As part of a larger survey into research on agriburban landscapes, we have compiled a database of literature on related research, thoery, and practice. The Understanding Agriburbia Literature Database is hosted on Mendeley, in an open group.


Visit the Understanding Agriburbia Literature Database



The Provincial Health Services Authority has published a report, Agriculture’s Connection to Health: A Summary of the Evidence Relevant to British Columbia (April 2016), authored by Lisa Powell, Lenore Newman, and Melanie Kurrein. This report outlines the relationships between agriculture and human health, reviewing evidence applicable to the BC context. While the connection between agriculture and health is complex, the report finds that availability of local foods and proximity to agricultural production does have positive impacts on human health, influences food choices, and helps enable healthy eating.

The Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT), a research group housed at Simon Fraser University, has released a report on Climate Change Adaptation and Canada's Crops and Food (July 2013). This report outlines the major local, national, and international challenges that climate change poses to food production. This report also suggests potential responses and mitigation strategies, while also highlighting new opportunities.

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