Adult Education


Yes, you must have a UFV student number in order to register and have an assessment.

Transfer credits are the granting of credits by one institution for the courses or programs successfully completed at another institution or agency. The credits may be assessed and assigned as equivalent to a specific UFV course or unassigned. E.g. BUS 2XX.

PLAR credits are earned through the assessment of evidence students provide of the informal learning they gained from life and work for academic credit. It can include courses which did not provide transferable credit. 

Program-based PLAR allows students to receive up to 54 credits. There is a maximum of 90 credits available through prior learning assessment (including transfer credit) which can be used to earn the BA AE degree. This includes a combination of program-based and course challenges PLAR. All BA AE required courses must be completed. Contact the program advisor for information.

Contact the receiving post-secondary institute — they may or may not.

PLAR credits are not letter grades but credits which do not count toward your GPA.

No, if you wish to challenge a course outside of the ADED department you will need to contact the department assistant of that particular department. i.e. contact the English Department assistant for any English courses you plan to challenge.

You will pay at the time of registering for the course challenge or the program-based PLAR submission. The department will contact you with information prior to your registration.

This is not covered by Financial Aid.

For students who are pursuing program-based PLAR, there will be a rubric provided and other information gained in the course ADED 305 Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment Recognition.

Students wishing to do a course- challenge for PLAR will be provided with a checklist and other information.

Students can decide to pursue a course challenge at any time. Once an assessor is confirmed, you have until near the end of the semester you registered for the challenge to submit. The assessor will provide final submission dates.


Since participating in the Adult Education program, I have incorporated many of the skills and concepts into my everyday work. I feel strongly that my involvement in the Adult Education program has enhanced my work, and has given me the critical thinking skills needed to develop new programming and further my career.

  • – Garrison Duke
  •    Director of Employment at Abbotsford Community Services

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