Schedule of Courses

ADED 370 and ADED 470 can be scheduled any semester. Read more details

Fall 2017 course schedule Note: Change made to ADED 305 start and end time which is different from the DCU time table

2017 Fall Textbooks

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Note: ADED courses with a * are Workplace Education Certificate (WEC) courses. 

Students near completion of the degree should contact the program advisor to be assisted with final requirements.  

All program requirements must be completed in the winter semester in order to graduate in June of the same year.  


Fall 2017
ADED 305                               Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment Recognition Janice Johnson
ADED 390 Research in Adult Education Seonaigh MacPherson
ADED 407* Organizational & Workplace Learning  Geeffrey Soloway
ADED 408* Assessing Adult Learning Mary Saudelli
ADED 410  Adult Education and Social Change Roselynn Verwoord
ADED 425 Curriculum Design for Adult Learning Seonaigh MacPherson 


Winter 2018
                    ADED 320*  Adult Learning                                                                            TBA                                    
ADED 340* Program Planning & Evaluation  TBA
ADED 215 Foundations of e-Learning TBA
ADED 435 Facilitating Adult Learning Janice Johnson
ADED 423 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction  Seonaigh MacPherson 


Summer 2018
ADED 310 Fundamentals of Adult Learning   TBA
ADED 360 Adult Education in Canada: History and Trends  TBA
ADED 420  Adult Education in the Global Context TBA

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