Aircraft Structures Technician

Wally Gallinger

Featured faculty — Wally Gallinger

Teaching philosophy

I firmly believe that characteristics such as self-motivation, honesty, integrity and the ability to be a team player are just as important as, or perhaps even more important than possessing the skills to accomplish the required tasks, as those skills will develop over time.

We all have different learning styles and I constantly remind myself of this. What works for one student, may not be as effective for another. The solution is to involve the students in their own learning and make classroom time as fun as possible.

Most importantly, we are here to build future leaders and productive members of society. Only if they go on to make a difference in this world or perhaps even just in their community or workplace, have we been successful as teachers.

Professional qualifications

  • Transport Canada licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • BC Provincial Instructor Diploma – Vancouver Community College

Professional background

  • Over 36 years of aircraft maintenance, overhaul and repair experience
  • Over 12 years as a  trainer in the aerospace industry
  • Seven years as the person responsible for Transport Canada-approved training at UFV


  • Aerospace Industry Association of British Columbia | AIABC
  • British Columbia Aviation Council | BCAC
  • Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace | CCAA
  • Pacific Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association |PAMEA
  • Experimental Aircraft Association l EAA

Personal Interests

  • Music, guitar, bass, drums, singing
  • Skiing
  • Camping
  • Outdoor rock climbing
  • Horseback riding
  • Motorcycles

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