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Program Planning

Use the documents and links below to assist you with program planning. We recommend visiting an advisor to assist you in your course planning. Book an appointment with an advisor at any time.

Bachelor of Agricultural Science


1st Year Sample Plan

4 Year Sample Plan

Course Flowchart

Department Website

Agricultural Science                     1 Year plan BAS 4 Year Plan BAS                Agriculture Department

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Computer Information

1st Year Plan CIS           

2 Year CIS Diploma

4 year CIS  

Flowchart CIS   

CIS Department        

Data Analysis

Data Analysis Post-Degree Certificate                        1 Year Certificate Plan DAC                               More Information


Engineering Transfer Program 1 year Engineering Transfer More Information
Engineering Physics Diploma - Mechatronics    Engineering Physics - Mechatronics Diploma Plan  More Information

Bachelor of Science


1st Year Sample Plan 

4 Year Sample Plan 

Course Flowchart    

Department Website


1st Year BIO

4 year BIO

Flowchart BIO

Biology Department


1st year CHEM

4 year CHEM

Flowchart CHEM

Chemistry Department

Computing Science

1st year COMP SCI 

4 year COMP SCI

Flowchart COMP SCI

CIS Department

Physical Geography

1st year PHYS GEOG 

4 year GEOG 

Flowchart GEOG

Physical Geography Department


1st year MATH

4 year MATH

Flowchart MATH

Mathematics Department


1st year PHYS

4 Year PHYS

Flowchart PHYS

Physics Department

Explore Science

(for undecided students)

1st year Explore




When to Declare ?  View specific discipline requirements for the Bachelor of Science

Transferring to Another Institution

If you plan to continue your studies in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, or engineering, check out these program planning resources.

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