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Interested in Nursing?

Have you applied to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Practical Nursing Diploma, or the LPN-Access BSN? Check to ensure you have completed all the admissions requirements. Please note that Nursing programs are highly competitive. Meeting the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission and all documents must be received by the application deadline.

If you have applied to one of the programs above and are not accepted, you will be entered into Qualifying Studies* in order to:

  • Upgrade, if necessary, for your desired program.
  • Have the option to take a few non-nursing classes (applicable to BSN only).
  • Register for PNUR 147, pending seat availability (applicable to PN diploma only). Options outside of UFV for this course can be found in this Transfer Guide for PNUR 147.

* If you have a future application pending, you may be placed in Nursing Track. This allows you to take classes, if needed, as above.

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