Aircraft Structures Technician




Heli-one has had the opportunity to work side by side with your former Students. (3 In total) I must commend the skills and the drive that your Students put forth, the inner pride that they display and the determination to make a name for themselves . They have great knowledge of the basics and are work ready , on many occasions go over and beyond their expected call of duty.   UFV is running a great program and you all should be proud.

 Heli-One 2010

I had a good time learning.  The material and the pro9gram set me up for a career in the aerospace industry. 

 Graduate 2011

My experience at the Univeristy of the Fraser Valley was amazing.  I learned about lots of new things.  I made a lot of new friends.  Field Trips were most helpful to students looking for jobs in the real world.

Graduate 2011

If I had known about this course when I was younger, I would have taken it sooner.  I learned lots and had fun doing it.

 UFV Graduate 2010

I found this course was what I needed in order to increase my manual skills to a higher level.  Also it gives a clear indication of the level of workmanship that is required in the industry

 UFV Graduate 2010

I have been out of school for some time and was a bit worried about coming back.  It wasn't too hard and the workload was quite manageable.  This industry is only going to get busier and I think it's a wise choice for a career in this day.

 UFV Graduate 2010

Good Teachers, Friendly Environment, Great Program

 UFV Graduate 2010



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