Current Research Projects


Elders and New Media Study

Contact: (CERA & UFV MACS)

This study explores how older adults adjust to the increasingly important role of media and technologies. Interviews have been conducted with older adults exploring their adoption and integration of new technologies. 

Elder Abuse Study

Contact: (CERA & UFV MACS)

This study explores perceptions and identifications of elder abuse. The initial study found participants could readily identify incidents of elder abuse but were less likely to identify incidents of emotional/psychological abuse and neglect. The second phase of the study is looking at the factors that influence mis-identification of abuse, namely the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim of abuse and the age of the observer/participant. 

Memory, Culture, & Ageing 

Contact: (CERA & UFV  PSYC)

Understanding the Experience of Emotional and Social Engagement for People with Advanced Dementia Living in Long-term care


This dissertation research explores the experiences of older adults with advanced dementia living in a long-term care nursing home. In particular, their experiences of meaningful activities and social relationships are explored utilizing focused ethnography. The perspectives of these individuals are sought through analysis of visual data.

An Examination of Ageing, Education & Elderspeak

Research team: Dr. Lesley Jessiman (CERA & UFV PSYC), Shelley Canning (CERA & UFV NURS)


This research project includes 3 related studies: study 1 explores ageist attitudes among undergraduate university students across departments including BSN students in both semesters 1 and 7; study 2 examines “elderspeak” or speech styles adopted by younger adults engaged in conversations with older adults; study 3 builds off study 1 incorporating focus group data to explore ageist attitudes.

A pilot study was undertaken Winter 2016. 

Funding: This project is supported by a $1000 Faculty of Health Sciences research grant.

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