Information Technology: Information Technology Option

Credential Awarded

The certificate is offered under policy 64 Graduation Awards as a type B certificate - at least 5 credits and fewer than 30 credits. In some cases a particular option may require more than 30 credits; a type B certificate will still be awarded. 

The credential awarded is a Certificate in Extended Studies in an area with a particular option.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted students must be a graduate of the program for which this certificate is Extended studies or at an equivalent level as determined by the program head. Applicants will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis to the specific Extended Studies program area and the major, minor or option they are seeking. They will not be admitted without a major, minor or option. 

As with other programs the number of people admitted may be affected by the space available.

Program Requirements

The certificate program must require the same standards as the program it extends from.

The course requirements are the same as those given in the calendar for the supporting program major, minor or option. Students will be given a program plan that lists the required work.


The certificate would be recognized at convocation and recorded on the student's transcript with the appropriate option.

Program Approval Process
Departments/programs may seek approval to offer this certificate for any or all of the majors, minors or options they offer as long as the work requires at least an additional five credits of course work. The program approval process that is used for Continuing Education programs will be used.

Registration Order

Students admitted to the certificate would be given a registration order in accordance with the registration order for the program in which they are doing extended studies.

Reserved Seats

Seat reservations would not normally be made for students in this program. However, since the major, minor or option is the same as the primary program, any seats reserved for the major or option would be available to these students (seats are not reserved for minors). For example, if there are seats reserved for History Major students, then both students in the BA or the Certificate in Extended Studies in Arts: History Major may register in those seats.

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