General Framework for UFV Honours Degree

from minutes of UEC 17 February, 2012

To recognize UFV students who are capable of superior academic performance. An Honours designation will appear on both the transcript and the degree parchment for graduates of such a program.


1. Minimum CGPA of 3.33 (B+) required for admittance to an honours program. Departments may set a higher CGPA requirement.

2. Honours programs must contain additional academic requirements that correspond to a major as specified by the department, including either:
  • up to 12 additional upper-level credits, or
  • a concentration of at least nine upper-level credits applicable to the major which are not mandatory in that program.
An honours course, seminar, thesis, or project must be included as part of the above requirements. Students should be aware of the pre-requisites for the above criteria and plan accordingly.
3. Students who fail to meet the graduation requirements for an honours program, but do meet the requirement for the corresponding major, will be awarded a non-honours degree.


Individual honours proposals will be approved by curriculum (or equivalent) committees prior to submission UEC and Senate. The submission must include an indication of the additional resources required to run the program.

APPROVED as of 11 December, 2012

For more information, please visit UEC Resources

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