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Chair's message

Our most important job is to "make" farmers and those who want to work directly in production agriculture, be they plants or animals. Careers in production agriculture are dynamic and demanding.

Today's farmer needs to understand the regulatory requirements, and technical opportunities that help ensure a safe and tracible food supply. Farmers need to engage respectfully with society and be ready to meet or exceed evolving expectations around environmental protection. Farmers are bombarded with information.

Our goal is to help you to use scientific and financial information to make sound, evidence-based decisions for the farm.

In your agriculture courses you will learn about the fundamental biology, geology, and chemistry that is the foundation for plant and livestock production.

You will also learn about new techniques and practices that can make production more efficient in terms of labour, reduce inputs, support ecosystem services, and improve production.

You will learn to think about the farm as a business, because if you cannot sell it then you should not be growing it!

We are excited to be part of your educational journey and look forward to welcoming you to our programs.

Today's students are tomorrow's farmers.

Dr Renee Prasad‌
Department Chair, Agriculture Technology‌

Renee teaching AGRI 323

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